Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stray Rescue Needs Our Help!!!

Hey gang- First thank you for all those who have open their homes and hearts to our strays. I have a moratorium on rescuing anymore until we can move our kids out of the kennels and vet clinics.this kills me for I have to say - as well as donna and Darrell- "hang in there, we will save you soon" to hundreds of street dogs waiting for their second chance. So here it goes-Please if you can squeeze in a dog into your home, let Tara know. If you have a friend or family member without a dog, ask them to take one of our "only" dog strays. If you are skilled at fostering and think you can handle an only dog stray and separate them from your crew.you get the Randy Grim Merit Award JTo put it in perspective we are using 4 to 6 kennels, just one of the kennels bill was over 15,000! We are working our butts off to raise the money for the new shelter but with the new reality it isn't going to happen as fast as we all thought one year ago.We have close to 300 dogs in our system- which is amazing but also means many more will die for we just don't have the space. That is the part of rescue that breaks me, eats me up. Help us out if you can.You guys rock! I am so blessed to have people who step up to the plate so often- you all! The strays I know thank you.If you are fostering too many as it is- remember to hit up as many adoption events as you can and network as much as you can.Last month I was walking with Donna down maybe a 50 foot alley to feed our strays. We found 3 dead and one who we promised to help in the past. We see so much and we have become "tough" inside to deal with what we see but that day I held Donna while she sobbed. I felt guilty for the week before I was going to get her and I didn't. It's brutal out there. It's reality.If you foster I will mow your lawn and send you a big bottle of Vodka (a rescuers medicine J ) Ask Tara and Marianne who at the kennels might fit in your home and please keep helping. The strays need you, I need you.
Randy Grim Founder

Friday, May 22, 2009

How To Find A Healthy Pet When Looking To Add A New Family Member

Spend More Time Playing Fetch Than Running To The Vet
Pups sold at pet stores are often born in PUPPY MILLS...where dogs are kept in small cages and bred over and over to produce as many puppies as possible for the largest profit. These puppies are often ill.
There are many reputable facilities throughout the country and we have fabulous shelters in the St. Louis area. Hudson's favorite is The St. Charles Humane Society on 1099 Pralle Lane St. Charles, Missouri 63303 (636) 9918 or (636)949-2475. Pets are both examined thoroughly by a vet and given all their vaccinations to make sure they are up to date and healthy. Before adopting any animal review the medical files to be sure the animal isn't sick.
Locate rescue groups in your area at akc.org/breeds/rescue.cfm or google the breed you want and the word rescue group behind it. Hudson has a ton of them listed on the side of this blog. The groups care for abandoned purebreds and put them up for adoption. You can always write to Hudson telling him what type of dog you are looking for and he will help you look and write a post about it.
Visit the person's home. Do Not buy a dog without seeing where the parents of that dog are kept. If the breeder has excuses why you can't see the parents DO NOT BUY THE PUPPY. Be sure dogs are kept inside and not in cages, and meet the pup's parents to see if they look healthy and cared for. A good breeder in Hudson's mind shouldn't have more than 10 breeding dogs. Hudson and his family stumbled across a breeder who was proud of their dogs and how they treated them. They had 10 dogs in each 10 foot by 3 foot chained in cage on cement and no over hang to protect them from severe weather. They were not able to tell a bicshon from a cocker spaniel because they fur was so dirty and matted. They are 100% positive they were never cleaned, groomed or petted by the looks of them. They had 8 rows of 10 dogs in each fenced in area and a total of 4 sections of this.Do the math that is 320 dogs which is on the small side for MISSOURI PUPPY MILLS. These dogs never got treated like a pet being brushed, petted or even having their feet touch the grass. You aren't SAVING THE PUPPY by buying it. You are putting money into the hands of greedy, insensitive people who don't care about the breeding dogs.
source: Kathleen Summers, director of the STOP PUPPY MILLS campaign of the Humane Society of the United States.
REMEMBER Missouri is the Puppy Mill Capital of the Country!!!!
Do not buy a dog at a flea market or a pet store!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No Kill Revolution Is Upon Us

Animal Lovers Allege Animal Neglect Continues
The No Kill Advocacy Center has sent a letter to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors demanding immediate improvements in the treatment and care of animals in its Department of Animal Care & Control. Failure to do so will lead to the filing of a motion in court to hold the agency and the County in contempt for violating a court order resulting from the 2007 lawsuit against it by animal rescuers, taxpayers, and the No Kill Advocacy Center.
To read the letter, click here.
See the Channel 2 news investigation by clicking here.

Reforming Animal Control Packet
You can get a CD with all of the documents in the Reforming Animal Control section of our website, including other "How To" manuals, sample flyers, information guides, and more (a total of over 100 documents in all), and a signed copy of Redemption, the award-winning book about animal sheltering that is being called a "must read for anyone who cares about animals or about building a compassionate society," in our Reforming Animal Control/Building a No Kill Community Packet.
For more information or to order, click here.

Building a No Kill Michigan
Greenville, MIJune 6, 2009
Sponsored by Friends of Animals.
Come to the seminar which has been called "a prerequisite for rescue groups and organizations that are serious about changing their communities to No Kill.”
For more information or to register, click here.

California to Shelters: Embrace No Kill
The California Assembly is considering Assembly Concurrent Resolution 74 which,
would urge local animal services agencies, local animal shelters, agencies under contract to provide animal services, societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals, and humane socities to embrace the philosophy of the No Kill movement and implement its programs and services aimed at ending the mass killing of sheltered animals.
For a copy ACR 74, click here.

Transforming Your Community
Two years ago, in January 2007, we did a series of Town Hall-type meetings and surveys to determine how the Washoe County (Reno), NV community felt about its shelter, the Nevada Humane Society. Those efforts revealed deep dissatisfaction in the community, especially among animal welfare stakeholders (rescue groups, feral cat caretakers, No Kill shelters, and others) with the job being done. The vast majority did not believe the humane society was doing enough to save lives.
Today, a community survey in January 2009 revealed that:• 93% support the direction NHS is moving in;• 95% gave the humane society positive ratings on adoption efforts and results; and,• 93% say NHS has a good or great public image.
Learn how the NHS turned its shelter - and community - upside down! Click here.

Go to the "What's New" section of our website at www.nokilladvocacycenter.org or click here to learn more, including Second Edition copies of Redemption, No Kill Conference 2009 info, Arizona's No Kill legislation, and more...

No Kill Advocacy Center
6114 La Salle Ave. #837
Oakland CA 94611

We used a special device to read this cats mind and....

the device heard her mind say " Puppy I hope you can go from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds when you get off me."

Monday, May 18, 2009

Operation Sterile Feral

. FOR MORE INFO ON STERILE FERAL GO TO www.metroanimal.org
Jack & Jill's Scrub-InTheir 1st Annual Dog Wash
to supportOperation Sterile Feral
Muddpuppies in O'Fallon
May 19-22
$15 for a self-service dog wash
Jack and Jill are the official spokes-cats for Muddpuppies.They started life as unwanted feral kittens.Through TRAP-Neuter-Return they're happy to say that their old home is now sterile.Help support Operation Sterile Feral's efforts to humanely reduce pet overpopulation.*(99% of dogs highly approve of this program)*

Friday, May 15, 2009

Spay and Neuter of Kansas City, Missouri has it going on!!!

Rabies Clinics:
Thank you to everyone that signed up for tomorrows, May 16th, rabies clinic-we are fully staffed!May 30th- Rabies clinic from 9-12; we still need 4 volunteers. (Please note: there will NOT be a Re-Orientation at 8AM). Please email tamara@snkc.net to volunteer.
Open House:
You are invited to join us on May 27th from 10:00-7:00 for our OPEN HOUSE CELEBRATION!1116. E. 59th. KCMO 64110
Tour our new facility (NE corner of 59th and Troost)
Enjoy Cookies and refreshments
Sandwiches and drinks will be served from 4:00-7:00
"Looking to the Future" presentation and supporter recognition at 6:15
We look forward to seeing you then!!
Volunteer Social:
JUNE 3rd and meet other SNKC Volunteers at Uno Chicago Grill located on the Plaza. 4710 Jefferson, KCMO. SNKC staff will arrive around 5:15 and look forward to seeing you there. PLUS- when our SNKC fundraiser coupon is presented-up to 20% of all sales for the entire day will go to support SNKC! Bring your friends, family and neighbors and eat some fantastic food while contributing to a great cause-
DECREASING PET OVERPOPULATION!For coupons, please email Nicole Philipps at nicolep@snkc.net.
Contact Us:
Questions? Please contact us at 816.353.0940 or email Tamara at tamara@snkc.net.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life Can Be Tough.......

No Matter How Tough Your Life Gets At Times.


There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Who Says We Can't All Get Along

Now how is this for cute ??? Please write in the comment section what you think the title of this should be.....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Geographic Launches Unprecedented Attack On Breeders and Pet Stores

National Geographic Launches Unprecedented Attack on Breeders and Pet Stores
Folks this is serious.
On May 8, 2009, National Geographic TV will launch their United States campaign against the sale of puppies by professional pet retailers. Dog Whisperer’s Cesar Milan narrates the documentary entitled ”Inside Puppy Mills.”
To see TV show times click here.
This is part of a very public campaign of the animal rights movement to amend regulations in the Animal Welfare Act, economically preventing the professional breeding and retailing of puppies in the United States . However, all humane societies and rescues would be exempt from regulation and would potentially be the only remaining option for the public to acquire puppies. Rescues and humane societies charge a “minimum mandatory donation fee” for each puppy that they sell to avoid any state or federal laws concerning the sales of puppies. Rescues and humane societies already have total immunity under all states “puppy lemon laws” for reimbursements of veterinary bills, civil penalty fines, and criminal penalties.
Please forward this email of fellow breeders and pet industry leaders.
Bob Yarnall, Jr.
American Canine Association, Inc.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Be Kind To Animals Week ( May 3-9)

Do You Know It Is BE KIND TO ANIMALS WEEK ??? Okay, I'll readily admit this would fall on the extreme right side but I'm still blown away that Missouri is the #1 Puppy Mill State. I beg you to just google PUPPY MILLS and see what comes up. It just makes me sick to think of the billions of dollars made by treating animals so cruelly. Please consider buying your next dog from a rescue group or shelter in your area.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cesar Milan Special "A MUST SEE"

This month, National Geographic Channel is proud to premiere a very special episode of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. On Friday, May 8 at 9 pm ET/PT, what begins as a routine rehabilitation for volunteer Kim Sill's five year-old Pekingese and six year-old Yorkshire Terrier puppy mill rescues will become a special assignment with a much broader aim. Once Kim has the information she needs to treat Sophie and Lovey's respective people aggression and obsessive licking, we'll join Cesar on a ride-along with the organization she works for, Last Chance for Animals - a national non-profit dedicated to eliminating animal exploitation through education, investigation, and legislation - on a mission to rescue a pack of dogs from a local suspected puppy mill. By observing the entire rescue process, Cesar hopes to provide LCA with the necessary canine know-how to work with puppy mill rescue dogs from the moment they're picked up, and help to spread awareness about the practices of non-compliant kennels. Cesar also hopes to bring awareness to the general public about the heart-rending issues regarding puppy mills.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My exact sentiments...but could I add Puppy Mills on the shirt as well.

The flight of Dogs for years in society have been overlooked and ignored. The average citizen has been too busy to worry or care about dog issues but today thanks to so many people working so hard behind the scenes dog issues are in the forefront of the news and media. People can no longer pretend they aren't aware that when they impulsively buy that dog at a pet store for entirely too much money they aren't directly putting money into the hands of greedy, slimy puppy mill owners who treat their breeding dogs so inhumane it is beyond description. Our family witnessed a puppy mill first hand and we will never forget what we saw.We are so proud of all the people who courageously take on Puppy Mills to get our way too lacked laws enforced on these cruel breeders, go after puppy mills owners and try to shut them down and aren't afraid no matter how many threats they receive to expose the truth. Dogs, like innocent little children, can't speak for themselves so we must be their voices and try to reach out to one another to help the TRUE UNDERDOGS among us. I pray for all the dogs who sit in cages all day and night long never to feel grass under their feet or run or walk around in their life. Never to own a dog toy or be petted or groomed or bathed. They eventually lose their mind after years of breeding and lack of love or basic needs. Missouri alone has over 1500 REGISTERED Puppy mills and it is estimated over 1500 NON REGISTERED puppy mills.