Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another City Enlightened....YEA !!!

California Town May Ban Retail Sales of Dogs, Cats
The Chula Vista, Calif., City Council will discuss tomorrow, Feb. 28, 2012, wide-ranging amendments to the city’s animal laws that include a complete ban on the retail sale of dogs and cats as well as the sale or possession of certain “wild animals,” according to the Washington, D.C.-based Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

“Pet stores provide healthy, responsibly raised pets to the public, and should serve as one of the options pet owners may turn to in choosing a companion animal,” according to PIJAC, which opposes the proposal’s ban on retail sales of dogs and cats.

PIJAC said such outright bans are harmful to pets and consumers as they drive legitimate pet stores out of business, thus creating an underground market that does not have to meet the same regulatory requirements as pet stores.

PIJAC said a blanket ban on some so-called “wild animals” would also drive an underground market.

The city council will also discuss new regulations on kennels, catteries and pet shops; an increase in dog licensing fees; and several other items.

If passed, the amended ordinance would take effect on the 13th day after its adoption.

The prohibition on the retail sale of dogs and cats defines a pet shop as “an establishment involved in selling or exchanging any birds, dogs, cats or other animals.”

The wild animal ban states “no person may possess or maintain” venomous reptiles; birds or rodents attaining an adult weight of more than 15 pounds; any crocodilian; all boa and python species attaining an adult weight of more than 15 pounds or an adult overall length of more than 3 1/2 feet; all monitor lizard species; and other animals as listed in the ordinance.

The proposal does not apply to birds, small rodents or small nonpoisonous reptiles commonly used as pets or for educational or experimental purposes.

The proposal’s list of requirements for operation of kennels, catteries and pet shops include regulations on location and soundproofing requirements, recordkeeping, and sanitary and minimum space requirements.

Also, all dogs over the age of four months must be licensed within 30 days after being brought into the city, or upon reaching the age of four months.

Two Great Things To Consider !!!!

Hudson Highly recommends this incredible fundraiser. Everyone who went last year had an absolute ball !!! A GREAT CAUSE FOR A wonderful organization !!! Hope you can join the FUN !!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pit Bull Ordinance Repeal Nears Official Introduction

New policy could become law as early as next week.
By Brian Feldt
Email the author
February 23, 2012
Wentzville's Board of Aldermen appear confident enough in the new animal control policy that it plans to officially read it into record for the first time at its next scheduled meeting on Feb. 29.

The legislation, which is still in draft form, will repeal the city's current restrictions on pit bulls and put in its place a breed-neutral policy that puts the onus of harsh or vicious dogs on the owners rather the pets.

The draft has been in the hands of Police Chief Lisa Harrison since January and has been presented to the board several times in the last two months. Harrison has essentially come up with a completely overhauled policy.

On Wednesday, the board further fine-tuned the policy, this time coming to terms with what to do about pets in non-fenced in areas and electric fences.

The board said any pet—dog, cat or pet mouse—must be put on a leash if out in a non-fenced-in area, which includes electric fences. That means pet owners using the electric fences now must either build a regulation fence or have their pets on a leash or tether when in the yard.

During the board's Jan. 25 meeting, the board tackled issues such as a range of fines for owners of vicious dogs and a clearer path for how and how much to fine them.

Board members hope to have the final policy read into record at its improptu Feb. 29 meeting, which was originally scheduled to be a work session but was changed to accomodate another piece of business.

At that point, the board could rush the policy through by reading it all three times and passing it that night or waiting until its regulary scheduled meeting on March 15 to make it law.

The new policy calls for a series of fines for first and subsequent incidents, with fines ranging from $100 for the first offense to $500 for a fourth offense, with the animal being ordered to be removed from the city or be euthanized.

It would also make it unlawful for any person to keep, harbor, possess or allow to be in or upon their premises any dangerous, vicious or ferocious animal.

A dangerous, vicious or ferocious animal would be defined as any animal that:
•Bites or attacks any person, domestic animal or farm animal not withstanding jurisdiction of the offense
•Has ever in the past has bitten, attacked or injured any of the person, domestic animal or farm animal not withstanding jurisdiction of the offense
•By its immediate or previous action, exhibits a threat of attacking or biting a person, domestic animal or farm animal
•Exhibits particulable behavior that causes fear to any reasonable person without provocation anywhere in the city other than the owner’s private property
•When unprovoked, chases, lashes out at or approaches a person upon the streets, sidewalks, or any public grounds or private property other than the property of the owner, in a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack, regardless of whether or not a person is injured by such animal
•Owned or harbored primarily or in part for the purpose of fighting or any animal trained for fighting

Pez Can Be Adopted Through Stray Rescue In St. Louis, Missouri

Hi! My name is Princess Pezzie, Pez for short and I am homeless. Won’t you find it in your heart to help me??? I have been in jail for several years but committed no crime…and need out!

I am a little Rottweiller and a complete lady! Although most ladies don't like to divulge their age and weight, I don't mind saying that I'm five years old and I weigh 55 lbs. I have shiny black hair with copper highlights with one front paw that is platinum blonde. See how beautiful I am! And I have the personality to match my beauty. I am spayed and current on all of my shots.

Once a week I get to leave the shelter with my shelter-mom and spend the day at her house. Car rides are ONE of my FAVORITE things! Shelter-mom is so proud of me when I visit because I have never had an accident in her house, and I have never gotten on any of the furniture. When she's busy and not playing fetch with me, another of my FAVORITE things, I just chill by chewing on my Nylabones or other toys or just take a quick nap. She says I'm a very enthusiastic and playful friend and really fun to have around. I had a boyfriend at the shelter, but he went to a foster home, so I would like an enthusiastic and playful furry friend to have fun with again. OR I could be your "only" best friend, and you could really spoil me. I have lots of love to give, and I am waiting for that special someone to love me back. I hope you are the one I have been waiting for!

I am hoping & praying and crossing my paws that you will consider adopting me!!! Call 314-477-5400 if you would like to meet me.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hudson Loves Smiling Dog Farms

We have 2 GREAT Adoption Partners now.
But if we could get 20Adoption Partners,
we could increase our adoptions BY TENFOLD!
If you or your group can commit to place even ONE dog per month,
please contact Jay at hellerich@aol.com or 979-559-1062.
Adoption Partners help dogs like us find families of our own.
We need your help!"

Help Us Place 150 Dogs
in the first 150 Days of 2012...
A Dog A Day!
Our goal is to find families for 150 adoptable dogs
by June 1, 2012!

If someone you know is interested in adopting a dog,
please click on http://smilingdogfarms.org/sdf_adoptable_dogs.html
and check out our Adoptable Dogs on the website!

Dogs Placed to Date - 22

A Smiling Dog Story...

Theresa says, "This is what I looked like when I came in to BARC!
My head looks like it is three sizes too big for my skinny body!
I was horribly undernourished!

Worse than that, I was really ill. No one was sure if I was going to survive!

None of the rescues wanted to take me because I was sick.
So BARC contacted Smiling Dog Farms to see if they would help.
And Ricky and Jay said, "yes".

Ricky and Jay call my illness BARC Disease
because many of the BARC dogs seem to have it.
It mimmicks distemper in a lot of ways, but it is not.

I am the first girl with BARC Disease that Dr. Stern was able to save!
I got shots of Batril, a high potency antibiotic,
and I took oregano oil, an herbal supplement that fights viruses.

If all that wasn't enough,
Dr. Stern discovered I had dead babies inside me.
So Dr. Stern gave me a shot to induce labor, and get them out.
Those dead babies were really dragging me down, too.
I was in really rough shape, and Dr. Stern wasn't sure I would make it.

But I did!
Against all odds, I made a full recovery!

Since I got better, Ricky has used the Batril/oregano oil regimen
on a number of other dogs and they have all gotten well, too!
Here I am after getting over my illness, when I was starting to put on weight.
Jay named me Theresa after Mother Theresa...
He says I have her same sweet, caring personality.
Jay says I am a very special dog
who has an important purpose for my life...
because I was healed when so many other dogs would have died!

That was all about a year ago...
Here are some current pictures of me.
You can see that I have filled in nicely and look really good!

I now weigh about 50 lb. -- I have doubled my weight from when I came here!
I am about five years old now.
And I am still waiting to find a family to love me.
And to figure out what my special purpose is.

Some people look at me a just see another little black dog.

But Ricky and Jay say that when they look at me,
they see a very special girl who beat the odds and is still alive...
a really good natured, gentle soul with a heart of gold.
They say I am destined to be a companion dog to someone with a special need...
they say they don't who it will be,
or what that special need may be.
But they are certain that I am destined to do good works,
just like my name-sake, Mother Theresa!

Do you know someone who needs my special kind of love?

If you are one of our monthly sponsors,
Thank You!

We would literally not still be here, helping dogs, if not for YOU!

You Know Our Mission ...
Providing a home for dogs who have nowhere else to go!
We are often a dog's only hope.
We are the rescue that other rescues turn to, when a dog is in danger.
We try to always say "yes".

Please... ask your friends, family, business contacts -- any NONrescue "civilians" -- to consider helping us, now, so we can keep helping the dogs who need us most!
We need more monthly sponsors!

You can sign up as a monthly sponsor by clicking
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Ricky, Jay and all the many animals at Smiling Dog Farms thank you for your help!

jay hellerich, executive director
smiling dog farms
a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation
p.o. box 743
wharton, texas 77488

website: www.smilingdogfarms.org
blog: http://smilingdogfarms.blogspot.comfacebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Smiling-Dog-Farms/362328795391?v=wall
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Just Discovered Another Fabulous Blog About Animal Welfare and Animal Issues

Reality Check: Not All Rescues Are Precious Pups
A sad, yet still common site on the streets of Iquitos
Recently we have posted many photos of abandoned puppies and kittens. These cute and helpless creatures tug at our heart strings. Today I write to remind our supporters that Amazon CARES is SO MUCH MORE than a rescue center, no-kill shelter, and adoption center. If our sole focus was to rescue street dogs and cats in need, we would barely be making a dent in the actual problem facing Iquitos. That is the issue of overpopulation, ill animals roaming the streets, and a lack of positive action on the part of the government to remedy the situation.

Prior to the advent of Amazon CARES, street animals were routinely shot, poisoned or drowned in mass culling of the population. A portion of our Mission Statement reads
"This is the reason that Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety (CARES) was founded in 2004. Citizens with a desire to protect countless stray animals stepped in to create programs that the government did not provide."
What makes us different from similar charities? We are based in the community. While I, the Director, travel back and forth, our employees are primarily Peruvian. We work with existing facilities and available resources. We have a large geographic focus, the Peruvian Amazon. We work with local municipalities, offering solutions, and if they accept, we set up mobile spay/neuter clinics in the poorest neighborhoods. But that would not be enough. Learn more about our Spay-Neuter-Release programs.

How do we create a sustainable solution for animals? We return to these same neighborhoods and jungle towns again and again. This way we can ensure that this area will not have animals continuing to procreate, thus repeating the cycle of animal overpopulation, abandonment, and abuse. It does no good for a group to "drop-in" to a community and perform surgeries for 1-2 weeks if there are no plans to continue working in that region.

If you SUSPECT dog fighting anywhere in the USA then there is a wonderful group of tough guys in Atlanta who will help investigate dog fighting for you. They provide evidence to convict for the police for FREE. They also offer a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest! Last year they went to speak to rescue groups and law enforcement. Very tough, former MARINE heads it. call 1-877.215.2250 or web: helpstopdogfighting.com .

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Demonstration at Happiness is Pets

WHO: CAPS (Companion Animal Protection Society)

WHAT: Demonstration at HIP store

WHERE: Happiness is Pets 15647 S. 94th Avenue Orland Park, IL 60462 (708) 403-3223

WHEN: Saturday, February 11th ~ 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

WHY: Bringing public awareness to the Distemper / Pet Store / Puppy Mill Connection

HOW: Talking with public and potential purchasers of puppies. Passing out informational packets to inform shoppers that they have a better option: adoption from a local shelter, a rescue or petfinders.com
Organizers are hoping this demonstration will be less chaotic than the January 29th demonstration which ended in the store owner’s son, Jonathan Berning, being arrested for assaulting a woman.

For more information:
Contact Kristen Kaminski (CAPS Chicago Volunteer Coordinator) at 1-815-690-4996
Thank you for your time and consideration in attending and/or reporting on this important event.
Intimidation methods used to scare off demonstrators:
January 29, 2012: Jonathan Berning was arrested for assault (seen here in back seat of Orland Park police car) at the demonstration held last Sunday, January 29, 2012.

November 19, 2006: Jonathan Berning was seen here, attending the first demonstration held at the Warrenville HIP store (now closed). He walked directly up to demonstrators, filming with his camera in an attempt to intimidate.
July 1, 2008: After nearly 2 years of peaceful demonstrations held at the Warrenville HIP store, it CLOSED on July 1, 2008. The owner of the store, Ron Berning, had filed suit against three citizens of the town, shortly before Christmas in 2006, claiming libel, but later dropped the suit. The defendants and their lawyers believed it to be merely a scare tactic to discourage the demonstrators.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

B-E-L-L-Y-F-L-O-P! Amazing photos of underwater dogs
Mish Whalen writes

Photographer Seth Casteel has definitely taken animal photography to new heights – or depths – with his hilarious photos of dogs chasing balls underwater.

Twelve dogs took part in the shoot, including Labradors, a border collie, a dachshund, a bulldog, a Belgian Tervuren and a King Charles spaniel. As you enjoy the photos, take the plunge and read about how Casteel came up with this original and imaginative idea that has everyone laughing.

Q: How did the idea of photographing dogs underwater come about?

A: One of my clients, Buster the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, absolutely loves the water: swimming, jumping, diving, splashing, you name it! During our on-land photo shoot a couple of years ago, he kept jumping in and diving under the water to retrieve a tennis ball. I thought: “I wonder what he looks like under the water?” So I bought a point-and-shoot underwater camera and found out!

Q: Can you explain how an underwater photo shoot works with a dog?

A: Many dogs LOVE the water and within that group, quite a few will actually go under the water on some level. All of the dogs featured in my photographs voluntarily went into the water and under the water, and they all had fun along the way. It also should be noted that I had fun along the way.

Q: What kind of camera are you using?

A: Canon. I love Canon

Q: Are you using an underwater camera housing?

A: Yes – I would recommend using a camera housing if you plan on taking a non-water camera under the water. It's worth it.

Q: How old are you?

A: I'm 31, but I look like i'm 26, and generally act about 35.

Q: Why are you interested in underwater dog photography?

A: I love dogs because their range of emotions is similar to those of human beings – that is why we relate to them and why they relate to us. Together, we make excellent friends. With water, dogs have the opportunity to showcase some of these emotions at a level we may not normally get to see. The water brings out a very primal side of dogs, and this can translate as silly, intense or wild. Dogs love to be spoiled by us, but they also appreciate the opportunity to get back to their roots, and I believe the water is just one of the avenues for them to do this. After all, it wasn't that long ago that all of the Boston terriers and pugs we know were wolves.

Q: What's next for Seth Casteel's underwater dog photographs?

A: A calendar will be coming out this summer, followed by a book featuring many never-before-seen underwater photos of our favorite breeds – all shapes and sizes!

TODAY.com multimedia producer Mish Whalen gazes at dozens of puppies, kittens and other adorable animals every day but has never seen dogs, quite like this. Discuss this post in the comments section or hit me on twitter @mishrwhalen

Monday, February 13, 2012

Puppy love: Local celebs discuss their tail-wagging favorites
Erik M. Lunsford
St. Louis Blues center David Backes and his dog Rosey in the Post-Dispatch studio on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012, in St. Louis. Photo by Erik M. Lunsford
He loves me, he loves me not. That's something you'll never have to worry about with a dog. It's an unconditional love, more than any well-matched couple.

It starts with puppy love the first year and turns into a long-lasting romance.

Valentine's Day can be as much fun for pets as it is for humans. St. Louisans love their tail-wagging friends, and some folks have big plans for the holiday. We talked with (and interviewed via email) four local celebs, and found love is in the air this Valentine's Day.


Mayor of St. Louis; champion for the humane treatment of animals; lawyer by trade. He lives in south St. Louis with his wife, Kim, his daughter, Kate, and three rescued dogs.

Dog • Mia, 13, Yorkshire terrier

How did you meet? • Kim found Mia through the St. Louis Senior Dog Project's website. We had adopted one of our other dogs, Sophie, from the organization.

Was it puppy love at first sight? Kim was the one who brought Mia home and was the first to fall in love with her. I knew she was a keeper because she was so cute and rarely barked.

What type of dates do you go on? Mia doesn't play with toys now that she is deaf and blind, but she still loves to be petted. We also go for short walks outside.

What does the future hold? In her older age, we're making sure that she is happy and comfortable. There are very few places my wife goes without Mia.

Any special treats for your dog? Mia is on a limited diet. For the most part, her biggest treat is a belly rub and a scratch behind her ears. On occasion we give her a taste of peanut butter.

What do you have planned for Valentine's Day? I'm always on the go, so I look forward to spending the evening at home with Kim and the dogs for Valentine's Day. Kim says, "Though I love all three of my dogs, I have a soft spot for Mia. She is deaf and blind, so she requires a lot of attention, but it is very worth it."

Any other pets? Sophie, 9, a terrier mix and Riley, 12, a Maltese or Lhasa apso mix


Founder of CheresseINK, a marketing and event relations firm; contestant on the "Bachelor, Season 6."

Puppy • Kennedy, 1, black Labrador retriever

How did you meet? My boyfriend (Dan Shannon) and I first met Kennedy when my mother decided to go look at puppies at the Chesterfield Humane Society. Next thing we knew, she walked into our home with an adorable black furball that had eyes that made you melt.

Was it puppy love at first sight? I knew it was a solid love when Kennedy tore up files and papers in my office, barked at me when I'd get on my cell phone, and of course devoured a nice and expensive collection of shoes that I no longer have. I'd look at him, and his face was just so cute, I somehow couldn't be mad.

What type of dates do you go on? We both walk him as much as we can, and he has several play dates especially with his girlfriends Molly and Bridie. We joined the University City Dog Park, where Kennedy probably wishes he could live 24-7. Kennedy is also an avid traveler in our SUV and expects a few trips per week; he never takes the wheel, just the breeze from the window or a nap.

What does the future hold? I hope Purina gets to see his gorgeous face. Kennedy's not a wildcard spokesperson, and I won't mark up any agent fees. We will enjoy life to its fullest.

Any special treats for your puppy • At the store, Kennedy grabs Lite Greenies, Dingo's with creamy peanut butter, Busy Chewnola, Puppy Yogurt and calcium bones.

What do you have planned for Valentine's Day? We're heading to the U. City dog park so he can visit with his many female friends.

Any other pets? No.


Founder Aarff.com and MyBffnetwork.com (division of aarff.com); host of a show on the Pet Life Radio Network called "Sassy Seniors"; weekend anchor for KSDK (Channel 5).

Dog • LaRue, 2 or 3 years old, Lhasa apso and Maltese

How did you meet? I met LaRue exactly one year ago this month. My beloved 14-year-old dog, Meeko, had recently died and my sister softly suggested that I perhaps consider a new family member. I eventually started looking on petfinder.com and saw an adorable Chihuahua at one of the shelters. When I visited him, he also had a brother, and they needed to be adopted together. I didn't think I was ready for two pooches and that's when they brought out LaRue.

Was it puppy love at first sight? It was love at first sight when I first saw her. She looked like a dude dog with her long beard. She was adorable, scruffy and very sick. She's such a social butterfly and simply walked over to me and found her new home in my lap. LaRue was just a day or so away from walking the green mile at the county shelter. Her eyes said it all. She was thankful, but I was even more so.

What type of dates do you go on? LaRue is my circus dog. She's a natural acrobat with all of her jumping, twirling and dashing through tables, chairs and hallways of my house. She loves walking in the park in my Lafayette Square neighborhood. Everyone is her friend, two- or four-legged. I have, on occasion, taken her to meet seniors, but she's still a bit too young and circusy. She also loves playing with her menagerie of toys. She'll also do anything for bellyrubs and massages.

What does the future hold? I can see taking her circus show on the road. If that doesn't pan out, then we'll continue to explore our fabulous city through her eyes and very heightened canine sense of smell.

Any special treats for your dog? LaRue would sell my shoe collection for a treat. Trust me, she's chewed up a few, too. I only give her healthy treats like crunchy carrots or green beans. I also work with some wonderful pet companies that send me products to test. I've grown to love Fruitables, Zukes and Wellness brands.

What do you have planned for Valentine's Day? She's my date. We'll be heading to Treats Unleashed to grab some treats and then a long walk.

Any other pets? No.


St. Louis Blues team captain; attended college at Minnesota State University-Mankato, where he studied electrical engineering and held a 4.0 GPA; with wife Kelly, supports a local no-kill animal organization Five Acres Animal Shelter in St. Charles

Dog • Rosey, 2, Shar-Pei-boxer-pit bull mix

How did you meet? Rosey was rescued from a local animal control when Five Acres was pulling dogs that were going to be euthanized the next day. They had room to save 12 dogs, and she was the 13th that they wanted to take but didn't have room. We got the call, I saw her face and I knew I had to save her from death row.

Was it puppy love at first sight? When we rescued Rosey, and I saw how small she was and how big her head was, I fell in love immediately. She came and licked my hand, and I scooped her up to bring her to the vet for an exam. This is where we found she had intestinal parasites, cracked ribs and a broken back leg. We decided to nurse her back to health, and fostering quickly turned into adopting.

What type of dates do you go on? We walk every morning for at least 30 minutes with our dogs. They love car rides and going to the dog park. Their favorite time of the year is going to the lake for boat rides and being able to roam free at the cabins in Minnesota.

What does the future hold? Years and years of companionship and shared memories together, as well as advocating for homeless animals and showing society that by adopting a pet you save a life and gain a true companion.

Any special treats for your dog? Our dogs get many treats, toys and food from Treats Unleashed, a local dog bakery.

What do you have planned for Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day for our dogs is much like all of the other holidays for them. They get to lie in their warm beds by the fire and enjoy the evening with a specially decorated treat and get as much love from my wife and I as they can handle.

Any other pets? Three other dogs: Rodney, 10, Rottweiler; Marty, 10, pit bull/Lab mix; Bebe, 11, beagle and two cats: Sunny (has one eye) and Polly (two toes short of a world record, polydactyl cat).

Read more: http://www.stltoday.com/lifestyles/pets/puppy-love-local-celebs-discuss-their-tail-wagging-favorites/article_061cd058-dba4-5562-b149-0a41778a6b46.html#ixzz1mGwF8VtY

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rescue world suffers tragic loss with morning fatality
Tucumcari, NM - Much goes into saving the lives of homeless animals. There are those who network, those who pull, those who foster, and the behind the scene, unsung heroes who transport.

Catherine Bugg was one such unsung hero - a woman who volunteered her time to transport rescued dogs as often as she could.A woman who channeled her love of animals into life saving action.This morning started out innocently enough for Catherine.Her task for the day - to drive an 8 wk-old puppy named Elyse on one leg of a transport from Tucumcari, NM to Amarillo, TX.But things did not go as planned.
The first inkling of a problem came this morning when the scheduled hand-off did not take place.Kerin Hanson of Rescue Road Warriors reached the individual who was supposed to meet Catherine in Amarillo. She was told that Catherine never showed up.
Worried, Hanson phoned the state police where she heard the devastating news.
Catherine Bugg, and the puppy who she was transporting, had been involved in a terrible accident.

Bugg had encountered an unexpected ice storm along I-40.Within moments, freezing rain coated the interstate and the vehicle that Bugg was driving spun out of control and slammed into the center median.The vehicle burst into flames.Catherine Bugg and the 8 wk-old puppy, Elyse, were killed.

Catherine Bugg's friends and family are devastated by the tragic news. But the mourning extends beyond her immediate family...the tendrils of sorrow are also winding through the rescue world.

Catherine had another family - those individuals who know her through Rescue Road Warriors are just learning of her death, as are her rescue friends at the City of Tucumcari Animal Rescue.

Catherine Bugg touched many people...her volunteer efforts saved many lives.

Those who knew her personally describe a warm, friendly, cheerful woman who was absolutely dedicated to animals.

Those same people have stated that Catherine died doing what she loved best.

A touch of solace in an otherwise devastating tragedy.

There is also mourning for the other life which was lost - the puppy, Elyse.

At just six weeks of age, Elyse had been dumped in a shelter. There, she was frightened and alone.

Strangers sprang into action to save the terrified puppy from a dismal fate.

Those same strangers worked to put together her extensive transport - working together to organize a journey which stretched across the nation.

The people who had the chance to meet Elyse described a smart puppy who liked to cuddle.

An unforseen storm claimed two, beautiful lives and the world is a bit darker today as a result.

Please light a candle in memory of Catherine Bugg and little Elyse - two lives gone much too soon.

It is not said often enough - every day is a gift not to be taken for granted.

Rest in Peace Catherine Bugg and Elyse.

Condolences to all of the lives touched by Catherine and Elyse.

Anyone interested in making a donation in Catherine's memory can do so:

Tucumacari Animal Hospital, 101 N 10th Street, Tucumcari, NM 88401, (575) 461-3900

Saturday, February 11, 2012

10 Reasons Why My Dog Is My Valentine !!!

The following article was written by Keegan Baur.

Valentine's Day is the day when we cherish our loved ones and shower them with affection. We each choose a valentine and make every effort to show that special someone just how much we truly appreciate him or her. But who says "that someone" has to be human? For everyone who's "in love" with a furry, four-legged canine, let's take a moment to reflect on why we're so crazy about our dogs.

1. My dog joyously greets me every time I come home.

2. My dog is always in the mood to cuddle.

3. My dog never leaves the toilet seat up.

4. My dog enjoys long walks on the beach.

5. My dog never complains about my cooking.

6. My dog helps me clean up spills in the kitchen.

7. My dog keeps me warm at night and never steals the covers.

8. My dog shares my belief that there's never a wrong time for a nap.

9. My dog doesn't fight with me about what show we should watch on TV.

10. My dog loves me unconditionally.

If you're looking for a "long-term relationship" with a furry friend, please visit your local animal shelter and save a life.
Now tell us why your dog is your Valentine!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Get To Know SOme "PIT BULL" Heroes...73 of them !

We've all read the horror stories, now read the hero stories! Jeff Theman and I have been keeping tabs on media reports of brave "pit bull" type dogs, and here are the stories we've found! We'll update this list as new stories come in. Enjoy!
(please note this is the temporary home for these stories; we will be moving the collection to our new advocacy site in the next few months!)
7/27/11 http://www.wzzm13.com/news/story.aspx?storyid=107779 - ASSAULT - Blitz saves woman from husband. (1)
7/27/11 http://www.fox28.com/Global/story.asp? S=12777922#.TjCekfrdUxM.facebook - FIRE - Thor alerts family of house fire . (2)
http://www.wane.com/dpp/news/indiana/pit-bull-saves-ind-family-from-fire - See above (not posted)
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http://cookcountysheriff.org/press_page/press_k9pressRelease_01_26_09.html - see above (posted press release)
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8/29/11 http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/Dog-used-in-fights-becomes-therapy-helper-at-Berea-nursing-facility - THERAPY - Gremlin visits nursing homes. (51)
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) (62)
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2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtAue-USGOc&feature=share (Rico, shot point blank to defend friends from a robber) (double check we don’t have this one) (66)
12/21/2011 http://www.fox40.com/news/headlines/ktxl-family-pitbull-helps-cops-put-car-thief-in-the-dog-house-20111220,0,1974295. story pit bull helps capture car thief (67)
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2/7/2012 http://www.whiotv.com/news/news/local/pit-bull-saved-my-life-dayton-woman-says/nHXMm/ (Rella the pit bull took a bullet to protect her owner in a domestic dispute; incident happened in January, reported now) (71)
2/8/2012 http://www.cbs19.tv/story/16768688/2012/02/08/ web-exclusive (pit bull alerts family to fire) (72)
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Way To Go CAPS Group.......

CAPS group says it will keep on protesting pet store

By Jeff Vorva Tribune reporter
CAPS and community members, shown Feb. 4, have been protesting an area pet store since November. (photo submitted by CAPS)
Whether it’s freezing and snowy or hot and humid, Kristen Kaminski said she is not going away.

Kaminski and her group, the Companion Animal Protection Society, has been hosting demonstrations outside the Orland Park Happiness Is Pets store on the 15600 block of South 94th Avenue periodically on weekends since November.

Group officials say that dogs from the store’s chain come from “puppy mills,” which leave many dogs with health and behavioral problems. In recent weeks, the Humane Society of the United States reported confirmation of two cases of distemper in puppies purchased from Happiness Is Pets stores in Naperville and Downers Grove.

Kaminski, of Manteno, said she bought a toy poodle, Roxy, two years ago from the Orland Park store and is worried that because of genetics, her dog could develop illness or die. Her group plans to continue the weekend picketing – including a demonstration Saturday at 1 p.m. on the sidewalk off the store’s property.

“We’ve had eight or nine demonstrations,” she said. “And I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. It would be great if they went humane but from what I’ve seen, that doesn’t seem possible. So I’m not going to stop until they are gone.”

Happiness Is Pets owner Ronald Berning did not return a message left at the Orland Park store seeking comment.

CAPS members have also picketed stores in some of the chain’s other locations.
Kaminski said she has had anywhere from 10 to 25 people join her and, for the most part, the demonstrations have been peaceful.

But things got heated Jan. 29 when Jonathan Berning of Lemont, owner Ronald Berning’s son, was arrested for simple assault after he allegedly confronted one of the protesters, Diana Arp.

He is scheduled to appear at the Bridgeview Courthouse Feb. 15.

Orland Park Police Cmdr. John Keating said an officer on the scene witnessed Berning run at the 46-year-old woman, point his finger inches from her face and yell at her in a “threatening and aggressive” manner.

Keating said the CAPS members were protesting peacefully – and legally – in the public right of way at the time. He said he had “no idea why” the younger Berning confronted Arp during the Orland Park Protest. “She was just one of the protesters,” he said.

Arp said protests have played a key role in shutting down a Happiness is Pets store in Oak Lawn and reducing profits at his other stores.

Kaminski said there were no incidents at a Feb. 4 demonstration.

According to the store’s website, the Better Business Bureau gives the Happiness Is Pets chain an A+. There is also a section on the website that features close to 100 testimonials about the store.

Orland Park Public Information Director Joe LaMargo said municipal electronic business records show the Orland Park Happiness Is Pets store has been operating since 1994.

– Dennis Sullivan contributed to this report