Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Five Acre Animal SHelter is also in this contest and are on page 6 so vote for either of these two fabulous organizations :)

WE NEED YOUR VOTE ! Please vote for our organization and our cause – we want to “fix” as many pets as possible and if we win this grant, we’re going to do it for FREE !!! And there will be NO residency restrictions.

It’s that time again, St. Louis! Start voting now for your favorite non-profit organization to win a $15,000, $10,000 or $5,000 grant from us. Voting is open through Apr. 22.

•Click the Link Above.
•In the “quick search” box – type in Free and our project will come up and be on the first line, 3rd project – FREE Spay and Neuter Drive. It’s easy . VOTE ONCE A DAY FOR US.
•You’ll need to validate the email that you’ll use for voting – only one time, then when you vote the next day you will not need to validate it again.

LET’S FIX THE GREATER ST. LOUIS/ILLINOIS REGION and save lives!! Please SPREAD the word so we get more votes J. Thank YOU

FREE Spay and Neuter Drive
Submitted by:
Anne Cashel
How Award Money Would Be Used
We will use this award money to fund spay/neuter drives in the greater St. Louis area. Spays and neuters will be FREE to people that cannot afford to spay and neuter their pet at a veterinarian office. Our goal, our passion, is to spay/neuter as many animals as possible, thereby reducing the number of cats and dogs being euthanized each year in the greater St. Louis area. What better way of doing this than by offering free spay/neuter? It will be first come, first served and there will NO residency restrictions.
Contribution to St. Louis
We are St. Animal Pet Adoptions (S.A.P.A.) We at S.A.P.A. are a small, volunteer-driven rescue group with the lofty goal of becoming a no-kill shelter. Working in partnership with the City of St. Ann, we are an all-inclusive, diverse organization with volunteers from St. Ann and throughout the greater St. Louis area. We have partnered with local animal control and area businesses to aid in the placement of homeless pets. We hold adoption events at local businesses, work to educate people on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets and partner with local schools and Scout troops with our youth volunteer program. We contribute to Growing St. Louis by working together with other animal welfare agencies toward a common goal of making St. Louis a better community for both animals and people.

Anne Cashel

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