Friday, December 18, 2009

Do You Want To Support Puppy Mills ?

Almost all puppies that are in pet stores come from puppy mills. These operations are exactly what the name implies. Most mass produce puppies with money as the prime motive. Their breeding dogs are often kept in very poor conditions and are sometimes malnourished. The dogs are almost never tested for genetic diseases and may not receive vaccinations. Puppy mills often obtain their breeding dogs from people in a hurry to get rid of their dogs for some reason, often through 'free dog' ads in newspapers or public auctions. Occasionally they are stolen from their owners. Females are generally bred every heat cycle until they are worn out and then they are often sentenced to death. The horror of puppy mills is encouraged every time a puppy is bought from a puppy store. How do you know that your puppy comes from one of these places? The main reason is that almost no responsible breeders will sell puppies to pet stores. Good breeders want to make sure that their puppies go to good homes and are well cared for. They want to be actively involved in screening the home that their puppies go to. Breeders are also concerned about keeping track of their puppies after they leave the breeder's home. They will know about any health problems that their lines may carry, and will be interested in any health problems that a puppy of their breeding develops. A pet store usually never hears about their puppies once they leave the store, and generally really don't care. Buying from a pet store does not mean that you will save any money in the purchase price of the puppy either.Written by April Roberts.

What Pet Stores Don't Tell You !!!

What do you know about the breed?
Employees of pet stores generally know very little about the dogs that are in the store. They can probably tell you a little bit about the breed and then point you to a rack of generic dog books. What do you do after you bring the puppy home, only to find that this breed is not the right one for you and your family? Good breeders are full of information about the breed of puppy that you are considering. They should be able to tell you the general temperament aspects of the breed and help you predict whether this breed of dog will fit into your lifestyle. They will also be able to warn you about specific health problems that the breed is prone to and will be able to tell you what aspects the breed excels in. There is no breed of dog perfect for every person and a good breeder is concerned that their puppy goes to a home that they will fit into. Written by April Roberts!!!

The Myth About AKC Papers

The myth about AKC papers
Most pet shops would like you to believe that if a puppy is registered by the American Kennel Club, this guarantees the puppy will be healthy and a good example of the breed. This is not so. The only thing that AKC papers certify is that the puppy is a purebred and produced out of AKC registered parents. Even this can be fiction, as some producers register more puppies than are actually born in each litter to receive extra registration slips to pass out with unregisterable puppies. The parents of your puppy may be unhealthy or carriers of crippling or deadly health defects which they may have passed to their offspring- your puppy. They may also be horrible representations of the breed that you are buying. Often times the parentage of pet store puppies is also questionable due to poor record keeping. In other words, your puppy may not even be a purebred, even though it has AKC papers. Responsible breeders do register their puppies with the AKC, but that is only the beginning. This was written by April Roberts!!!

Puppy mills profit on neglect of man's best friend - Columnists | Tri-City Herald : Mid-Columbia news

Puppy mills profit on neglect of man's best friend - Columnists Tri-City Herald : Mid-Columbia news: "Puppy mills profit on neglect of man's best friend
By Dan Paul, Special to the Herald
The recent raid on a Kennewick puppy mill that freed about 400 miniature American Eskimo dogs will quickly fade from local headlines and public consciousness.
It shouldn't.
Behind the innocuous phrase 'puppy mill' hides a grim reality. The vast majority of the more than 2 million puppies sold annually by retail pet stores, through classified ads or on the internet, are mass produced in abysmal conditions in these horrible mills, using breeding dogs that are caged all their lives, never to become part of a family.
Puppy mills maximize profits by churning out the highest number of dogs for the lowest possible overhead cost with scant regard for the health and well being of the parent animals and their offspring.
Hence, the growth of a wretched industry that cuts corners at every opportunity and for all practical purposes operates with few regulations and minimal oversight. If you want to report a puppy mill contact or call The Humane Society Hotline at 1-877-MILL-TIP and for the complete story he wrote go to the site above!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Puppies Need A Forever Home

We have 4 abandoned black lab x puppies that are in extreme need of a rescue. They need a place to go immediately. They are approx 7 to 8 weeks old. No pictures at this time but Alanna is working on that. They were brought to Alanna's and she will be leaving town for the holidays...I am full here and can't take any more in. Can you find room for them?? please...we are desperate. These are urgent.
We also have a litter of 7 Shepherd lab mixes 5 black , 2 tan, but they have people caring for them. The people are so poor they can't afford dog food but Alanna gave them food for the dogs as they taking good care of them . They also want to get their own dogs spayed but have no money. We are working on getting that done for them...if you can take in any of these dogs we will be so grateful. contact is or if you can help. Time is urgent. Here is a pic of the 7 shepherd lab mix puppies.They are in southern Missouri but they will find a way to get them to anyone who can adopt them or foster them!!!

Can Anyone Helps These Guys Out ???

These dogs have been at the Independence, MO way too long! Their days are numbered and they need out NOW! They are all wonderful dogs who need to get to a home (foster or permanent) for the holidays! Please look below and see if you can help one! Contact the shelter at, and call 816-325-7207 816-325-7207 . Hurry!
Patches: A09094744 Pointer mix, female, medium sized
I am a 6 yr old girl that is overwhelmed by what happened to me. My owners had too many dogs so I got kicked out! Trisha in the office here brings me up front after hours and she says I did really really great. I know sit, she is teaching me down, I do a GREAT down stay and will come when called. I am extremely cuddly and have great eye contact. $95.00

SPONSORED! Major: A09147247 Boxer mix, male
I am a 5 yr old male that is soft and quiet. I will look you in the eye with my big brown eyes. I am inquisitive, and self-confident. Good with kids, dogs and cats. If you are looking for an affectionate and calm dog that is me. I came here with others when our owners decided to move. I am available 11-25-09 for $95.00 I came in with Pluto (still here) and Rosie, she got adopted

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Big Time Fun THis Saturday in St. Charles, Missouri

There will be lots and lots of puppies and kittens who are looking for a home for the holidays so come on over to the St. Charles Police Department ANimal Control Division's Third Annual Holiday pet Adoption. This event will be held from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Saturday, December 19, 2009 at the City ANimal Shelter. The shelter is located on 2835 West Randolph. They will be giving away a gift bag with each adoption and a complimentary photo with your newest family member will be taken free for you. If you would like additional information call (636) 949-3395 or visit

Vote For Your Favorite

The 2010 Bark in the Park mascot will
-- appear on thousands of printed materials,
-- lead the Walk for the Animals Saturday, May 15 in Forest Park,
-- serve as canine spokesperson for Bark in the Park event public appearances, and
-- receive a year's supply of Purina® One dog food.
Vote for your favorite finalist now.

Voting ends 5:00 pm Central, Friday, January 15, 2010.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Most of the largest dogs I know are push overs

So many dogs get a bad rap when normally I've found the bigger they are the gentler they are.Once again proving that you can't judge a book by the cover!!!

Christmas Baking Anyone???

Here's to enjoying the holidays with your pets!!! Happy Holidays from Hudson and crew!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

State Inspection on Herman Schindler Who Owns Pet Store On Mid RIvers Mall Drive in St. Peters

check out Schindlers latest inspection!!!!

April 23rd 2009, Jim Gauthier did the inspection and found no violations.


Includes, Chi with mass on abdomen; chi with enlarged and whitish eyes; Chi with 'shrunken eyes'; yorkie with dried eye discharge and red oozing skin; bull dog with oozing skin; corgi with hair loss and oozing skin; Chin with mass in the eye.

ON AND ON AND ON FOR 1 1/2 PAGES!!!! Lots of other violations also.

Friday, December 11, 2009

C.A.P. S. Makes A Difference

A Breeder Had Stella's Vocal Cords Cut to Stifle Her Voice.
Use Your Voice to Stop This Cruel Practice in Massachusetts.
A bill is now before the Massachusetts legislature to ban devocalization—a nonessential surgery in which vocal cords are cut just to suppress or remove a dog's or cat's voice. There are serious risks regardless of the veterinarian's skill. Some animals die. Others struggle to breathe, choke on food and water, and gag uncontrollably the rest of their lives.
Sadly, this cruel practice is more common than you think. Some breeders devocalize routinely to keep many dogs under the radar or to facilitate exhibition. Occasionally, an irresponsible or uniformed pet owner will order the convenience surgery, leaving his or her 'best friend' mute or chronically hoarse. Devocalized dogs and cats don't benefit at all: They're abandoned like any other unwanted pet or breeding and show animals past their prime.
An Act Prohibiting Devocalization, House Bill 344, would put an end to this cruelty in Massachusetts. But powerful groups that profit from devocalization—the dog breeders' association and Mass. Veterinary Medical Assn.—are fighting the bill aggressively. They can kill it outright or add amendments that would make it unenforceable. Either way, helpless animals would continue to be maimed.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Animal welfare groups employ hotline, law to fight puppy mills -

Animal welfare groups employ hotline, law to fight puppy mills - "WHY STRONGER LAWS ARE NEEDED

We asked Stephanie Shain of the Humane Society of the United States to explain why most humane groups believe federal and state laws aren't sufficient to prevent inhumane conditions at puppy mills. Here's what he says:
Federal law: 'Current federal regulations require only bare minimum standards to be met with regard to space and care. No pet owner would keep their dog in a cage 24 hours a day … yet it … is perfectly legal under the current federal law. (There are) modest requirements that do not ensure any socialization, no protection from overbreeding. (And) since the advent and increase in use of the Internet, breeders selling puppies directly to the public through websites are completely uncovered and not subject to any inspection or humane guidelines.'
State law: 'Currently in most states, law enforcement can only help dogs in puppy mills through cruelty laws. That means conditions have to deteriorate to the point of animal cruelty, that animals have to suffer mightily before anything can legally be done to help them. At the very least, agencies should have the ability to proactively visit puppy mills to check on the conditions of dogs and require improvements be made before it reaches the point of legal cruelty.'"

Monday, December 7, 2009

Who Is Your Real Friend???

Who Is your Real Friend ...
Your spouse or your dog???
Try this easy experiment to see who is...
Put your spouse and your dog in the trunk of your car....
Come back an hour later and see who is happy to see you!!!
I'm putting my money on Man's Best Friend.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Puges and Kisses

Zeus was released to us from a breeder and has had a difficult life solely being used for breeding. He will need a loving foster home to help with housebreaking and leash walking, as he has never been out of a cage before.
He needed treatment for his dry eye and had to be neutered, have a dentals,and vaccines. Now he is looking for a forever home in time for the Holidays! Go to to see more pugs needing forever homes.
Thank you for your support. Pugs and Kisses

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Freezing pups and parents need our help

I just got a call that a man has found 11 black labs in a garage of a foreclosed home. Mom & dad dogs and 9 pups appear to be 5-6 weeks. An older neighbor is feeding them but afraid their going to get sick in this cold weather. Please reach out to see if anyone might be willing to help out here.They are in St. Genevieve, Missouri. Please help us find a safe haven for the pups and their if you can help!!!

A No Kill Nation Is Coming....

A No Kill nation is within our reach. Google this for more information on a No kill Nation .I would like to see a No Pet Store or Puppy Mill nation as well. My family just got back in town after a week cruise without us. We missed them so much but their wonderful neighbors Mark and Lori and Elaine took care of us while they were gone. Life was so boring without them around. The only exciting news was that Rick and his girlfriend Sam got engaged!!!