Thursday, March 8, 2012

Calling Everyone In St. Louis, Missouri To Help !!!

* Do you need to do some spring cleaning?
* Is the clutter around your home getting in the way? * Do you have some items sitting around you just don't need, want or use any more? Then we can help!

We are partnering with 2 other people in an effort to start The Dog Project - a completely no kill rehabilitation and placement group for dogs in need, esp those with behavior issues or in danger of euthanasia. We are planning this to be a completely self sustaining operation,and eventually want to open a retail operation to fund it.
For now we have to start where we can, and that would be turning over all the proceeds from a resale booth we are currently renting at Valley Park Resale Shop and Flea Market. We are asking for donations from anyone that can donate unwanted gently used (or even new) household items, pet items, cooking supplies- you name it - for us to stock our resale booth with. The more we have to sell,the quicker we can attain our goal of starting this up full force. Your donation of simply your unwanted items around your home will go directly toward keeping dogs from being euthanized. So take a look around and see what clutter you want to eliminate to save a life.
Feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you have any items to donate.Also please forward this email on to anyone that would like to donate to our efforts.
Felicia Chesser
Misfit Dog Psychology and Rehabilitation
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