Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Are You Doing Saturday

Puppy Mill Protest/Demonstration Chesterfield Mall…..
Chesterfield Missouri
Saturday, Aug 29
1 to 2 PM

For general information on puppy mills, go to:
Join us this Saturday to...........
Demonstrate against pet stores (Pampered Pets) that sell pets bred for profit…
Promote shelter pet adoptions……….
Inform the public of the puppy mill issue………
Meet across from the mall parking lot, in the lot at 300 Chesterfield Center, a red brick office building. This is across from Sears, Houlihan ' s, caddy corner to Borders, AMC, and the Cheese Cake factory. We will be holding signs in the median, along the main mall entrance off Clarkson, just past the Dru ry Hotel. Signs pr ovided. No dogs please. We will provide OTJT (on=2 0the job training) and whatever support needed, however please ask for a copy of our guidelines. Please RSVP in advance if possible.

Need directions? shop/chesterfield.nsf/index
click on map & directions (top o f page)
Questions? Call 314-330-1989

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Kasha said...

What a great thing to do on Saturday. Thanks for the sour apple tip. Africa would probably consider it to be just seasoning. I will sure give it a try. I know she will grow out of this.
Kasha and Africa