Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Questions To Ask Yourself When Deciding On Purchasing a dog

First of all you need to sit down with every member of your family and ask these questions of each other. Have everyone first write down their answers without anyone else seeing them and then discuss them as a group. Here are the five questions you need to answer before buying a dog in my opinion.

Hudson's Five Questions Every Family Should Ask Themselves Before Buying A Dog

***Name 5 reasons you want a dog then list them in order of what's the most important to you.***

***Name 5 reasons you think a dog would fit into your life***
***Name 5 things that would annoy you about having a dog become a part of your family***

***Name how much time you can devote to a dog per day***

***Name how much money you are willing to spend on a dog***

Other things to consider when buying a dog is if you have a fenced in yard and how high the fence is when selecting your type of dog. If you select a dog who can jump over a shorter fence easy then this will be a problem.I have known many dogs who are crated all day and I know people think that's okay but I think it is cruel to purchase a dog just to crate it all day long while you are gone. A dog needs to be treated kindly and not like a trophy that only gets taken off the shelf to entertain you.If you have to crate a dog 5 hours or more a day then maybe you shouldn't buy one. It's just my opinion and I'm Kind Of A Big Deal but who am I to tell you what us canines want. It is very important that you don't choose a dog just because it is cute or it is free or a great price. It is so important to find a dog that fits into your lifestyle and that you have the time for.We need your love and should not be brought into your home unless you have the time, money and energy for us. It's the simple things that make a difference with purchasing a dog for your family. If you love to jog and want your dog to jog with you then you need to find a dog who loves to run. Some breeds don't want to jog everyday with you although most of us LOVE to take a daily walk with our family. You don't want to select a dog who is hyper if you have a sedentary lifestyle and you don't want to play with a dog who is on the move constantly. If dog hair everywhere bugs you then you can find dogs who don't shed as much. In selecting a dog you will have to compromise before you buy one on some issues though I assure you.You can't have it all, that is why it is important to rate the reasons in order and determine what you want the most. You might have to say who cares about dog hair all over as this type of dog is perfect for our family. Even when you narrow down your search you will still have to realize it takes a tremendous amount of time and love to have a dog join your family. I suggest one family member takes a week off work minimum to be devoted to training the dog when you first bring it home. This will be worth its weight in gold in the long run. If you can wait to adopt a dog when the family can devote a large amount of energy to it this is even better. I will give you some great dog training tips coming up shortly.Remember the love we give you back is 10 folds if you open your heart and home to us. Honestly I don't know what my family did for entertainment before I came along. Talk to any dog owner and they will start bragging about their dog more than their children half the time. Remember never purchase a dog from a pet store as 98% of them are from puppy mills. Go to your local shelter or call a rescue group. A great paper to get free dog information and the names of tons of local rescue groups in St. Louis is called St. Louie Tails magazine or you can ask your vet. Please consider buying an older dog from a shelter as they can offer so much love and be so much cheaper in the long run for you. You don't have all the shots, neutering or spaying cost and vet visits that you do with a puppy. If your thinking about having a dog be a part of your family go to your local library and start researching dogs.

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