Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jackson Stuck In Jefferson City, Missouri

He has been with one person his entire life. His guardian was called to military duty. This left Jackson homeless. His guardian had no choice but to bring Jackson to the shelter. It's been very hard on Jackson. He was fearful and timid at first, but just a little encouragement and he just blossoms. When Jackson came to the shelter he was a little chubby, but since being there, has lost weight (you can see the difference in the photos).

While I was working with Jackson, we sat in the reception area of the shelter and he met all kinds of people. Adults, children, men, and women. Jackson behaved beautifully. Even when a baby was flailing her hand around Jackson's face trying to pet him. He was very sweet and let her "attempt" to pet him.

Jackson deserves to find a loving home. It isn't his fault he ended up at the shelter and I'm sure his world turned upside down when his guardian left him in this strange and stressful situation. He will TRULY make a wonderful member of someone's family.

This video link shows a little about Jackson:

Also, Ruth who volunteers at the local shelter has spent a lot of time with Jackson wrote a short bio for Jackson (at the end of this email). She sees greatness in him and wants him to have a the best home possible. She has asked that I send this plea out for Jackson because his time is limited. Please help me network for Jackson so his forever home can be found. Thank you.

He has been at the Jefferson City Shelter for a while now and as usual, people seem to pass on the adult dogs and opt instead for the cute puppies. Jackson is a very handsome and sweet chow/lab mix, 3-4 years old, neutered and a little overweight so could use some exercise and a good diet. And just look at that grin!

He will do well with a family who has a FENCED yard.

If you or someone you know can offer Jackson the loving home and companionship he deserves before his time is up at the Shelter, please call Ruth at 573-636-3525 or 573-694-8825.

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