Friday, January 30, 2009

Watch That Doggie Door !!!

Could you imagine…

come home from work and

find this tiny creature napping on your couch with your dog?



This fawn followed this beagle home ---- right through the doggie door ---- in the Bittinger, MD. area recently. The owner came home to find the visitor had made himself right at home. This hit the 6 o'clock news big time.

Forgotten Paws Needs You

CONTACT: Morgan directly at
LOCATION: Rainsville, AL (northeast AL)

Please read the email below. Very sad.Can you or anyone you know help?email Morgan directly at
Please take a minute to view this link. It is regarding the Forgotten Paws Sanctuary that burned several months ago. Many animals died, the others have been rescued except for several BLACK dogs. The courts have given Carol, the Sanctuary owner, 2 weeks until February 9th to find rescue for these last 12 dogs or they will be euthanized/SHOT . . . the link tells all about this.

Carol is 65 years old . . she built this sanctuary with her own hands over 10 years and is now living in a storage building on the property. As we can understand, her concern is for the 12 dogs who are left and not herself.

Will you please click on the link and read her story? If you will look at the dogs who are in danger of losing their lives, please offer to take just one. Only one hard to place, large black dog . . they are, however, beautiful and worth the effort.

Permission has been given to crosspost. If you will send to your rescue friends . . ..getting the word out to as many people as possible. Maybe, just maybe these dogs can be save. My understanding is that most, if not all, have been s/n and are current on shots.

Thank you, in advance, for caring and any help you can offer.

In the interest of time, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME . . . contact info is:
email Morgan directly at

Thursday, January 29, 2009

St. Louis Dog Parks


Creve Couer Dog Park
12301 Conway Park
Located in Conway Park
immediately west of I-270
Permit Required

Florissant Dog Park
Located in Duchesne Park
Behind Manion Park on Graham
Road & Manion Park Road
(314) 839-7671
Permit Required

Lister Dog Park
Taylor Road & Olive Street
Permit Required

Maplewood Dog Park
Located in Kellog Park at
West Point Drive & Rannells
Contact Maplewood City Hall,
7601 Manchester Road
St. Louis, Missouri
Permit Required

Maryland Heights Dog Park
Take I-270 to Dorsett,
go west on Dorsett to McKelvey Road
off Old McKelvey Road
Permit Required

Shaw Neighborhood Dog Park
Located at Thurman &
Cleveland Avenue
Contact Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Assoc.
2211 S. 39th Street, St. Louis
Permit Required

Soulard Dog Park
John & Lucille Wending
Soulard Street & S 1oth Street
Near I-55
Permit Required

St. Charles Dog Parks:

DuSable Park
Located in the Bales Area
Off Leash Canine Recreation Area
(636) 949-3372
No Permit Required

Broemmelsiek Dog Park
in unincorporated St. Charles County
Near Defiance
Winghaven Boulevard to Schwede Road to
Wilson Road
No Permit Required

S.W. City Dogs
Located in Wilmore Park

Swansea Dog Park
Permit Required

University City Dog Park
Located at Vernon Avenue &
Pennsylvannia Ave.
Permit Required

Wentzville Dog Park
Located in Quail Ridge County Park
St. Charles County
South of I-70 at
I-70 & Hwy. 40
Open Access
No Permit Required

If anyone knows of any others let me know!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hoarders Dogs Need Home

Hoarder Dogs need HELP, Jeffersonville, IN approx 10.min from Louisville, KY

If you can help any of the pictures dogs, please contact :
Bethany; or (502) 819 3743; or
Trish (812) 293 3183.

These dogs are currently at the Jeffersonville, IN animal shelter, which is approximately 10 minutes from downtown Louisville, KY. The Shelter has agreed to release them to Bethany Mull and Southern Indiana Animal Rescue. They cannot stay for long! They can be spay/neutered, micro chipped, and all shots for $60 if you are a rescue. Today is Monday 3:30pm 1-26. Please contact Bethany or Trish if you can take any of these dogs. All of these dogs were very very thin, and some thinner than others. A few of them have been HW tested and been negative! They were taken from squalid conditions, filth, no food, dirty water, and despite what they have been though, they have good spirits. Conditions were deplorable.

1. Beagle, Female, very very shy, terribly abused, approx 2 yrs old, 20 pounds.
2. Yellow Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, already neutered, 1 year old.
3. Treeing Walker Coonhound 1-2 years HW Negative. (NO PICTURE)
4. Cattle Dog X, Fem.Solid Black, big ears! 1 yr, had puppies 8wks ago, very very sweet, a total love!
5. Rottie/Shep Mix Black and Tan 1 year old.
6. Boxer/Basenji Mix, 1 year, Female, very sweet, tan & creme,
Bethany Mull Southern Indiana Animal Rescue email: Website:
6 million killed each year "Don't breed or buy when homeless pets die!"
ADOPT & save a LIFE!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Upcoming Events
Low Cost Pet Vaccination Clinic January 31st Volunteer Opportunity!
We are seeking volunteer help for this weekend's Rabies Clinic. We need help with administration, issuing tags, drawing vaccinations and helping our veterinarian. Pet Vaccination Clinic
Saturday - January 31st, 2009Spay & Neuter Kansas City Clinic6817 Stadium DriveKansas City, MO 6412910am to NoonVolunteers please arrive by 9:30 to help set up and go over volunteer duties. Email Michelle Dormady if you can help. Thank you!
Join Our Mailing List!
Spay & Neuter Kansas City6817 Stadium Drive
Kansas City, Missouri 64129816-353-0940
Spay & Neuter Kansas City is a 501C3 non profit organization formed to promote spaying and neutering as a primary means of decreasing pet overpopulation.
Volunteering for our organization helps reduce costs and provides assistance to more animals. Your support is greatly appreciated.

See other animal related events happening in the Kansas City area below.

It's Fat Tuesday and time to party hardy at the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation's very first

Maskgrrrrade Ball(for humans)
Tuesday, February 24, 20095:30pm - 8:30pm
Simpson House4509 Walnut, Kansas City, MO
visit - for directionsTo order tickets: visit: e-mail: or call: 314.361.3944

Dogs Always Teaching Us

Two of the Greatest Virtues in Life: Patience.... & Wisdom

Friday, January 23, 2009


Have you heard of Pilots-n-paws?

Please check out this website:

To watch a video on what they do:

You can also Google Pilots-n-Paws and read various stories on thier volunteer efforts.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our good friends at Rocky Spot Dal Rescue in OKC, who has saved hundreds of dogs from death in kill and gas shelters in OK and surrounding states, is now in dire straights. They have lost their food sponsor recently and they are also fighting county officials who wants to shut them down. Rocky Spot currently has about 40 Dalmatians and their future and fate are not looking good.

Rocky Spot has been in existence for about 12-14 yrs now, whenever the #5 tornado destroyed much of OKC and Wichita. Theresa went from 2 Dalmatians to 14 in her possession in about 4 days. It was literally raining Dalmatians following the tornado. We have a very good working relation with Rocky Spot and we both help each other. I hope we can help them win this award.

Please vote for Rocky Spot at and help them win the $10,000 they so desperately need to stay afloat.

Please post to your friends and ask them to vote and post to their friends too!! Rocky Spot needs our help more than ever!!

Beth WhiteFort Collins, Colorado970-226-2844 / melodee101@msn.comMelody Kennels / Dalmatian Rescue of /"Just do it!
Don't buy while shelter dogs die!
Visit to see all the animals in need.
National statistics: Only 1 out of 10 dogs born ever get a home. Only 1 out of 12 cats born ever find a home. 800 dogs & cats are KILLED each HOUR in the U.S, because there are not enough homes for them.
Saving one animal may not change the world, but, it will surely change the world for that one animal

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

St. Louis County Animal Shelter

Having a pet is one of life's great pleasures and treats. It's also a long term responsiblity to give your pet daily care, food, shelter...and above all love. St. Louis County Shelter is a fabulous facility located just past I-170 on Ladue Road. If your going east on Ladue Road within a block of passing I-170 there will be a green street sign telling you to turn for their facility. They are located at 4100 Seven Hills Drive and their number is (314) 831-6500. Their hours of operation are 8:00-5:30 Monday through Friday and 8:00-noon on Saturday. They are closed Sundays and Holidays. Many animals would otherwise be euthanized due to over-population and limited resources for keeping them. You can adopt one of their dogs for a $40.00 fee. We checked out their place a couple of weeks ago and saw some incredible good looking dogs. As a means of population control, neutering is required for all adopted pets. Some of their dogs have been neutered or spayed and won't require this surgery.They will require you to give them the name of the vet office where you would like to have your new pet spayed or neutered and they will drive the pet to the vet after you purchase it on the day of the surgery for you to then pick up. We found the staff extremely friendly. It's a great place to adopt dogs.

Monday, January 19, 2009

ASPCA has a fabulous Pet toll-free information phone line.You can call toll-free 1-888-252-7387 and then enter anyone of the three digit numbers below to hear answers to any issues you'd like to know more about:
choosing the right dog...102
stay healthy-own a pet...103
dog-health issues
car sickness...112
dental care...113
ear problems...132
exercise guidelines...116
kennel cough...121
nutritional needs...123
trimming nails...127
worms and deworming...130
aggression to people...135
aggression/other dogs...136
car chasing...138
destructive chewing...139
general housetraining...141
introducing a new baby into the house...141
problem barking...143
the 4 basic commands...154
solving house soiling...144
separation/being alone...145
backyard dangers...202
bladder problems...204
cold weather tips...208
ear mites...214
food allergies...218
hot weather tips...220
skin problems...230
ticks/lime disease...232
traveling with your pet...233
bringing home a puppy...402
coping with the loss of a pet...404
pet overpopulation...410
spaying and neutering...413

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Boys Are Back In Town

Ahhhh..... but alas I get Big Tom to myself. It's another BOYS WEEKEND at the lake. It is so much fun to get Big Tom's undivided attention all to myself. Actually I'm painting a picture without a brush here. Who am I kidding as Big Tom will be working away as I entertain myself with all my lake furry friends who I adore. He works his fanny off down at the lake house trying to complete the newest addition he and Rick built to our little haven. He loves to build and it is his passion that we all admire, support and reap the benefits of.I do talk him into taking breaks and playing a round of frisbee throughout the day together. But for the most part,he works and I get to play with all my furry lake friends. My best buddy at the lake just passed away. He was such a gentle guy, who towered over me as the Great Danes tend to do. Every time I saw him I'd run up and want to rough house with him. Half the time I would manage with my amazing athletic skills to jump up to his neck and playfully bite him. He was older and would tolerate me like no bodies business. His owner just adored him and we all miss him dearly. Here's to friends who have changed the course of our lives and made the journey more enjoyable.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Molly Brings Hope & Triumph

I figured anyone reading my blog is a true animal lover so I had to share this heartwarming story with you even though this blog is about an incredible handsome good looking Boston Terrier. SO therefore, ya gotta meet Molly. She's a grey speckled pony who was abandoned by her owners when Hurricane Katrina hit southern Louisiana . She spent weeks on her own before finally being rescued and taken to a farm where abandoned animals were stockpiled.While there, she was attacked by a pit bull terrier and almost died. Her gnawed right front leg became infected, and her vet went to LSU for help, but LSU was overwhelmed, and this pony was a welfare case.You know how that goes.But after surgeon Rustin Moore met Molly, he changed his mind. He saw how the pony was careful to lie down on different sides so she didn't seem to get sores, and how she allowed people to handle her. She protected her injured leg. She constantly shifted her weight and didn't overload her good leg. She was a smart pony with a serious survival ethic.Moore agreed to remove her leg below the knee, and a temporary artificial limb was built. Molly walked out of the clinic and her story really begins there.'This was the right horse and the right owner, Moore insists. Molly happened to be a one-in-a-million patient. She's tough as nails, but sweet, and she was willing to cope with pain. She made it obvious she understood that she was in trouble The other important factor, according to Moore , is having a truly committed and compliant owner who is dedicated to providing the daily care required over the lifetime of the horse.Molly's story turns into a parable for life in post-Katrina Louisiana . The little pony gained weight, and her mane finally felt a comb. A human prosthesis designer built her a leg.The prosthetic has given Molly a whole new life, Allison Barca DVM, Molly's regular vet, reports.And she asks for it. She will put her little limb out, and come to you and let you know that she wants you to put it on. Sometimes she wants you to take it off too. And sometimes, Molly gets away from Barca. 'It can be pretty bad when you can't catch a three-legged horse,' she laughs.Most important of all, Molly has a job now. Kay, the rescue farm owner, started taking Molly to shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. Anywhere she thought that people needed hope. Wherever Molly went, she showed people her pluck. She inspired people, and she had a good time doing it.'It's obvious to me that Molly had a bigger role to play in life, Moore said. She survived the hurricane, she survived a horrible injury, and now she is giving hope to others.'Barca concluded, 'She' s not back to normal, but she's going to be better. To me, she could be a symbol for New Orleans itself. This is Molly's most recent prosthesis. With a will there is a way always.

Call Out To Independence, Missouri

Yoda is this adorable dog I have previously posted if you want to take a peek at her. We have transport set up for Yoda this Sunday thanks to Terri and her husband. Tonight he is staying at a vet clinic.

Until transport takes place on Sunday, we need a place for Yoda to stay. The vet's office said he can stay another night and be picked up on Saturday. That means we need someone to keep Yoda from Saturday to Sunday. Just one day! If anyone lives near Independence, MO and would be willing to help our little guy out, we'd be very grateful.

Paula helped us out last time with Martino, but this weekend, she is chock full of furry guests.

Thank you for any help you can give us.

Wyvonnia NeeleyPartners 4 PawsJefferson City, MO(573) Proverbs 31:8,9 (NCV) Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; defend the rights of all those who have nothing. Speak up and judge fairly, and defend the rights of the poor and needy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Show Me The Money....

The same story as so many rescues…

Jasmine was chained to the front porch with a back leg that she could not stand on. She was thin, half starved and outside all the time. We convinced the owner to surrender her to us. After Lawson Vet service checked the back leg we discovered it was broken. Originally we thought she had been hit by a car but now the Vet Specialist in St. Louis believes the damage was caused by being hit with a blunt object. Perhaps they even beat her …. We don’t know…

The first operation was tricky and Jasmine came down with an infection in the bone. The first operation was $1,000 and we thought that would be the total expense. Wrong!!! The second operation to clean out the infection and take out the pin was double the first surgery.

We did not budget for the second medical treatment. If anyone can help us get over this bump we would be grateful.

We are at a fundable, Save Jasmines Leg

We could use the help. Just like every other rescue we have been full for months and every morning we have another dog, puppies or kittens tied to our front gate. Jasmines photo is on our web under the Petfinder link…..

The only good thing I can say about 2008 is that it is GONE! Lets hope that 2009 will be better for all of us.

If you can cross post we would be grateful. Thanks, Carole Pitzer

You Caught Me Writing My Blog

In case any of you ever spent hours pondering how I look typing away on my computer for this is your visual. Notice my focus and amazing paw flexibility. Some do say Bostons have superior intelligence and I'm not one of the slackers in any group. In reality, Rick I'm sure is checking his face book here and all my humans just can't get enough of me. Even though the youthful ones like to tease their parents about being ridiculous nuts about us dogs they are just as bad. They all have to snuggle me everyday and play with me endlessly. Oh but life is good........let's not forget about all the other dogs I share my blog with and give them a loving home.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hotel for Dogs Movie Review

When their new guardians forbid 16-year old Andi and her younger brother, Bruce to have a pet, Andi has to use her quick wit to help find a new home for their dog, Friday. The resourceful kids stumble upon an abandoned hotel and using Bruce's talents as a mechanical genius, transform it into a magical dog-paradise for Friday--and eventually for all Friday's friends. When barking dogs make the neighbors suspicious, Andi and Bruce use every invention they have to avoid anyone discovering "who let the dogs in."
Production Status:
In Production/Awaiting Release
A teen secretly fills a vacant house with stray dogs after she moves in with her fastidious aunt and has to leave behind the dog who's her best friend.
Comedy, Kids/Family and Adaptation
Running Time:
1 hr. 40 min.
Release Date:
January 16th, 2009 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG for brief mild thematic elements, language and some crude humor.
Paramount Pictures
Production Co.:
Donners Company, The Montecito Picture Company, Nickelodeon Movies
Filming Locations:
Los Angeles, California, United States
Produced in:
United States
Seeking Crafty Kids to Create Canine Valentines
Elementary School Students, Clubs, Groups, and Individuals Needed to Make Valentines for Delivery to Chained Dogs NationwideTipton, PA -- January 06, 2009 -- As Valentine's Day approaches, non-profit organization Dogs Deserve Better is asking for help from dog lovers nationwide in a direct mail outreach campaign which pairs Valentines created by schoolchildren with America's chained dogs.Dogs Deserve Better, a national rescue and advocacy group dedicated to ending the suffering of perpetually chained dogs, annually sends Valentines and dog treat coupons to chained canines across the country during its Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week, February 7-14. The group includes a brochure for the dog's caretakers, explaining why the antiquated practice of chaining dogs for their lives is a form of abuse. The materials encourage people to bring their dogs into the home and family or to find better homes for the animals. Last year's campaign reached 10,435 dogs.By February 5th, the group needs 12,500 Valentines to pair with addresses for chained and penned dogs. Each Valentine should measure no more than 4"x8.5" so that it readily fits into a mailing envelope."The creation of the Valentines is an ideal project for schools, scouting troops, and other similar organizations because children have a natural love for animals, especially dogs, and enjoy making art projects," says founder Tamira Thayne, an artist herself. "We receive thousands of heart-touchingly creative Valentines made by schoolchildren each year, sending the dogs good wishes and hopes for a brighter future."Although the practice of 24/7 chaining is pervasive in many parts of the country, especially in rural areas, states and cities have started to pass laws against the practice. California passed a law in 2006 and Texas followed suit in 2007. Hundreds of cities have passed, or are considering, similar legislation. Meanwhile, countless "backyard dogs" are spending yet another winter in the cold. Often, they shiver day and night in leaky, uninsulated doghouses, suffer from thirst because their water is frozen, and pace neurotically from lack of exercise and attention. Perpetually chained dogs can become aggressive or insane from their constant confinement, often posing a danger to people.Dogs Deserve Better provides a variety of services to people who agree to take their dogs off their chains, including providing help with socialization, housetraining, and fencing.For more information about the Valentine's Day outreach, go to or email, addresses and donations can be sent to: P.O. Box 23, Tipton, Pennsylvania 16684. For general information about Dogs Deserve Better go to For hi-resolution photos, please visit the site at

Mail Valentines and Coupons for Dog Food or Treats to:P.O. Box 23Tipton, Pennsylvania 16684Enter Addresses of Chained Dogs on this form:Valentines2009
Get your Brand New Have a Heart for Chained Dogs 2009 Shirts, Gifts, and other Attire for Yourself or a Loved One!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Bone Sniper

The bone sniper waits so patiently for any chance to steal any bone I am chewing on. She constantly tries to lull me into a false sense of security to seize the moment and snag my bone away. I have long ago figured out this strategic maneuver. I enjoy playing along knowing it is torturing the poor restless soul. They say the Jack Russell has superior intelligence but alas meet the Mensa breed: Boston Terrier. CHECKMATE!!! However I have to admit when it comes to food she is terrifying.I'll have to post a picture of her snaring at me baring her teeth. I lose sleep over this very image.

Dogs truly Are Amazing

Go here and see where God's best creatures make yet another contribution. Click the link below to see why:

12/30/2008 - Troubled teens find their match with abandoned animals -

Give ANimals A Second Chance

Give animals a second chance!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lobby Day In Jefferson City, Missouri

Alliance to host Lobby Day
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Jefferson City, Mo
Quick Links to amazing websites:
Our website
Upcoming Alliance Events
What is animal welfare?
Missouri's Puppy Mill Problem (YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS ONE OUT)

Please join the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation for our annual Lobby Day on Tuesday, January 20, 2009.

Lobby Day will consist of an overview of the Alliance's legislative agenda for 2009, an opportunity to ask questions of the Alliance's lobbyist and other Alliance staff, a chance to network with other individuals interested in animal welfare issues, and an opportunity for you to meet with your legislators to discuss upcoming legislation.

And...we will have a special guest for Lobby Day 2009. "Hector", one of Michael Vick's fighting dogs, will be at Lobby Day to bring attention to dog fighting as an animal welfare issue.

Please RSVP for this event by calling 314.361.3944 or by e-mail to

When we receive your RSVP, we'll send you a packet of information with tips and an outline of the day.

This is a great way to kick off the legislative session and to let your legislators know you CARE ABOUT ANIMALS AND YOU VOTE!

Questions? E-mail or call 314.361.3944.

Gassing still at Ohio Dog Pound

~*PETITION*~ Stop the GASSING at Carroll Co Ohio Dog Pound!

From: Barbara Gordon-Wise
I am deeply involved in an attempt to stop the gassing of homeless dogs at Carroll County Pound , Ohio. Every other nearby county has switched to injection. Carroll County is the only hold out.
Please sign the Care2 petition and let the County Commissioners know that there are people who are outraged by this barbaric practice. Here is my Petfinder Animal Community posting with a link to the petition!We are a group trying to stop the gassing of dogs at the Carroll County Ohio Pound.

We have a petition at the Care2site and need all the signatures we can get.
We also have a petition drive at this point and are handing out bumper stickers and buttons in the county. Harrison County, Ohio, the only surrounding county other than Carroll that was still gassing has stopped as of this week! Link to the petition :
Ohio pound bound dogs!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Build A Bear Helping Out

I applaud Build A Bear in St. Louis for stepping up to the plate and helping out animals in the area. Two members of my family worked there over a summer one year and loved the company. Way to go Build A Bear and all the other businesses out there who reach out to animal charities. Carol House Furniture for years have been helping out animals as well.