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Dismantling Puppy Mills in Creative Ways / Straight From Wayne Pacelle's fabulous BLOG ....

Frankie was one of 50 small dogs rescued from a puppy mill that closed down. She was already 10 years old and was missing more than a clump of her fur due to mange. Harley lived for years at the end of a short, rusty chain, tethered to a tree, with a patch of dirt serving as the bed she shared with her three young puppies. Leroy and his fifteen brothers and sisters were only five weeks old when they were found abandoned in a pile of brush in a strip mine. Their mother lay dead nearby.
These animals were in dreadful and dire situations. But thanks to The HSUS’s Puppy Friendly Pet Stores conversion program, Frankie, Harley, and Leroy – who faced almost certain euthanasia – have been medicated, rested, and rehabilitated. They are now in a position to have a next chapter of their lives. These dogs, and almost 5,000 more, have been placed in loving homes or are being prepared for adoption.
The HSUS has been conducting a hot war on puppy mills on a number of fronts, and this year we’ve had two federal court victories, in Cook County, Illinois, and East Providence, Rhode Island, cracking down on the sales of puppy mill dogs through pet stores. More than 85 localities in the United States now prohibit the sales of puppy mill dogs through pet stores. We have also been working at the state level to establish more humane breeding standards, and we are conducting public education efforts against puppy mills and Internet sellers of animals.
Harley, who lived for years at the end of a short, rusty chain, tethered to a tree, is now being rehabilitated at Pets Plus Natural and will soon be ready for adoption.
Harley, who lived for years at the end of a short, rusty chain, tethered to a tree, is now being rehabilitated at Pets Plus Natural and will soon be ready for adoption. Photo by Pets Plus Natural
The pet stores conversion program is an important tool in our campaign against high-volume puppy mills, which traditionally sell most of their puppies through pet stores or Internet sites. Instead of indefinitely viewing pet stores as part of the problem, and as sales centers for puppy mill dogs, we are now treating them as part of the solution. Many pet stores are converting their business models and adopting out dogs with the assistance of their shelter/rescue partners, instead of selling puppy mill dogs. For interested stores, HSUS staff members offer free, customized guidance through the entire conversion process, answer questions on the benefits of providing adoptable shelter animals at the stores, put managers in contact with other stores that have converted to a more humane model, and help to find animal shelters in the area for the stores to partner with, among other benefits.
Two of the leaders in the conversion program so far have been Alsip to the Rescue, which has two pet stores in Indiana and Illinois, and Pets Plus Natural, which has eight locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Each of these chains has rescued approximately 2,000 shelter dogs since converting, as well as some cats and small animals. Both chains have a “no moms left behind” policy, taking in homeless nursing mothers along with their puppies, and making sure that both moms and puppies find good homes. Many shelter/rescue partners, like Animal Aid USA, are involved in getting puppies and other animals to Pets Plus Natural.
Frankie was adopted out through Alsip to the Rescue and Leroy was adopted out through Pets Plus Natural. In addition, Harley, now being rehabilitated at Pets Plus Natural, will soon be ready for her forever home. Even if you are not in the market for a new puppy, supporting stores like Alsip to the Rescue and Pets Plus Natural (or Petco and PetSmart, which have long only adopted out dogs and cats) when you buy your pet supplies is an easy way to help our economy go humane. They’re the leaders in thought and action on this front, and they are deserving of your support. To find a pet store near you that has taken the pledge not to support puppy mills, text “PUPPY” to 30644 (message and data rates apply).

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Arizona Mandates all Dogs Sold In Pet Stores to Come from Shelters......

Great news for animal rescuers, shelter volunteers, and animal advocates worldwide. Arizona has passed a new rule that will help stop the puppy mill problem.  This is an announcement that we hope will quickly spread in one form or another to all major cities across the nation.
In July of 2015, a federal judge in Pheonix, Arizona upheld a law for the city that requires all dogs who are being sold in a pet store to come from a non-profit rescue or a shelter.  The judges ruling will help cut the profits from puppy mills who massively breed and inbreed dogs.
The puppy mills are considered to be extremely cruel for a variety of reasons.  Animals in puppy mills are bred only for profit because of this the female dogs spend most of their live being pregnant and have little to no time to recover between litters.  Many of the dogs live in little cages with very little attention or exercise as well.
On top of the mass production of dogs in this factory-like setting there is already a huge issue with dogs ending up homeless or being euthanized later.
Phoenix is one of around 60 cities in the US that have laws addressing this issue with the intent to end homeless animal issues, euthanasia and puppy mills.  They are trying to push dog loves toward getting their next family member from a shelter or a reputable breeder to save as many lives as possible.
It is estimated that some 23,000 dogs are sold every year in the Phoenix area each year.  This law should make a big difference in the Shelters kill and overcrowding rates.

Some Fabulous People Even Use Halloween To Get Their Puppy Mill Issue Out There

2nd Annual SCCAD Halloween Super Hero Protest was a big success today! THANKS to all that joined us.  ♡ <V> ♡
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