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A Beagle Who Loves To Share His Toys .....

Halloween Can Be Terrifying To The Most Well-Adjusted DOG.....

Halloween can be extremely stressful for even the mellowest of dogs. Between doorbells ringing non-stop and strangers showing up looking anything but 'normal' (and yelling as soon as you open the door), it's a time when many dogs dash out at full speed and are never seen again.

PLEASE ... make a plan for your precious pets and avoid a potential calamity!

11,000 Animals Die In Horror Every Day........Caught In Cruel, Steel Animal Traps .....

11,000 Animals Die in Horror every day, caught in cruel, steel animal traps!
Did you know..

Hard-Nosed Advice From Veteran Lobbyist: 'Win Ugly or Lose Pretty' ......

Richard Berman, a political consultant, said oil and gas industry officials need to exploit emotions like fear and turn them against environmental groups. “Think of this as an endless war,” he told executives in a speech that was secretly recorded. CreditDaniel Rosenbaum for The New York Times 
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WASHINGTON — If the oil and gas industry wants to prevent its opponents from slowing its efforts to drill in more places, it must be prepared to employ tactics like digging up embarrassing tidbits about environmentalists and liberal celebrities, a veteran Washington political consultant told a room full of industry executives in a speech that was secretly recorded.
The blunt advice from the consultant, Richard Berman, the founder and chief executive of the Washington-based Berman & Company consulting firm, came as Mr. Berman solicited up to $3 million from oil and gas industry executives to finance an advertising and public relations campaign called Big Green Radicals.
The company executives, Mr. Berman said in his speech, must be willing to exploit emotions like fear, greed and anger and turn them against the environmental groups. And major corporations secretly financing such a campaign should not worry about offending the general public because “you can either win ugly or lose pretty,” he said.

“Think of this as an endless war,” Mr. Berman told the crowd at the June event in Colorado Springs, sponsored by the Western Energy Alliance, a group whose members include Devon Energy, Halliburton and Anadarko Petroleum, which specialize in extracting oil and gas through hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking. “And you have to budget for it.”
What Mr. Berman did not know — and what could now complicate his task of marginalizing environmental groups that want to impose limits on fracking — is that one of the energy industry executives recorded his remarks and was offended by them.
“That you have to play dirty to win,” said the executive, who provided a copy of the recording and the meeting agenda to The New York Times under the condition that his identity not be revealed. “It just left a bad taste in my mouth.”
Mr. Berman had flown to Colorado with Jack Hubbard, a vice president at Berman & Company, to discuss their newest public relations campaign, Big Green Radicals, which has already placed a series of intentionally controversial advertisements in Pennsylvania and Colorado, two states where the debate over fracking has been intense. It has also paid to place the media campaign on websites serving national and Washington audiences.
A spokeswoman for Mr. Berman confirmed that he gave the speech, but said he would have no comment on its contents.
Mr. Berman is well known in Washington for his technique of creating nonprofit groups like the Center for Consumer Freedom that secretly collect corporate donations to finance the aggressive, often satirical media campaigns his team conceives. They are intended to undermine his opponents, like labor unions or animal rights groups that have tried to spotlight the treatment of animals at meatpacking plants.
“I get up every morning and I try to figure out how to screw with the labor unions — that’s my offense,” Mr. Berman said in his speech to the Western Energy Alliance. “I am just trying to figure out how I am going to reduce their brand.”
Mr. Berman offered several pointers from his playbook.
“If you want a video to go viral, have kids or animals,” he said, and then he showed a spot his company had prepared using schoolchildren as participants in a mock union election — to suggest that union bosses do not have real elections.
“Use humor to minimize or marginalize the people on the other side,” he added.
“There is nothing the public likes more than tearing down celebrities and playing up the hypocrisy angle,” his colleague Mr. Hubbard said, citing billboard advertisements planned for Pennsylvania that featured Robert Redford. “Demands green living,” they read. “Flies on private jets.”
Mr. Hubbard also discussed how he had done detailed research on the personal histories of members of the boards of the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council to try to find information that could be used to embarrass them.
But the speech, given in June at the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort, where the Western Energy Alliance held its 2014 annual meeting, could end up bringing a new round of scrutiny to Mr. Berman and the vast network of nonprofit groups and think tanks he runs out of his downtown Washington office.
Mr. Berman repeatedly boasted about how he could take checks from the oil and gas industry executives — he said he had already collected six-figure contributions from some of the executives in the room — and then hide their role in funding his campaigns.
“People always ask me one question all the time: ‘How do I know that I won’t be found out as a supporter of what you’re doing?’ ” Mr. Berman told the crowd. “We run all of this stuff through nonprofit organizations that are insulated from having to disclose donors. There is total anonymity. People don’t know who supports us.”
What is unclear is if the hardball tactics that Mr. Berman has pitched will succeed in places like Colorado. Already, The Denver Post editorial page, generally supportive of the oil and gas industry, has criticized Mr. Berman’s tactics, calling one video spot — featuring fictitious environmentalists who debate if the moon is made of cheese before calling for a ban on fracking — “a cheap shot at fracking foes.”
In fact, at least one of the major oil and gas companies that had executives at the event — Anadarko, a Texas-based company that operates 13,000 wells in the Rocky Mountain region — now says that it did not agree with the suggestions that Mr. Berman offered on how to combat criticism of oil and gas drilling techniques.

“Anadarko did not support Mr. Berman’s approach and did not to participate in his work because it does not align with our values,” John Christiansen, a company spokesman, said.
Mr. Berman probably appreciates the criticism. As he explained in his remarks, what matters is increasing the number of people who see his work, which is part of the reason he intentionally tries to offend people in his media campaigns.
“They characterize us in a campaign as being the guys with the black helicopters,” he explained. “And to some degree, that’s true. We’re doing stuff to diminish the other sides’ ability to operate.

Richard Berman Secret Recording of his Big Oli's Gameplan .....

The New York Times just published an incredibly alarming expose of Richard Berman, one of Big Oil's go-to attack dogs -- and it reveals the depths the industry is willing to go to protect their profits:  He's also the antichrist for animals. Always putting out bad propaganda about the United States Humane Society because they are the only one that can fight him polticially to protect the animals.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fosters Make A Huge Difference

Vote For Sam Rauls and Help The Animals

Sam Rauls has ad in Thursday’s “Leader” newspaper PLEDGING his commitment to the new animal facility

Sam Rauls is running against our current county executive, Ken Waller in the Nov 4th election.  Sam has made a public commitment in Thursday’s Leader newspaper to correct the deplorable animal situation that has killed thousands of our homeless animals in JC over the years.  For that reason you must do everything possible to get him and the people around him elected.  As I stated in the previous e-mail I raised close to $400,000.00 when I was in charge of ADOPT.  There is a facility 10 minutes from 141, over 5 acres, 14,000 sq ft, and zoned for animals waiting for us to write a contract on it.  We just have to get the proper compassionate people in office to complete the deal. Please make every effort to do the following……
       PLEASE vote for Sam Rauls  in the November 4th election this Tuesday.
2.       Please vote for the candidates listed below.  Sam needs the support of caring compassionate people to work with him.
3.       Please campaign for Sam by making a copy of Thursday’s ad and going door to door in your neighborhood.
4.       Facebook, Twitter, e-mail this letter or your own appeal to everyone you know
    Please do not allow this opportunity to slip away.  Do everything possible to get Sam and the following people elected. Thank you so much for your help.  You will never know how much this means to our poor homeless animals in Jefferson County.  Together we can do it but the animals need each and every one of you TO ACT AND HELP!  The money is there and so is a potential facility.!

Thanks again!!!!!!!  Cathey B. Former founder of ADOPT

Vote for these potential council members to work with Sam
1st District – Danny Tuggle
3rd District – Mike Evans
5th District – Oscar Kasten
7th District – Mike Davis

Keep the “Puppy Mill” act from being repealed. Vote for…

Jeff Roorda – State Senator District 22

State Reps…..
Tom Dohack – Dist 97
Mike Frame – Dist 111
Robert Butler – Dist 112
Sean Fauss – Dist 113
TJ McKenna – Dist 114
Dan Darian – Dist 115

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Only Fur We Have On Us In Our Home .....

Banning The Sale Of Puppies In Pet Stores Will Improve The Market for Responsible Breeders and For Local Shelters

Pet Stores Can Operate Successfully Without Selling Puppies.
Many pet retailers utilize successful business models that do not involve selling puppies.
The largest of these, PetsMart, consistently posts profits even during the recession. Many other smaller pet retailers are making the “puppy friendly pledge” to refuse to sell puppies at their store.
This is consistent with the breed clubs, who ask their members to follow a Code of Ethics stating that they will not sell their puppies to pet stores.

Banning the sale of puppies in pet stores will improve the market for responsible breeders and for local shelters.
Consumer will still want dogs, which is great news for responsible breeders who only sell directly to consumers. And it’s great news for animal shelters. If adoptions pick up, that means tax payers will be footing less of a bill for sheltering and euthanizing the “surplus” dogs created by indiscriminate breeding. 

Help Support The Efforts Of Big Fluffy Dogs

Fans, I thought when I started in rescue that I was going to make a difference. I naively assumed that through sheer effort, I could put a stop to some of the senseless cruelty all around me. After ten years, I know this was pure hubris on my part. I don't think I am ever going to make a difference in the South because the local governments are the enemy.

In Tennessee, more than half the counties don't have animal control facilities. What this means is that when a pet is unwanted in rural places that have no shelters, they end up dumped to starve, be hit by cars or many times, simply shot. Today, I got another call about a dog that was shot and the pictures are so horrifying I can't stand to share them. The picture below is of another dog shot in the same county five years ago who did survive. The dog from today did not survive although I tried. I simply cannot stand it anymore.

If I hear one more person tell me we don't need government, I am probably going to shoot them myself. Lack of government services would be just fine if people were responsible.
Guess what? They aren't. So if the government won't be responsible, someone has to be and the same local governments who turn a blind eye to animal cruelty expect someone else to pick up the tab because they don't have the resources. We've taken in nearly 100 dogs from hoarding situations over the past 8 weeks because we did not want to turn our backs. Here's another newsflash: we don't have the resources either, but we have the absolute conviction that someone has to do something. I am tired of being the solution. Please don't suggest HSUS because I have yet to see them take on a government shelter. They'll do hoarding cases, but not government-run shelters.

So many times, the government is engaging in state-sponsored cruelty. I have been to countless government-run shelters in godforsaken places with dogs they starved, allowed to die of hideous diseases or simply allowed them to fight each other to death for resources they wouldn't provide. I do get that poor places can't afford to take care of their own people, let alone dogs, and there are places we deal with that have unemployment rates that realistically exceed 20%. There has to be an answer because shrugging our shoulders and saying "we don't have the money" is not acceptable.

Leaving aside the money argument, there's the complete indifference to suffering we see from local governments. One in particular knows very well that a "rescue" has over 300 dogs living in abject squalor and misery and refuses to lift a finger. It's visible from the air and they know all about it. They simply don't care. If the local government doesn't care, the animals are screwed and there is nothing I can do legally to force them to action. Legislation to change that will never happen while the no government jackwads at the house stand up an applaud when a member of the Senate gives a speech telling the Senate its his God-given right to shoot a dog if he wants to. Not kidding. True story. 

I am a tough person and I can shrug off a lot of things. I can't shrug off a dog shot in the face on a road crawling away to die. That's my reality fans and I have had enough. If the government is the enemy, then we are worse because we put them there. 

BFDR has wiped out everything we have to take care of government messes. We can't afford to help the ones we want to take in that are completely normal because we are doing their job for them. If they want war, I'll give them a war.  

BFDR needs help now to address these dogs. I can't do it alone and it's the height of arrogance to think any one person can do it. But we are 300K strong and we can make things change. 

If you would like to donate, please do so here: Stay tuned for updates. I promise that one is coming and there will be hell to pay.

Several Outstanding Candidates in the November 4 Election in Jefferson County Deserve Our Votes

Several candidates in the November 4 Election in Jefferson County deserve our votes.
Please SHARE so that the animals IN JEFFERSON COUNTY AND IN MISSOURI are protected.
Jeff Roorda, State Senator District 22. 
Roorda was State Representative in District 113.  His opponent Paul Wieland was a State Representative, District 112.  Wieland was cosponsor of Amendment 1 and voted to weaken Missouri's neglect, abuse, and animal control laws.  Wieland also voted YES to repeal Proposition B. 
We need to keep Jeff Roorda in Jefferson City.  If not, there is a 100% possibility that the Animal Care Facilities Act could be weakened or repealed, thus removing State regulations for Pounds and Shelters.
State Representatives
Tom Dohack        House District 97
Michael Frame    House District 111
Robert Butler      House District 112
Sean Fauss         House District 113
TJ McKenna        House District 114
Dan Darian          House District 115
County Council
Sam Rauls           County Executive, for much-needed improvements to Jefferson County Animal Control
Danny Tuggle      County Council District 1
Mike Evans          County Council District 3
Oscar Kasten       County Council District 5
Mike Davis           County Council District 7

Voting for the above is voting for the animals!

Some Great Facts From Creature Comforts Great & Small, LLC

Hi Friends!

In America, the pet industry is big business. Americans own over 86.4 million cats and 78.2 million dogs. The number of households that have pets even tops the number that have children. In 2013, Americans spentnearly $60 billion on pet expenditures.

Pets are a beloved member of American families. Our love affair with dogs and cats has produced luxury pet spas, home-cooked doggie meals, and countless children begging their parents for a pet.

In a recent online survey by Kelton Research. Of 1,000 people tested, more people are considering their dogs as part of their family and are also referring to them as children. Here are some of the results:
  • Nearly 60 percent say that their dogs play a different role than the dogs of their childhood
  • 54 percent call themselves “pet parents” instead of “pet owners”
  • 58 percent have nicknames for themselves, such as “mommy” and “daddy”
  • 35 percent call their dog their “son” or “daughter”
  • 62 percent of the dogs have their own chair, sofa, or bed
  • 81 percent of dog parents know their pets’ birthdays
  • 77 percent have celebrated their pets’ birthday by buying him or her a birthday present
  • 23 percent of pet parents have a photo album dedicated to only pictures of their dogs
  • 16 percent have started scrapbooks for their pets
  • 71 percent of pet owners admit that they have at least one picture of their dog that they carry with them (although the convenience of storing photos on mobile devices may have added to this percentage)
The above statistics relating to a family keeping scrapbooks, pictures and photo albums of their pets is a perfect segue for a wonderful opportunity I will soon be presenting to you.  The opportunity can be moments to be cherished over a lifetime as well as benefitting animals in need of a forever home.  So, please stay tuned!

A recent Purina Pet survey's statistics further confirm our nations' collective anthropomorphization of our pets.
*61 percent of women tell their dog about their problems.

*31 percent of women feel their dog is a better listener than their partner.
*24 percent of men use their dog to talk to a good-looking stranger in the park.

*14 percent of men say their dog showed them more affection than their loved ones.

And if engaging in deep conversations with our pets, as these statistics outline were not enough, we are also guilty of heaping wads of cash on them as well.  In fact, The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association estimates that American pet owners spent more than $41 billion dollars in 2008. While a big chunk of our pet investments include feeding and medical care, we also sock plenty of cash into pet massages, manicures, seats on specially chartered jets, school/daycare, designer jewelry and the list goes on.

Well, don't pets deserve to be pampered, as long as it doesn't put the generous parents in the economical or emotional doghouse."
Certain aspects of anthropomorphizing our pets can be a positive thing.
Realizing and understanding our pets have feelings, needs and emotions improves the care of our pets.  Still there is a down side to anthropomorphization; it is "spoiling" in the true sense of the word, and ultimately could lead to the possibility of "ruining" our pets. For instance, when dogs or cats are treated as dolls to be dressed up and carried around, owners run the risk of turning their pets into an anxious mess.
Small dogs are more often anthropomorphized than larger dogs, however a dog is a dog, the cute little Chihuahua in the pink sweater needs exercise and training just like the big Doberman with the spike collar.  On the other hand, large, menacing looking dogs are often demonized and treated cruelly because people think they are evil or mean.

Ultimately, for pet parents it boils down to this: appreciate your dog for being a dog.  All dogs need the same things: daily exercise, play time with dog friends, healthy food, toys and chew to play with, obedience training, and attention from their owner. Being a great dog/pet owner is about meeting your dog's needs first and then your own. If what you are doing to your pet doesn't benefit them, or if it's embarrassing or mean then it may be time to putting an end to such activities.

Here's to the love shared with our furry, feathered, and scaly family members!



Paul F. 
Creature Comforts Great & Small, LLC
"Giving your creatures the comfort they deserve"

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Dog Learns How To Befriend Some Sweet Cows

God Bless Canadian Soldier Nathan Cirillo and His Sweet Dogs

A heartbreaking scene at the home of Canadian soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, the army reservist who was fatally shot by a gunman as he stood guard before the Tomb of the Unknown soldier in Ottawa. In these photos, his two dogs rest their heads under a gate, near a tribute of flowers and flags.

Let's Be Smart Animal Lovers About Who We Vote In and Support The HSUS Efforts To Help.....

Can I tell you a quick story? If you’re from Iowa, you probably already know it. It goes something like this. An out-of-touch politician in Des Moines opposed nearly every common-sense animal welfare policy presented to her. She voted to allow puppy mills to operate with impunity—and wouldn’t even agree to hold them responsible for the costs to care for their dogs when the dogs had to be seized by law enforcement.
She voted to authorize the target shooting of mourning doves, songbirds who’d been protected for 100 years in Iowa. She voted for the “ag-gag” bill to silence and jail whistleblowers and journalists who expose cruelty on corporate factory farms.
According to the latest polls, this candidate, Joni Ernst, is in a neck-and-neck race with Bruce Braley, a strong supporter of animal protection. Braley’s record on animal welfare couldn’t be more different than Ernst’s: He worked in Congress to crack down on puppy mills. He stood up for chimps and horses and helped pass a law to make it a crime to attend a dogfight or cockfight. He supports strong enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act and the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. And he doesn’t side with those who are abusing animals.
This race is close and it could go either way. In little more than two weeks voters will send a Senator to office who either sides with puppy mills or one who works hard to protect dogs and other animals from abuse. If we're going to help elect humane candidates to office around the country we have to act now.
As you know, the Humane Society Legislative Fund is the leading political advocacy organization for animals. We endorse and support candidates not based on political party, but based on their records and positions on animal issues. And right now we’re working around the clock to help humane leaders win on Election Day so they’ll defend animals once in office.
 The industries that want to shoot polar bears for trophies, slaughter horses for human consumption, and deregulate puppy mills are pouring money into elections to support their favored candidates. In fact, the so-called “Protect the Harvest PAC” just released a TV ad attacking Bruce Braley in Iowa—this super PAC is run by oil multimillionaire Forrest Lucas. Lucas and his group have an awful record of fighting againstlegislation to crack down on puppy mills, establish felony penalties for malicious cruelty, provide shelter to dogs, and other common-sense reforms.
 We’re running TV and radio ads, sending mailings, and going door-to-door in states all over the country to tell voters which candidates will protect animals. Those candidates are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who have a proven record of standing up for kindness and compassion to animals, and cracking down on cruelty and abuse.

The Iowa race isn’t the only nail-biter where animal welfare is on the line. There are hundreds all across the country. In Michigan, Mark Schauer is in a close race against Rick Snyder—the incumbent governor who signed legislation to allow the trophy hunting of the state’s small population of wolves and signed a second bill to stop the voters from having any say on the issue. Mark Schauer supports animal protection and will defend the right of the people to have a say on wildlife issues. But if Snyder wins, the animals will lose, and the special interests will continue to have a stranglehold on wildlife policy.

My Name Is Dakota And My Voice Needs To Be Heard....

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Some of the Hundreds of Missouri Dog Breeders ..

Bean, Ronnie
Dunn Brokus Kennel Herford, Floyd Moore, Rebecca Myers, Robert Roberts, Elizabeth

White, Lorraine
Debroha Collins, Windy Chavez
Stanley Cochran, Ann Lord-Cochran Abernathy, N. Janet
Acto Raymond & Sheryl
Adams, Dora
Adams, Mary & Richard
Adkins, Don & Kathleen
Aimee Senseney, Heather Senseney & Akin, Louis & Joyce
Albright, Cheryl
Alexander, Mary
Alexander, Melinda
Alexander, Scott
Allan Sturgeon, Vicki Sturgeon
Allen, Bonnie
Allen, Deanna
Allen, Deborah & Nelson
Allen, Robert L.
Altic, Gail
Amptman, Joe & Caroline
Anderson, Don
Anderson, Mary & Bud
Angelica Crosby, Tom Ford &
Angst, John
Antech Inc.
Antle, Brenda
Antle, Treva
Arduser, Beth
Armes, Kim
Arnett, Brenda
Arnett, Gayle
Arnold-Yeager, Charline
Ashely Pratt, Brianna Weddle, Tony Pratt, Atkinsson, Shannon & Kim
Audsley, Dorothy M. & Leonard W. Backes, Ned & Melinda
Bagley, Nora
Baker, Brian
Baker, James & Lindsey
Baker, Jerry
Baker, Linda, Kenneth & Kristina
Baker, Margaret
Baldwin, Jo
Baldwin, Pamela
Balentine, Bruce & Beverly
Ballinger, Ted & Margaret
Baney, Shawn & Lisa
Banks, Ervin & Mary
Banner, Sherry
Barbara Winters-Laport, Herbert Laport & Barbeau, Carolyn
Barbee, William
Barber, Vivian
Bargfrede, Randy
Barker, John A. Barker & John M. Barnes, Preston A.
Barnes, Virginia
Barnett, Juanita
Barnett, Kim
Barton, Linda Barton / Richard
Bartz, Brandon
Wistful Unicorn Exotic Animal Farm
Courtney Creek Kennels Myers Enterprises
Black Creek Rabbitry

D & B Over The Hill Kennel Paradise Bluff Puppy Luv Grizz Kennels
Briarpatch Kennel Adams Peaceful Kennel
Akin Farms
Snarls & Wags Kennel Oak Tree Kennels

Little Toy Kennel Oakgrove Dog Kennel Allens Kennel
Judges Branch Kennel Mo Dog Kennels
C & A Kennel

Anderson Kennels
Rainbow Skies Walnut Hill Kennel
Brendles Kennel Antlers Kennel Duzers' Dawgs
Ay Bulldogs & Company Pratt's Happy Tails Osage Kennel
Brats Kennel
Bakers Frontend Kennels

Dog Patch
Ken Lynn Kennel
B & B Backwoods Kennel Walnut Tree Kennel Samples Creek Kennel
B & B Kennels
B & B Kennels
Baney Kennels

La Ports
Ozark Mountain Kennels Vivs Kennel
Barkers Kennel Simply Irresistibulls V.I.P. Pets
Cherry Hill Kennels Bartz Exotics
Huggins Willow Springs Rocky Comfort Edgar Springs Crocker
Half Way Lawson Neosho Hughesville West Plains Lebanon Thayer Washburn Sweet Springs Poplar Bluff Springfield Thompson Iberia
Dixon Liberal
La Grange
Bartz, Daryl E & Penny J Bass, Donna
Baumann, Francis L & Jo Ann Baxter, John & Tammy Beachy, Samuel
Bealmer, Sheila
Bean, Linda J
Bearden, Mary & Lee Roy Beauchamp, Jerry & Linda
Beauford, Ronald, Peggy & Rodney Beckett, Mural & Monta Lou
Beechy, Raymond
Belisle, Karen
Bell, Janice
Bell, Sheila G.
Beller, Lin
Bender, Tracy L.
Bennett, Marvin & Juanita
Benson, Alice & Bernel
Berhorst, Dan
Bernard, Michelle
Berry, Kathy
Berry, Lisa
Berry, Mary
Beverly Osborn, Elvis Franks & Bevill, Gary & Lucy Ann
Bill Collins, Darlene Collins & Billington, Carol
Bingham, Shirley J
Birdsong, Donna
Bixenman, James & Marilyn Bixenman, Pam & Dennis
Blair, Tina
Blake, Eileen
Blevins, Dale
Bliss, Mark & Patsy
Block, William N & Melinda Blomberg, Bill & Kathie
Blosser, Verla
Bob Bowen, Jimmie Holyfield & Boggs, Mindy
Boland, Darren & Sandy
Boley, Tatlana
Bolin, Tina
Bonham, Harry & Wanda
Bonnette, Sheree & Randall Bontrager, Eli
Borntrager, Jacob M.
Borntrager, Jonas L & Laura Borntrager, Neal & Mary
Borntrager, Sam E & Sarah N Borntrager, Sammie L.
Borntrager, Samuel E & Polly R Bostron, Sharon & Phillip
Bourgeois, Vivian
Bovay, Shirley
Bower, Judith A.
Bowman, Shirl
Boyd, Bonnie G.
Boyd, James & Stacy
Boyd, Linnie & June
Boyd, Lisa
Boyer, Glen & Terre
Bozarth, Todd & Kassandra
Brad Fraizer, Natacha Cressel & Braden, Dennis
Bradford, William Chase
Bradley, Norma
Brakefield, Norma
Branden Van Gelder, Dametra Wright Brauer, Jr, E. H.
Tag Along Ranch Madgab Kennels Baumann Kennels T J's Kennel
Sheila's Kute Kanines Bean Hill's Z-P-D Kennel Beardens Kennel Beauchamps Puppy World Beaufords T L C Kennels Soo Big Kennel
Belisles Kennel Tinkerbell Kennnel
Rocky Ridge Farm
D & B Kennels Malis Kennel
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Circle B Farms
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Littlepets Kennel
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Boggs-Doggs Countryside Kennel
B-4 Kennel
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Borntragers Kennel Bostrons Yorkie World
Fantasy Yorkies
Bowman Exotics
Cobb Creek Kennel
Ma & Paws Puppies Glenridge Farm
Bradford Kennels
Triple B Kennel Van Gelder Farms
Brazeal, Cecil & Joy
Breedlove, Alisa
Brengman, Byron
Brennen, Darlene
Brewer, Heather Anne
Brian Stehlik, Sydney Chambers And Bridenstine, Neva

Bridwell, Ann
Brinlee, Evelyn
Briscoe, David & Teresa
Britt, Doedi
Britt, Melody & Lavelle
Britz, Phyllis
Brockman, Cedric & Martha Brockman, Tammy
Broleman, Jack
Brooks, Betty
Brown, Chuck
Brown, Darrell, Janet & Jake
Brown, Donna
Brown, Harry D & Stacy & Betty Brown, Joe
Brown, Kathy
Brown, Kelly
Brown, L. Ray
Brown, Lou Ann
Brown, Mary
Brown, Rosemary
Brown, Shirley
Browning, Earlene
Brunk, Susan
Brunkhorst, Neal & Karen
Bryan, Beulah
Bryant, John
Bryson, Jo Ann
Buck, Lloyd
Buening, Howard & Terry
Bundy, Marlene
Burkdoll, Jr, Phyllis & Johnny Burkhart, Joyce
Burkholder, Regina
Burks, Gary
Burks, John & Vicky
Burks, Ruth
Burns, Tonya
Burris, Glenda
Burton, Dorace
Buschkoetter, Carol
Byler, Melvin
Cahill, David
Cahoj, Joyce
Cain, Jesse & Opal
Cain, Lisa A.
Calnan, Preston & Rebekah
Calvert, Rita
Campbell, Carolyn
Campbell, Larry & Rosemarie Campbell, Randy
Canaday, Elizabeth
Cannon, Edward
Cannon, Tabetha
Cantrell, Thomas & Jean
Capon, Tony, Shelly & Dusty
Carl A. Neubert, Barbara J. Neubert & Carlos, Delores
Carmack, Diane
Carol Ford, Mike Ford
Carr, Paul
Carr, Tina
Carter, Linda L.
Carter, Sandra
Breedloves Unique Kennel B & B Kennel
H & S Route E Hounds Valley View Kennel Bridenstines Kennel Dog Gone Kennel Brinlee Kennel Briscoes Kennel Kountry Kanines
K-9 4 U Kennel
Brockmans Kennel Brockman Ranch Kennels Jack & Jeans Funny Farm Brooks Kennel
C & J Kennels

Country Mile Kennel Pin Oak Kennels Marry Bee Kennel
Barsix Kennels
Critter Ridge Kennel Sunny Crest Kennels Puppy Junction
Brysons Whispering Oaks

Paw - Paw Kennel Hollow Tree Kennel Three Sisters Kennel Shady Valley Kennel
Brookline Boxers
Vickys Kennel
Dirty Shame Ranch Kennel T Js For Paws Kennel

Grace Kennel Lakewoods Kennel Shady Lane Kennel Cahill's Country Kennel
Lake Road Kennels Campbells Kennel Country Hills Kennel
E T's Bundles Of Joy E Cannon Kennels
T & J Cozy Kennel
The Neubert Kennel & Farms

Diane Carmacks Kennel Peace Valley Kennels C-P Kennels
Simply Puppies

Puppy Paws
Casey, Pat & David
Cash, Willie
Cason, Casey
Cat Holler Kennel L L C Chambers, Bill & Donna Chambers, Mason & Lisa Chapman, Dana R. Chapman, Gary & Jennifer Chisum, Debra

Choate, Charles
Chris Campbell, Kala Fugate Christoffer, Buck & Paula Christophel, Steven & Faith Christy, Beverly
Christy, Gary Wayne
Clapp, Louise
Clapp, Martin
Clark, Avaree
Clark, Danna M.
Clark, Debbie
Clark, Stanley & Sondra Claxton, Rosalie
Clay Jr., Debbie & Larry Clement, Theresa & Wendell Clemons, Rose Mary
Clouse, Danny & Melissa Clover Meadow Kennels, L L C Cobb, Deanna Jo
Cobb, Marvin
Cochran, Jamie
Cockrum, Vernetta & Geary Coleman, Hazel
Coleman, Kimberly
Coleman, Sue & Orville
Colin, Lloyd
Colleen Pugh, Loretta Pugh - Collins, Annette
Collins, Bill & Lutricia
Collins, Cheri
Collins, Christine
Collins, Clifford
Collins, Helena Marie
Collins, Lonnie H. & Mary A. Collins, Michelle
Collins, Roberta
Collins, Sheila
Collins, Twila & Greg
Collop, Vicki
Comstock, Beverly
Conklin, Keith R & Diana Jo Conley, Beth
Connie Dishman, Mike Napier & Connie Mattox, Garold Mattox Conrad, Betsy
Cook, Jamie & Shane
Cook, Shirley
Cooper, Betty, Ray & Roger Cooper, Kathi
Cope, Dona
Copeland, Lisa
Corbin, Nancy
Corlett, Laurel
Cosand, Elizabeth
Cowan, Dee
Cox, Lou
Cox, Marsha
Crabtree, Leo
Craddock, Billie Lou
Craig, Chrissy
Craig, Elaine
Craigs Kennel
Casey's "Lil" Darlings Gallery Blue Kennel Green Hills Kennel
Try Me Kennel Pint Size Pups
Kewl Kennel
Dreams And Tails Kennel Choate Kennel

B & P's Puppy Palace Cuddles N Hugs
M C Kennel
Clark Kennel
V & R Country Kennels Timber Woof Kennels Puppies-R-Us Kennel Clemons Canines Bryant Creek Kennel

Deanna Cobbs Kennel
Dog-N-Ass Farm
T L C's Kennel
Paw Squally Kennel

L & L Kennel
C And T's Kennel

Collins Kennel
Ma And Pa Kennel

Puppy Love
K & D Kennels
Wee Paws Kennel Bubby Naps Kennel Mattoxs Kennel Purple Thistle Kennel Puppeeluv Kennels

Shadow Ridge Kennel Looney Tune Hill
Corbins Pugs
Mar-Don Kennel Crabtree Kennel Billies Barking K Kaddyshack Cattery Sunset Acres
Crandall, Reuben
Crane, Linda L.
Crass, Kara
Craven, Gordon & Glenda Creasy, Amy

Crider, Joyce
Crisp, Lane
Crites, Irland
Crocker, Jack & Lorene Crocker, Jerry

Cronin, Laura
Crook, James W.
Crowley, Larry
Crum, Connie
Crume, Karen
Culler, Renea
Culver, Sally
Cummings, Paul
Cunningham, Debbie
Curnutt, Larry
Curtis Hix, Amie Thomas &
Curtis, Carol Ann
Curtis, Kathie
Curtis, Sherry
Da Mitz, Dana
Dailey, La Donna
Dake, Johnny
Dake, Kenneth
Dake, Norma
Daller, Dwight
Darling, Debbie
Darnell, Sheila
Daugherity, Dan & Lisa
Daugherty, John & Louise
David/Dorothy Crosby, Summer Hathcock Davidson, Vern K.
Davis, Betty
Davis, Joyce
Davis, Rachel, Virgel, & Vickie
Davis, Vonnie
Dawson, James M & Mary O
Day, Kim
Dean Or Rebecca Troyer, Katie Mae Schro Dean, Charles
Decker, Connie
Demery, Betty Jane
Desiree Ford, Jean Lafferty &
Detweiler, Freeman
Detweiler, Joseph & Le Roy
Dianne Adamson, John Kleine &
Dildine, Kimberly & William
Dodson, Amy M. & Eric S.
Dodson, Nancy
Dodson, Richard L & Margaret R
Dorbeck, Staci
Dorothy Hicks, Roberta Bennett &
Doss, Mary Ann
Downen, Charles Dennis
Drew, Barbara
Dugger, Beckie
Dukes, Wilma
Durbin, Barbara
Dutcher, Patricia
Duvall, Gloria
Dwiggins, Betty
Dye, Beverly
Dyer, Holly
Dykes, Larry & Trina
Eagon, Boyce & Shawn
Edgeman, Hannah & Sarah
Eicher, Amos
Cranes Red Dog Kennel K-Jacs Kennel
Cute & Cuddley Puppies Southfork Six
Country Dogs Kennel

J & V Kennel Fairfinders Crook Farms
Lake Creek Kennel Sugar Tree Kennel Culler Kennel Culver Lane Kennel Cummings Kennel
S & L Kennel Double C's Kennel
Curtis Kennel Da Mitz Kennels
J & M Kennels Lasa Luv Kennels
Tiger Fork Cattery Meddowbrooks Kennel Vertricias
Davis Kennel Gotalotofpets Cedar Tree Kennels Day Farm & Kennel
Southland Kennel
D & D Hilltop Puppies Shady Acres Kennel
English Bulldogs Country Heaven 4-D Kennels
Wind Walkers Kennel

Big Oaks Inc.
Sister-N-Laws Kennel Windy Hill Kennel
Pleasant Woods Kennel Pea Ridge Kennel
Lil Tails

Silver D Kennel Hometown Family Pets Double D Doggies Dyer Kennel
Eicher, Emily
Eicher, Peter Eilenstine, Tony Elam, Pat
Elliott, Keith
Elliott, Rickie
Elliott, Sheila
Elsea, Kevin & Teresa Eminger, Janice Emrich, Mona

Engle, Randy
Epling, Thomas
Espey, Tom & Sandra
Eugene Rog, Janice Rog &
Evans, Patsy
Evans, Sandy
Evans, Shirley
Everett Johnson, Virginia Graham & Ewing, Scott & Jackie
Fahrenkrog, James & Rhonda Faith, Samuel N. & Sharon Y.
Falls, Barbara
Falter, Clarence & Frances Fanning, Travis & Betty
Fears, Linda
Fears, Randy
Feldkamp, Miriam & Neal Feldmann, Charles
Ferguson, Carolyn
Fickess, David & Mary
Fields, Beverly
Fields, Candy
Finch, Patricia
Fisher, Artha Jo
Fleming, William J. & Phyllis I. Fletchall, Chris & Tina
Fohey, Mike & Sherry
Foreman, Pauline
Forest, Sibyl
Forsberg, Vickie Lynn
Fortner, Lynn & Terry
Foster, Brent & Julie
Foster, Donald
Foster, Mary
Fox, Justin
Fox, Linda
Fox, Lisa
Fox, Sharon
Fox, Teresa L.
Francis, Devonna
Francis, Janet
Francka, Catherine C.
Franke, Michael
Franklin, Susan
Freeman, Pam & Kami
Friend, Logan
Friesen, Clarence
Friesner, Dee & Jeannie
Fritcher, Charles & Patricia
Fry, David & Teresa
Fude, Dennis
Fuller, Howard & Joan
Gabel, Jenny
Gamel, Joyce & Galen
Gan, Terry & Debra
Garrett, Darrin & Amy
Garrett, Max & Diane
Garrett, Viola
Gary, Darrell & Ramanda
Gastler, Joy
Gaston, Nelda
Rustic Hills Kennel Elliotts Kennel
C & J's Happy Tails

Happy Dawg Hollow Memaw & Pepaw's Puppies Tara Winds Kennel
Lazy - E Kennel

Ever Free Kennels Ewing Kennel
J & R Boxers

B & T Kennel Fears Kennel
Fergusons Kennels B & B Kennel Finchs Pets
Foheys X I I Acres
Sibyls Newfs & Saints Chiwawaville
Fosters Kennel White Gate Kennels
Foxfire Kennel Old Time Beagles Fox Kennels
Tru Luv Kennel Walnut Ridge Kennels C Js Puppies
North River Kennel
P Ks Tender Loving Care Kennel

Hilltop Kennels Twin Pines Kennel
Gone To The Dogs Kennel Gans Little Canines
The Yellow Rose
D M T's Country Kennel Kennel Of Joy
Four Paws Kennel
Gaston, Wanda
Gaulding, Suzanne
Gibler, Yvette
Giger, Marion & Leila
Gilbert & Gilbert Enterprises, L L C Gilbert, Jerry & Loretta

Gillum, Randolph Mark & Sherri Gilmore Jr., Carla & William Gingerich, Alvin
Gingerich, David & Edna Gingerich, Paul & Pollie Gingerich, Toby & Marie Ginnings, Carl & Sheryl Gladden, Donna J.

Gleeson, Sheryl
Glenda Scott, Phil Scott
Gnemi, Donna
Godwin, Retha I.
Good, Anna Mae
Good, Calvin & Teresa
Good, Joyce A & Richard L Good, Kylie
Goodwin, Jimmie
Goostree, Gary & Ruth Ann Gore, Connie
Goring, Cheryl
Gosdin, Coral
Gossett, Sharon
Gott, Darla
Graham, Tammy
Gray, Jeffrey R & Judy K
Gray, Kim
Gray, Robert
Gray, Rodney
Gray, Ron & Maxine
Greek, Donna
Greek, Janice
Green, Chad
Green, Fred & Carolyn
Green, Judy
Green, Leah & Floy
Greener, Christene
Greer, Dora
Greer, James D.
Gregory, Brian
Griesbauer, C., Foster, M. & Griffee, Gene
Grisham, Leonard G.
Grogan, Linda
Groves, Lynn
Guerin, Bill
Guernsey, Alan & Vicki
Guffey, Joyce
Hackett, Lorelei
Haden, Rhonda Sue
Haerr, Sarah L.
Hair, Davy
Hall, Marty & Dustin
Hall, Michael L & Deanna L Hambelton, Elmo, Sue, & Shawn Hamblen, Kathy
Hamilton, Linda
Hamm, Ruth Ann
Hammack, Paula & Garland Hampton, Marvin & Peggy Hampton, Steven & Sharon Hancock, Jodie
Hansen, Dorothy
Hargett, Catherine
Hargis, Beverly
Harland, Connie
Indian Creek Kennels Country Cats
The Big Bark Kennel Windy Hill Kennels
Lakeview Kennels Bramble Ridge Kennel
Guardian Kennels
Nanas Kennel
Lap Lovers
Buck Skin Valley Kennel Ruff Stuff Kennel
Tiny Paws Of Conway

C T Kennels
Razorback Ridge Kennel Fair Haven Kennel Rafter G Kennel Connies Kennel
Northfork Kennel Yoshis Kennel Cedar Ridge
Gray Bo Kennels
Shady Lane Kennel D J's Kennel
Twin Oak Kennel Draper Hill Kennel Bark N Woof Kennel
Puppy Play House J. D.S Kennels Gregorys Kennel Country Pets
Leonards Kennel Country-Side Kennel
Sleepy Hollow Kennels Joyces Pampered Pets Stonewall Farm
Purdy Puppies
Hambeltons Kennel Lighthouse Cuddley Kennel Hamiltons Tiny Critters

Kyger Mountain Kennels Hamptons Puppy Town

Shoestring Kennel
Bear Ridge Kennel Hargis' Sunshines Kennel Harland Kennel
Harper, Scott
Harrell, Coleen
Harrell, Nina
Harrell, Vay
Harrington, Brian & Billie Harris, David & Mary Harris, Delvin L & Ilah M Harris, Jerry Keith

Harris, Norisa Harrison, Diana Harrison, Kevin
Hart, Delinda
Harter, Sandy
Hartley, Harold & Jean Harvey, Faye

Harvey, Jerry
Haskins, Guy & Faith Hatfield, Elsie
Hatfield, Kevin & Janette Hathcock, Vonna
Hatton, Richard
Hausmann, Judy
Hawk, Jane
Hawley, Wendy
Hayes, Shawn
Hays, Gary
Headings, Darold Jay Henderson, David Henderson, Karen Henderson, Sue
Hendrix, Danny
Henry, Janice
Hensley, Dawna & Kenny Henson, Michael & Michelle Henson, Paul
Herdman, Sr, Ron Herington, Doris
Herington, Juanita
Hester, Gary & Jeanette Hettinger, Shirlene Hickman, Arminta
Hicks, Danny & Karen Hicks, David
Hicks, Joy
Hicks, Le Ann
Hicks, Merie
Higgins, Geri
Hillside Puppy Farm
Hilty, Jacob
Himmelsbach, Robert B. Hinners, Jennifer
Hinson, June
Hirner, Joyce K.
Hitchcock, Nancy
Hite, Louise
Hochstetler, Monroe Hodge-Smith, Judy Hodges, Marguerite Hoffman, Richard Holesapple, Riley & Pat Holiman, Patricia Ann Holland, D J & Sharyl Hollon, Merrill & Debra Holman, Mike
Holt, Melissa
Holtcamp, James
Hoopes, Kevin C
Hoover, Daniel & Nancy Hoover, Howard
Hoover, Virginia
Hopkins, Vergie
Lazy H Farms
Harrells Kennel
Vays Spring Valley Kennels

Hawk Ridge Kennels I-Del Kennel
Dog-Gone Kennel Kevin Hilltop Kennels
A Lakeview Kennel Kings Valley Kennel Haskins Kennel Lovin Puppy
Mgm Kennel
Teenie Weenie Cattery

My Little Gremelin Sugar Gliders Shadow Fax Kennel
Country Lane Kennel Oak Ridge Kennel
Timber Ridge Kennel Hendrix Kennels
Wiggley Waggley Housing D & K Kennels

Walnut Springs Kennel Hensons Dogwood Kennels Herdmans Bull Mastiff
Country Lane Kennels Hilltop Kennels
Ozark Incred-A-Bulls

Indian Grove Kennel Higgins Kennel
Oaktree Kennels Indian Creek Kennel June Around Kennel
Hitchcocks Kennel Indian Ridge Kennel
Luv Kennels Hoffman Kennel
Top Of The Rock Kennel
Flint Valley Kennel
Double H Kennel Puppy Love Kennel Hopkins Hilltop Kennel
Hoppe, Kathy
Hopper, Robin & Robert
Horn, Denise
Horn, Keitha
Horn, Kent & Ellen
Horstman, Doris
Horton, Renee
Hostetler, George
Hostetler, Glendon T.
Hostetler, Matthew
Hostetter, Mike
Houseal, Melissa
Housley, Sonja
Howard, Larry & Linda
Howard, Lois & Ken
Howell, Lois Ann
Howell, Tom
Howlett, Debbie
Hubbard, Janet
Hubner, Jo, Katie & Roger
Hudson, Krista
Huffman, Betty
Hughes, Ann
Hughes, Cherylynn & Billie
Hughes, Ron
Hughs, Lela
Hughs, Linda
Hughs, Sherri & Kenny
Hull, Nadia
Humphrey, Joe Ronald
Humphrey, Melinda
Hunt, Joanne
Hurn, John, Steven & Dawn
Hurt, Robin
Huse, Lonnie, Sharon,Vern & Diana Isom, Wayne
Jacks, Larry & Judy
Jackson, Gary & Joan
Jackson, Les & Lora
Jacobs, Janet
James, Bradley
Jarvis, Wade & Julynne
Jay Blackburn, Julie Snidow &
Jay, Jeanna 'Charlene'
Jeffrey Boston, Gail Gonnella & Jenkins, Sondra
Jenkins, Todd & Cindy
Jennifer Ellis, Jan Taggart
Jennings, Charles & Robin
Jennings, Mindi
Jerri Wallace, Norma Hightower Jerry Mc Clure, Allen Strenke & Jinson, Wilma
Joann Sensenig, Ammon Sensenig & Joanna Carden, Roxanne Goines Joe Freeman, Caryl Freeman Johnson, Bernard
Johnson, Brenda
Johnson, Daniel R.
Johnson, Glenn & Martha
Johnson, Patty
Johnson, Robert & Cheryl
Johnston, Norma
Jones, Chris
Jones, J.R. & Ashley
Jones, Larry
Jones, Maria
Jones, Randall Leon
Jones, Ron & Pat
Jones, Stacy
Jones, Toni M. & Wendy
H H H Kennels Blue Ridge Kennel Ken-El-Kennels
Horton Kennel
Phisas Puppy Paradise
L & L Kennels
Dogone Lucky Kennel Howell Valley Kennels Luv Me Tender Kennels Hidden Acres Farm Dusty Trails Ranch Countyline Kennel Huffy Acres
Hughes Lane Kennel My Puppy Kennel
Pin Oak Kennels
Jos Puppy Paws Hurns Kennel
Broken Spoke Kennels Country Luv 1 & 11

Grand River Kennel J-1 Kennels
James Gang Kennel
Diamond "J" Kennel Sunburst Kennel
Lazy J Kennel
Jerrens Kennel Jinson Kennel
Kay Ber J Kennel Brenda Lous Kennel
Mar J Kennels
Spot & Speckled Kennel Johnston Kennels
M & C Bow Wow

L.V.S. Kennel Marias Chihuahuas
P Js Kennels
Sassy's Classy Canines T Js Kennel
Joseph, Marilyn
Joyce, Berniece
Jurewicz, Carolyn
Kachmaryk, Kevin D. Karadeema, Jason And Kristin Karcz, Bill & Darlene

Karen J. Rudd, Brian K. Davis & Kates, Cherie
Kathy Groseclose, Scott Groseclose & Kathy Spencer, Scott Spencer & Kays, Barbara

Keehner, Terri Lynn Keener, Darla
Keith, Roland & Joan Keller, Naomi

Keller, Wilma
Kelley, Ardyce E.
Kelly, Katheryn
Kempfer, Paula
Kenney, Debra
Kern, Kathleen J.
Kevin Cantrell, Marshall Cantrell & Kidd, Stacy
Kilmer, Timothy And Lucy
King, Jr, Tim
King, Patsy
Kings Kids Ministry, Inc
Kinnick, Debra
Kirby, James & Ruby
Kirk, George & Bettie
Kleine, Judy
Klocke, Melissa
Knight, Gerald
Koch, Peggy
Kochs, Angelia
Kotschedoff, Jim
Kramer, George & Donna
Kraus, Michael J.
Kreisel, Rexanna
Krempges, Bill
Kruse, Lou Ann
Kuhn, Curtis & Thomas
Kurtz, Andy
Lafferty, Dan
Lafferty, Larry & Lisa
Lager, Bob & Shirley
Lake, Donna, Ronald & Sarah Lambert, Roy
Lamont, Debbie
Land, Velma
Landers, Mark
Landes, Micah
Langdon, Gary & Janice Lansdown, Cindy
Lansdown, Delvin & Diane Lansdown, Terry & Tammy
Lantz, Kurt
Lasater, Steve
Lasiter, Vicki
Latham, Judy
Lavy, Sharon
Lawson, Raymond
Le Masters, Don
Lea, Donald
Leah Allison, Rodney Allison & Leckbee, Bobby L & Penny L Ledbetter, Glenda & William Ledford, Orin & Joyce
Lee, Tracey
Lehar, Ramona
Leinbach, Allen & Anna
Best Buddies
B J's Kennel
Pea Ridge Kennel Kachmaryk Kennels Midnight Gliders

B & K Exquisite Canines D & C Kennels
Shady Lane Kennel
Dove Creek
D And D Kennels Jos Sounds Of Joy W K Kennels Kellers Cattery
A Dog Lover U S A

Black River Kennel Double K Kennel
Dawson Creek Kennel Red Ribbon Kennels Doo Little Kennel
Pats Pampered Puppies Kings Kids Kennel

Kirbys 5th Wheel Kennel
Knights Kute Kritters Kochs Country Kennel
Tall Grass Kennel
Golden Dreams Kennel
Oak Grove Cedar Ridge Kennels Blue Collar Canines

K & K Kennels
Hilltop Kennels KM J ' S
R & D Farmcats Yorkie Valley Puppys Lm Kennel
Promises Kept Landes Kennels Langdon Labs
Mutt & Jeffs Kennel D & D Kennel Lansdown Kennel The Rep Room Lasaters Kennel

Judys Cuties Tenderheart Kennel
Leinbach, Earl Leinbach, Lloyd Lepper, William Letterman, Nettie Lewis, Ella Mae Lewis, Elva
Lewis, Gary & Carolyn Lewis, Jan & Don Lewis, Terry & Regina Light, Anita

Light, Martin
Light, Nancy
Lindsey, Mary Ann
Linenbrink, Keith & Janease
Linville, Norma
Little Fur Babies
Little Paws
Livengood, Suzi
Lockhart, Margaret
Lockridge, J T & Earlene
Long Bober, Stacy
Long, Robert L & Sue
Lorenson, Rhonda
Lovan, J. Louise
Lovina S Schwartz, Peter J.F Schwartz Lowell, Susan
Lucky, Annie
Luna, Pam
Lunn Jr, Olan
Lute, Suzanne
Lutes, Melanie
Luttrell, Tim & Kelley
Lyell, Gregory
Lyon, Barbara
Macon Bacon, Inc.
Madison, Betty & Russell
Madison, Bud And Marie
Mahurin, Alice
Mangam, Robert F
Marlow, Rose
Marquis, James & Betty Lou
Marriott, Sr, John
Marrs, Karey
Martin, Abe & Elsa
Martin, Arlene
Martin, Christina
Martin, David & Doris
Martin, Donna
Martin, Edward & Gladys
Martin, Elva
Martin, Erla
Martin, Eva & Isaac
Martin, Irvin Jr & Mabel
Martin, Jerry
Martin, Kathleen
Martin, Keith
Martin, Lena
Martin, Lucille
Martin, Mabel & Abram
Martin, Nevin
Martin, Vera
Martin, Vicky
Martin, Walter & Jeanette
Martineau, Randi
Masner, Nelda & Brant
Mason, Trina
Massey, Patsy
Matteson, Claudia
Matthew Minor Daniels, S. Brooke Frost-D Mattie D.Miller, Chrissie J. Miller
Mattison, Turner
Lewis Kennel Lewis Kennel
Lewis Kennel
Nitas Puppys Ridgetop Kennels N F L Kennel
Bryar Rose Kennels

White River Kennels
Gone To The Dogs Groomin House&Ak28205 Russell Lane
High Caliber Kennels
All About Bulldogs
Pet Degree Ranch Cedar Ridge Kennel
Mockingbird Hill Kennel Moreau Creek Kennel
Oak Grove Kennels Lighthouse Kennel Circle M Kennels Shady Lane Kennel Moreau Creek Kennells Ceder Line Kennel
Logan Creek Kennel Carleen Kennels
Mas Kennel Rays Kennel Hidden Acres Rainbow Kennels
Ma & "Paw"
D & M Kennel Massey Kennel Twin Oak Kennel
Shady Oaks Kennel Circle T Kennels
Mc Cloud, Jody
Mc Coy, Barbara Mc Coy, Linda
Mc Cracken, Gussie Mc Crorey, Delmar Mc Daniels, Gary Mc Dowell, Rita

Mc Ginnis, Charles & Debbi Mc Gowen, Magdalena
Mc Gowin, Andrea
Mc Intosh, Cody

Mc Lin, Pam
Mc Nair, Rosilee
Mc Vicker, Carla
Mead, Sharon
Meeks, Betty
Mercer, Rae Lynn
Meyer, Joann N
Meyer, Marcella & Bill
Micca Marin, Carolyn Burkdoll & Michel, Clinton & Marlene Michels, Claudette
Middleton, Bob & Pam Middleton, David & Cherri Miller, Ann
Miller, Brian & Shanna
Miller, David
Miller, Diana
Miller, Eli
Miller, Ezra & Mary
Miller, Jesse & Sonja
Miller, John Mark & Deborah Miller, Judy Speak
Miller, Malinda
Miller, Mosie J & Emma
Miller, Mychael
Miller, Pam
Miller, Rick & Shane
Mills, Rickie & Mary Jane
Mills, Ronnie
Mincey, Cory
Mings, Betty
Minor, Shelly
Mitchell, Cristi
Mitchell, Duane & Jean Mitchell, Jamie & Kaci
Mitchell, Linda
Mitchell, Margret
Mitchell, Mark & Shelley Mobley, Betty & Jeff
Mohler, Eric
Moncrief, William & Brenda Mondragon, Santos
Monnahan, Pamela
Moon, Terry
Mooney, Patricia
Moore, Larry
Moore, Mike & Melanie
Morgan, Angela
Morris, James & Linda
Morris, Vernita
Moudy, Cheryl
Mountain, Terrie
Murphy, Bill & Carol
Murray, Connie Ann
Murray, Georgene L.
Myrna Arb, Sheila Kitch &
Rainbow Farms Kennel
Mays Dog Patch
Gone To The Dogs
Gussie's Canine Critters Crane Creek Kennel
Ulman Ridge Kennel Monarch Kennel Orchard Kennel Pooches Gracias Honest To God Kennel
R & J Kennel Bloomington Mac Kennel
Rambling Kennels Meyers Kennel Indian Creek Puppies
Ironbridge Road Farm
Shaded Shelties Kennels
Millers Kennel M & M Kennel
Hill Top Kennel
Walnut Creek Kennel Jo De Mill Kennel
Hilltop Puppy Ranch Jadeans Kennel
Puppy Love Kennel Bet-Ter Kennel
Du Care Kennel Millcreek Kennels Prestigious Pets
Black Oak Companions Poochfarm

Turkey Creek Kennel Mitchell Ridge Kennel Hwy 60 Kennels
Elk Creek Kennel Heavenly Puppies Kennel

P Js Puppies
Moore Kennel Mam Kennel
Needs Country Kennel Yappy Acres
Double M Kennels Paradise Cove Kennel Triple T Kennel
Napier, Tommy & Shelia Neal, Debbie
Neff, Kevin L. & Sharon A. Neill, Peri

Nelson, Janice & Kenneth Nelson, Melodee Nentrup, Jenny
Nentrup, Nancy

Netroy, Barbara
Newell, Sheila
Newman, Hunter
Newswanger, David & Mary Ann Nible, Beth

Nichol, Genny Nilges, Chris Nims, Cheryl Noblitt, Mary Noel, Shirley Norman, Barbara Norton, Jackie Norton, Joyce Norton, Traina Novak, Carol
O' Dell, Cynthia
O' Dell, Mike & Vicki
O'Brien, Bud & Cleo
O'Dell, Janette
Oberbeck, Michael
Oglesby, Teahna
Oldham, David & Sherry
Olson, Audrey
Orrell, Kenneth
Osage Kennels L. L. C.
Osborn, Donald & Sondra
Osburn, Robert & Allison
Owen, John
Owen, Pam
Owens, Charles G & Linda G
Oxley, Theron & Vickie
Ozark Hill Kennels Inc.
P & D Farms, Inc
Page, Cathy
Paillette, Brad & Dayna
Palmer, Ricky & Barbara
Pantry, Debbie
Parke, Michael & Linda
Parker, Brigitte
Parker, Melvin & Bonnie
Parker, Rosa
Parrigon, Glenn
Parrish, Brenda
Parson, Jack & Melisa
Patricia M Sperandio, Jane E Parks & Patrick, Leisha
Patterson, Donna
Paul, Alvis & June
Paulsen, Bill & Mona
Payne, Charlotte
Payne, Kathy
Payne, Ron & Debbie
Pelton, Mary
Pendleton, Mitchell
Pendleton, Sam & Sharon
Pendleton, Tim
Pepper, Marie L & Robert V
Periman, Amanda
Periman, Jeanetta
Perrin, John & Angela "Annie"
Perry, Louise
Petersen, Tom
Petersheim, Joni B & Edna
Napiers Kennel Neals Kennel
Jan & Kens Valley Kennel
Nentrup Farms Kennel Pom Acres
Shepard Haven Kennel Precious Queens

Los Valley Kennel Nilges Kennel
Norton Kennels Nortons Kennel T D K Kennels Evergreen Acres
Little Paws Kennel Dubbl-E-Kennel
D & S Kennel Lamae Kennels Pug Ns Ville U S A

D & S Kennel Osburns Kennel
Clo's Kennels Almartha Kennel
Paillettes Pets Palmer Kennels Double D Kennels
Paradise Kennel Parkers Pet Puppys
Hilltop Kennels Dog Creek Kennel A & J Kennel Prairieview Kennel Happy Tails Jazz-A-Paw Kennel Riverside Kennel
Country Side Kennels Pendleton Kennel Triple P Kennel
Bull Creek Kennel

J & L Kennels Hillview Kennel
Petersheim, Mose Peterson, Janet
Peterson, Janice
Peterson, Kelly & Kris Peterson, Lori
Pettengill, Dwayne & Helen Pfeiffer, Jean

Phillips, Daniel & Carolyn Phillips, Debbie
Phillips, Keith & Bonnie Phillips, Kristy

Phillips, Sarah
Pickering, Charletta
Pierce, Dayna
Pilkington, Patricia Cornelia Pitts, Stacey

Plymell, Shannon L Ponting, Brenda Pool, Irene
Pool, Shirley

Pope, Robert
Popplewell, Marilyn
Porter, Roger And Willa
Porter, Teri
Potts, Clint And Kelly
Powell Sr., Cletis Wayne
Powell, Debbie
Powell, Jimmy Doyle
Prater, Greg & Shawna
Prato, Edwin & Gail
Pratt, Mike & Cathrine
Price, Dorothy
Price, Ivan
Price, Niona J & James Ed
Propst, David & Cathy
Prothe, Carol
Pruett, Paul & Lessli
Pyle, Thomas E
Quinn, Ann
Randy Blaser, Becky Blaser Rangelov, Radoslav
Ransom-Hicks, Diana
Rash, Robert
Ratliff, Warren
Rauber, Brenda
Ray, Renee
Raylyanu, Mikhail
Raymond Rowe, Susan Mac Cash & Rb & Sa Kennel L L C
Rebardie, Warren
Redmond, Michele
Reid, Gwen
Reid, Sherri
Reiff, Anna Mary
Renfrow, Carl & Sharon
Renshaw, Nancy
Reynolds, Duane
Rhoads, Judith
Rhodes, Debbie
Rich, Sharon
Richard Terhardt, Dorothy Mc Grew & Richard Truitt, Lori Magee & Richards, Elmer
Richardson, Dana
Richardson, Jennifer & Rick
Richter, Elliot
Rictor, Jo Ann
Riden, James
Ridenour, Keith
Riley, Mark
Riley, Tim & Lisa
Dogwood Kennel
Peterson Puppy Works Petersons Farm
D & H Kennel
Jean & Junior Kennels

Phillips Kennel Hob Nob Kennels
Windsong Kennels
Pools Puppy Place
S & B Kountry Kennel Pope Kennels
Birch Creek Kennel
Porter Valley Kennel Lonesome Valley Kennel

Hickory Ridge Kennels Big Creek Kennel Jimmys Hilltop Kennels
Wisdom Ridge Kennel M C C M Dog Kennel
Prices Kennel Propst Kennels
Tom Pyle Kennels Dreamaker Kennels Blaser & Blaser Kennel Rods Puppy Love Kennels Bodis Little Ones
Show Valley Acres
Dog Run Lodge
K-Jen Kennel
Brittany - Lane Kennel Fanchion Kennel Wagon Wheel Kennel Rocky Branch Kennel Renfrows Kennel Cedarwood Kennel Reynolds Kennels

Hardrock Rhodes Kennel S & R Kennel
Dick & Dos Kennel

Danas Waggin Tails
Triple R R R Kennel Rollin Acres Kennel
Riley Kennel

Rios, Valente Barriga Rippee, Gary
Rissler, Ruben & Eva Mae Robbins, Clinton

Robbins, Gary
Roberson, Ruth
Roberts, Dennis & Tami
Roberts, Ellen
Roberts, Lisa
Robin Dollens, Robert Dukes &
Robinson, Gayle Julian & Paige
Rock Prairie Farm, Inc
Rogers, Tammy
Romans, Melvin James
Ron Shockley, Sandra Shockley
Ronnie Sullivan, Samantha Sullivan
Ross, Mark
Rowden, Ricky
Rowe, Patricia
Rowe, Roger
Roweton, Lance & Gwen
Rowland, Terri
Rozin, Keith & Jo Ann
Rush, Marcia
Ryan, Carolyn
Sachse, Myrna
Sackrey, Sandra K & Bill
Sammons, Randy
Sams, Eulema
Sanders, Carla
Sanford, Janna
Santo, Mark
Sartin, Lynn
Sawyers, Joyce
Scheulen, Gary
Schieni, Diane
Schilling, Jay L & Brenda L
Schlabach, Mary & Sanford
Schlessman, Jack R, Jack W,Norma R & J Schmidt, Karen
Schmidt, Marsha
Schmitt, Bobby & Peggy
Schnake, Robert & Debbie
Schneider, Eubert & Jeannette
Schooley, Anna
Schouten, Michelle
Schrage, Donald
Schrock, David
Schrock, Johnny N & Katie S M
Schrock, Moses
Schrock, Noah A & Andy N
Schrock, Willis
Schroeder, Bobby And Lori
Schulte, Caroline
Schumer, Tina
Schwartz, Aaron S M
Schwartz, Amos
Schwartz, Amos F.
Schwartz, David W. P.
Schwartz, Emanuel & Mary
Schwartz, Enos
Schwartz, Enos J.S. & Leah W.
Schwartz, Jacob
Schwartz, Jacob G
Schwartz, Joe & Sarah
Schwartz, Johnny J.F.
Schwartz, Laura
Schwartz, Mr. Or Mrs. Aaron N.M. Schwartz, Samuel
Scifres, Betty & Dennis
Scott, Coleen
Leeward Times R & R Kennel Sweet 'P' Poms Robbins Kennels
Big D's Rocky Ridge Kennel Rocky Top K-9s
Roberts Kennel
Tiny Tails

Wee Pompoo Kennels
Rowes Family Kennel C D R Kennel
Rozin Kennel Carolyns Puppy Park
S K's Kennel
Cherry Corner Kennels C Gs Canines

Puppy Dreams Kennel Santo Hill Kennel
D & J Kennel
Cedar Creek Kennel

Hedgewood Kennels Country Lane Kennel S C R Kennels
The Mustard Seed Paws & Tails Puppies

Michelles Puppy Haven Rabbit Ridge Kennel Cedar Ridge Kennels
Triple S Kennels
B And L Kennel
Red Cypress Kennel Schwartzs Kennel
E W S Kennel
Family Dog Kennels Timber Line Kennels
Scifres Kennel C & R Kennels
Hartville Barnett Lebanon Wheaton Williamstown Bucyrus
West Plains Pittsburg
Edgar Springs Bakersfield Everton Mountain Grove Koshkonong Exeter Norwood Thornfield

Meta Sheridan Windsor Bolivar Richards Lebanon Sheridan Drury Weatherby Brookfield Neosho Gainesville Tina
Devils Elbow Fulton Granby Hartville Freeburg Salisbury Kirksville Summersville Purdy Hartville Elmer Hartville Mount Vernon Maysville Moundville Versailles Edina Wheatland Seymour Wheatland Seymour

La Russell Norwood Freeburg Puxico Seymour Princeton Seymour Seymour Seymour Seymour Seymour La Plata Seymour Seymour Seymour La Plata Seymour Seymour La Belle Spickard
Scott, Dane & Lesia Scott, Gerry
Scott, Karen Scroggins, Edith Seiberling, Connie Self, Patricia & John Shaddy, Linda Shadow, Joann Shadow, Roy & Renee Shaffer, Teresa Shannon, Jamie Sharp-Olmsted, Mary Shaver, Diane
Shaw, Sigred
Sheeley, Monica
Shelton, Allison & Kendall
Shelton, Kenneth Ray (Joe) & Ellora Jane Shepard, Wanda
Shephard, Michael & Sally
Sheppard, Bobbie
Shetler, Marjorie
Shirkey, Craig And Chasity
Short, Olga
Shortt, Diane
Shrock, Ben
Shrock, Moses
Shuck, Roger & Lisa
Shuey, Karen
Shultz, Barbara
Sides Of Shamrock Kennel, L L C
Sikes, Tim & Loretta
Silkey, Larry
Silkwood, Karen
Silkwood, Sandy
Silman, Gary
Simerman, Lisa
Simler, Wanda
Simmerman, Jim & Lana
Simmons, Beverly
Simmons, Bill & Jo Ann
Simmons, Gary & Victoria
Simmons, Jerry
Simmons, Larry
Simmons, Norreva
Simmons, Sharon
Simons, Ron And Sandy
Simpson, Rebecca
Sims, Alan
Sims, Lance
Sims, Raymond Lee
Sinclair Research Center Inc.
Sinden, Valerie & Stephen
Singleton, William & Dixie
Skinner, Emily
Slabaugh, Amos N
Slade, Robert
Slane, Brian
Sloan, Janet
Slobe, Kathy
Small, Jesse & Vicky
Smart, Ron & Peggy
Smith, Andrea
Smith, Angela
Smith, Chalmers F.
Smith, Debbie
Smith, Debra D & Samuel
Smith, Frances
Smith, Gertrude & Larry
Smith, Lenzy & Deborah
Smith, Marilyn
Smith, Mary Ann
Scott Kennels
Daisy May Kennels Midnight Acres Kennel Tri-Mi Kennel
J & M Kennels Shadows Puppy Palace

Little Dumplings Black Bear Kennel Shavers Kennel
Premium Paws
Precious Creations Shepards Kennel
Lightning Ridge Kennel
Shady Oaks Kennel
Buck Creek Kennel Dreams Come True
Pine Valley Kennels
Country Charm Kennel
Silkwood Kennel Silmans Kennel Hoyt Kennels
Simmerman Farms B & J Kennels Simmons Farm
Simpson Puppies
Rolling Hills Kennel Singletons Kennel
Clover Acres Tailspin Kennel
The Outback Kennel
A & J Kennel
Family Lane Pets Clearwater Lake Kennels Prairie Creek Kennel Waggntail Kennels

Puppy Love Kennel M G Smith Kennels Smiths Kennel
3789 Peach Corner Rd. Route 1, Box 157
299 W Northview Circle 29116 Farm Road 1210 H C 79, Box 3222 24960 Mc Clurg Dr 9461 Parks Creek Rd 36 Hackberry Rd

P O Box 41
160 N W 1401 Rd
17878 State Hwy E
H C R 73, Box 722
197 Woodfield Drive
995 S E 40th Rd
19624 Owl Road
4890 S W Zack Wheat Road Post Office Box 73
7925 N W 400th Road 23519 Hwy V
6175 Sheppard Dr.
2230 Jarrett Rd
1128 Campclark Hill
21592 Hwy Z Z
Rural Route 7, Box
15 Wildlife Road
13345 Iceberg Ave
11210 Co Rd 963
Rt. 2 Box 200 A
Rural Route 1, Box
2100 State Rd E E
1855 E 523rd Road
1261 Rusty Rd
H C 1 Box 3597
12167 Zane
Rural Route 1, Box 990 26576 Image Rd
16995 Simler Trail
13763 W F R 124
3880 S E 901 Road
20441 State Rd A A
9387 S. W. Frank Ross Rd 27118 Monroe Rd 394 20310 State Road A A
32 Misty Lane
3200 South 7th Rd.
278 S E 20th Rd
11330 C R 6850
18243 Jenny Lane
101 Co Rd 6420
Rural Route 3, Box 3078
P. O. Box 658
36408 Maries Rd 623 28573 Hwy T T
10536 Doc Angus Trail 11551 Bergers Ridge Court 411 West Rust Road
1856 Mountain Road
15908 Highway C
17167 Hwy 60
Rural Route 1, Box 20
7670 N E Hwy Z Z
253 Oak Road
10 Family Lane
P O Box 637
P O Box 444
21823 Alma Lane
1708 Pointer Rd.
7713 Liv 239
15130 Hwy C
2286 E. 1370 Road
40696 Highway 72
Mountain Grove Koshkonong Fairgrove
Eagle Rock Pittsburg Lebanon Grovespring Iberia

Holden Williamstown Drury
Golden City Neosho
Appleton City Sedalia
Mountain Grove Galena
La Plata
Rutledge Montgomery City Bolivar
Brookfield Kirksville
Ash Grove
Union Star
Union Star Buffalo Humansville Lamar
Granby Pottersville Marshall Columbia
Green Castle Prairie Home Grain Valley Washburn Versailles
Osceola Goodman
Sarcoxie Mountain Grove Chillicothe
El Dorado Springs Salem
65711 65692 65648 65641 65724 65536 65662 65486 65486 64040 63473 65638 65706 64748 64850 64671 64671 64724 65301 65667 65711 65656 65605 65608 65622 63549 65240 65734 63563 63361 65613 65706 63955 64429 63953 64628 63501 65604 64738 64494 64422 63468 64494 65622 65674 64759 65777 64844 65790 65340 65205 65459 64628 63544 65068 64029 65772 65084 65769 63432 64776 64843 65644 63638 65536 64862 65711 64601 65542 64744 65560
Cust No Cert No Name Doing Business As Address City Zip
36646 43-A-4900 4400 43-A-1456 30710 43-A-4616 41036 43-A-5208 18947 43-A-4457 4394 43-A-1035 8868 43-A-3444 4395 43-A-0799 25312 43-A-5321 13023 43-A-3262 32932 43-A-4629 29604 43-A-5046 28889 43-A-5199 41089 43-A-5299 41636 43-A-5200 29702 43-A-4365 4391 43-A-1086 19716 43-A-5040 20053 43-A-3756 13540 43-A-5152 4387 43-A-1172 39255 43-A-5140 31325 43-A-5123 34349 43-A-5005 30953 43-A-4495 18200 43-A-3636 41314 43-A-5355 43561 43-A-5356 24446 43-A-4051 5482 43-A-2215 40671 43-A-5411 19776 43-A-3753 6340 43-A-3582 39208 43-A-5070 17282 43-A-4733 4383 43-A-2011 29689 43-A-4400 38399 43-A-5027 4384 43-A-1238 7085 43-A-2774 4903 43-A-3528 5896 43-A-2465 41208 43-A-5417 42716 43-A-5289 33254 43-A-4782 4378 43-A-1249 36557 43-A-4857 21344 43-A-3893 4380 43-A-1012 25870 43-A-4082 13832 43-A-3343 25905 43-A-5307 40083 43-A-5222 42232 43-A-5373 37440 43-A-4961 27081 43-A-4184 4372 43-A-1747 6656 43-A-3988 4374 43-A-0840 14434 43-A-3554 32090 43-A-4524 12875 43-A-3252 20268 43-A-3813 35412 43-A-5077 11386 43-A-3160 29606 43-A-4301 15642 43-A-4744 4368 43-A-0826 39648 43-A-5155 43556 43-A-5384 4363 43-A-5426
Smith, Samantha Lynn Smith, Shirley
Smith, Wendy
Smith, William

Smith, William & Tina Snelling, Lola Mae
Snider, Doug & Toni Snodgrass, Virgil & Ruthie Solum, Merida

Sommers, Stephen & Twyla Sparkman, Melva Verene Spear, Loyd & Joyce Spencer, Glen & Marcia Spencer, Gwen
Spencer, Scott & Tammy Springer, Scott, Randy & Jennifer Spurgeon, Dean & Shirley Stafford, Ron & Rhonda Stanford, Herman & Carol
Starr, Karon
Steele, Johanna
Steen, Paul & Kathy
Steinbach, Katherine Jo Stephens, Angela
Stephens, Dewayne
Sterling, Michael
Stevens, Timothy
Stevenson, Charla & Jerry Stewart, David & Sue
Stewart, Jim & Pam
Stewart, Teddy & Glenda
Still, David & Gloria
Still, Virginia & Clarence
Stille, Maria
Stinnett, Paul
Stith, Fred & Karen
Stoiber, Inge
Stoller, Janice
Stout, Donald
Straight, Fran & Jim
Stricklin, Paula
Stroud, Helen & Lee
Sue Fox, Gary Bell &
Sugarfork Kennels, L L C Sullivan, Donna
Sullivan, Judy
Summers, Shelley
Susan Newby, Lacie Scofield& Suschnick, Sally M
Sutter, Lisa
Sutter, Roger & Dianne
Sutton, Serenia
Swarnes, Lisa
Swartzentruber, David And Cora Swartzentruber, Norman Swartzentruber, Paul & Josie Swearingen, Diane
Swofford, Janice & Joe
Sykes, Keetha
Taber, Donna
Tackitt, Ronald
Talbott, Tammy
Talley, Tommy & Rose
Tammy Foell, Beverly Sein Tankersley, Debra
Tarpein, Kristy
Tate, Ginger
Taylor, Allene
Taylor, Donald
Taylor, Kristi
Taylor, Lewis
S J's Kennel
Rascal Pups
Happy Home Kennel 82 Kennel

Quality Paws Box S Kennels
Raintree Country Kennel
Rockin S Kennels
Springer Kennels Spurgeons Kennel Abundant Life Kennel Hilltop Haven
Lone Sycamore Kennels P & K Priceless Puppies Jer Jo Farms/Kennel Chat'N Critters Stephens & Stephens
K J B Kennels
Sues Zoo Sunnyview Kennel
Hi-Valley Kennel
Karefre Kennel
German Shepherds Vom Bayern Zwing Hilltop Kennel
Stouts Kennel
Frans Kontry Kitens
Branchview Kennel

Dogwood Kennels S & L Kennel
Smokie Kennel
River Country Kennel Sutton Puppies Northland Kennels

S & D Kennel
Swofford S Double J Kennel

Jet Kennels
High Ridge Kennel
S & F Kennel
D K 's Boxers & Friends Taylors Kennels

Prairie Dog Kennel
Rt. 9 Box 870
24754 Mike Road
888 Wiseman Road 27695 Sassafrass Drive 1162 S 935 Road
Rural Route 3, Box 122 165 County Road 3333 1248 S W 100th Rd
13741 North 4th St
5131 N E State Route E Post Office Box 465
2326 E. 364th Rd.
971 County Road 6633
H C 6 Box 278
6501 Hwy 142
2209 Wheeler Branch Rd R R I Box 340
8598 F R 2145
5151 South Hwy E
12 Silver Nickel Lane Rural Route 1, Box 51
R R 1 Box 158 A
P O Box 297
1036 St. Hwy. E
1349 Laughlin Ridge Road 168 E 508th Rd
9060 W. 13th Road
76 S W 1001
890 Davis Road
29500 Hwy 32
18364 Caterpillar Rd
9728 State Hwy C
Rural Route 3, Box 3246 1403 Hwy D D
Rural Route 5, Box 1013 681 Hwy D
42 Mount Pleasant Lane 673 W. 126th Hwy
H C 71 Box 344
24074 Pinetree Dr
H C 2, Box 37
392 S W 20th St
2596 C R 5430
Route B Box 2941
3495 Sparks Rd
2061 S Hwy E
11057 Grapevine Road Rural Route 2, Box 33
416 N 43 Hwy
5051 Hwy C
8203 Co Rd 346
Rural Route 1, Box 105-C 29173 Hwy O
4225 Hwy J
2479 E 410 Rd
2096 W Mill Street
Rural Route 3, Box 86 24626 Terrier Lane
25928 Clemson Lane
H C R 2, Box 47
H C R 68, Box 76
9040 Hwy 17
6701 Tiger Rd
14560 Georgetown Rd 22698 Hwy C
R.R. 2, Box 2381
16963 County Road 144 21284 Farm Road 1065
P O Box 1013
25904 250th Street
56 Farm Rd 1120
Gatewood Mendon Marshfield Lebanon
El Dorado Springs Edina

Jasper Weatherby Poplar Bluff Louisburg Salem Doniphan Poplar Bluff Crane
Granger Cassville Hartville Windyville Gorin Glenwood Wheaton
Rocky Comfort Pineville
Aldrich Mountain Grove Clinton

Forsyth Lebanon Novinger Purdy
Exeter Bellflower Ava
Osage Beach Elkland Liberal

Lebanon Bunker Trenton Willow Springs Goodman Norwood Norwood Novinger Mansfield Liberal Palmyra Taylor
Bunker Middletown Half Way Buffalo
Shell Knob Hurdland Wasola Caulfield Bucyrus Pierce City Lebanon
Belle Wyaconda Dawn Washburn Doniphan Ewing
63942 64660 65706 65536 64744 63537 65560 64832 64755 64497 63902 65685 65560 63935 63901 65633 63442 65625 65667 65783 63543 63541 64874 64861 64856 65601 65711 64735 65653 65536 63559 65734 65647 63333 65608 65065 65644 64762 65608 65536 63629 64683 65793 64843 65717 65717 63559 65704 64762 63461 63471 63629 63359 65663 65622 65622 65605 65747 63547 65773 65626 65444 65723 65536 65013 63474 64638 65772 63935 63440 65708
Cust No Cert No Name Doing Business As Address City Zip
32930 43-A-4581 27906 43-A-4227
  1. 4364  43-A-4664
  2. 4365  43-A-1850
14649 43-A-3398 19328 43-A-3955
  1. 4366  43-A-1267
  2. 4367  43-A-1142
37273 43-A-4910 28393 43-A-4237 29819 43-A-4471 32274 43-A-4735 25843 43-A-5404 17274 43-A-3581 37716 43-A-4962 39093 43-A-5056 13921 43-A-3819 42100 43-A-5367 13328 43-A-3321 5849 43-A-2442 44294 43-A-5403 17260 43-A-3535 9818 43-A-3085 16136 43-A-3555 26885 43-A-4163 5503 43-A-2233 24651 43-A-4293 14388 43-A-3552 8149 43-A-2939 9483 43-A-3082 33848 43-A-4874 10393 43-A-3074 4357 43-A-1836 29033 43-A-4289 5905 43-A-2468 25742 43-A-4689 7734 43-A-2873 29823 43-A-4483 36101 43-A-4899 31158 43-A-4492 4351 43-A-0737 4722 43-A-0608 5790 43-A-4931 37973 43-A-5300 43564 43-A-5413 40262 43-A-5248 15633 43-A-4426 36851 43-A-4970 31150 43-A-4538 4352 43-A-0439 6501 43-A-4307 40691 43-A-5205 13300 43-A-3332 16243 43-A-3725 5551 43-A-2272 5486 43-A-2218 43334 43-A-5345 28427 43-A-4402 20671 43-A-3787 25391 43-A-4190 44147 43-A-5408 13876 43-A-3718 31524 43-A-4539 13434 43-A-3278 6530 43-A-2661 10668 43-A-3117 28347 43-A-4236 37065 43-A-4915 22869 43-A-4126 35260 43-A-4919 42702 43-A-5286
Taylor, Lucille
Taylor, Paul & Marie
Taylor, Robert L
Teague, Roy & Kathryn
Terrill, Mark & Susan
Terry, Keith & Karen
Tharp, June & Lyndell
Tharp, Lloyda
Thomas, Pauline
Thompson, Angie
Thompson, Cecil B & Sylvia A Thompson, Patsy
Tim Mason, Sherri Mason &
Tipton, David
Todd, Cindy
Toombs, Kimberley
Trayler, R. Layne
Treece, Tina
Trembler, Bunny
Triplett, Bill & Theckla
Troutwine, Travis & Shelly
Troyer, Daniel & Edna
Troyer, David & Esther
Trusley, Wilda
Truttmann, Lisa
Tucker, Patti
Tulli, Anthony
Turner, Bobbie
Turner, Ken & Debbie
Turner, Tracey
Uchtman, Mary Etta
Uder, John
Underwood, Toni
Urton, Jim & Cynthia
Vaill, Betty
Valentine, Kelly
Van Twuyver, Donna C
Vander Bogart, Linda
Vandiver, Kayla
Vannattan, Paula
Vaughn, Rick & Laura
Vernetta Brengman, Dorenda Nunnally & Vestal, Jerri
Vetter, Jo Anne & Steve
Vickey Owen, Larry Owen &
Vickie Bowman, Gary Bowman & Vinson, Pamela
Voepel, Sharon
Waddell, Stephanie
Waddell, William & Kaye
Wade, Ricke & Jackie
Wagler, Raymond
Walker, Rowland & Donna
Walker, Tammy
Walkup, Wm E & Darla J
Wallace, Lillian
Wallace, Mary
Wallander, Jason
Walles, Dennis & Judy
Walters, Debbie
Walters, Paula
Ward, Ruth
Ware, Melvin E
Warren, Deborah
Warren, Helen
Washausen, Rennie
Waterhouse, Rebecca
Waterman, Janie
Watson, Connie
Watsons Puppies 4 U Inc.
Watts, Jr, Ronald
T / W Kennels Dogwood Kennels
Quarter-Dal Downs Timberline Kennel
Fox Creek Classy Pets Tharps Canine Castle Jandemar

Natures Best Pet Shop Last Chance Ranch Kennel Mason Kennels
Todd Co Kennel
Mountain Ash Kennel
Oak Mound Kennel
K & T's Puppy Paw Kennel

Echo Valley Kennel
Terrier & More
C & A Kennel
Camp Creek Kennels Cozy Country Kennel Big Creek Kennel

Jo-Kats Underwoods Kennel
Seligman Holler Kennels Rosewood Kennel Panther Creek Kennels Paulas Puddles
Honey Creek Kennel Indian Creek Kennel
Puppies By Jo
La-Vi Kennels
Garvic Kennels Vinsons Family Kennel Shallow Creek Kennel Lazy W Kennels

Canaan Kennels
Cuddly Pups
What-The-Hay Kennel Puppy Love Kennel Riverside Kennel
Wallace's Shih-Tzu's & More Grassy Holler Kennel
Ox Arks Kennels

Wards Kennel
Wares Kountry Kennel Misty Dew Kennels

Rainbow Kennels Rebeccas Little Critters
Rocky Top Hearts Watts Up Pups
312 Farm Road 2100 14175 Suzan Lane
700 Clark
26849 Kemp Rd
515 State Hwy B B
4166 Lawrence 2200 13088 State Hwy. 6 3838 S 117th Rd
25163 Oak Bend Dr. 30255 East State Hwy N 159 Hwy H H

107 North 29th Street 30559 Mulberry Road 13868 Co Rd 449 2600 Orville Rd
293 Mountain Ash Lane 9913 Co Rd 7290
Post Office Box 145 10283 Klondike Rd

308 West B Avenue
1005 South Briggs Street 388 Audrain Road 140 2395 Audrain Rd 154
219 Colvin Loop
8004 C R 5010
21026 Lawrence 1230 811 South East 201 Road 14496 Co Rd 8120
476 Teer Rd
Rural Route 1, Box 100 7954 C. R. 5090
20361 Spuce Dr.
4313 Hwy 123
955 N E 45th Street 20240 Maries Rd 621 17331 140th Street
3705 Stae Hwy D D
3398 Hwy V
8202 Hwy Z Z
508 N Texas Ave
7 E Dade 152
3194 Allison Road
15595 State Hwy N
9737 North Farm Rd 239 Post Office Box 454
1336 W Dade 192
871 Lucky Road
27636 State Hwy O
Rural Route 1, Box 31
49 Oak Leaf Lane
1384 South U S Hwy 63 21764 Pike 409
3051 Hwy 5
1789 E 318th Rd
4625 S 145th Rd
17220 State Hwy C
324 E. Delta
21809 Grassy Road
1355 Campclark Hill
6595 State Hwy A
23360 Hwy 32
6703 Tiger Rd
Rural Route 1, Box 231 A 6118 Lawrence 2220 12750 Pvt 7085
Post Office Box 943 12727 Rt M
27400 Maine Dr.
4751 Bado Rd
5141 County Road 9380 25401 Leather Ave
Fairview Bucyrus Canton Hughesville Seymour Pierce City Greencastle Bolivar Lebanon Cainsville Cherryville Unionville Stark City Vichy Grovespring Poplar Bluff Pottersville Lincoln Niangua Livonia Grant City Clark
West Plains Aurora Brownington
Macks Creek Bunker
West Plains Lebanon
Fair Play
Powersville Seligman
Mountain Grove Montrose
South Greenfield Anderson
South West City Golden City Mansfield Maywood Ellsinore Montgomery City West Plains Bowling Green Mansfield
Burlington Jctn Aurora Summersville Galena
Pierce City
El Dorado Springs Pierce City
West Plains Macon
64842 65444 63435 65334 65746 65723 63544 65613 65536 64632 65446 63565 64866 65580 65662 63901 65790 65338 65713 63551 64456 65243 65243 65017 65775 65605 64740 65401 65786 63629 65775 65536 65649 64641 65459 64672 65745 65667 65711 64770 65752 64831 63551 65757 64863 64748 65704 63454 63937 63361 65775 63334 65704 65613 65613 64428 65605 65571 65656 65591 65536 65723 64744 65723 65401 65560 65263 65536 65689 65775 63552
Cust No Cert No Name Doing Business As Address City Zip
41322 43-A-5210 33997 43-A-4785 4348 43-A-3068 23385 43-A-3961 7278 43-A-3201 30433 43-A-4660 32083 43-A-5267 37173 43-A-5011 30008 43-A-4444 12607 43-A-3256 31979 43-A-4653 41105 43-A-5189 39807 43-A-5178 36606 43-A-5073 19282 43-A-5045 16350 43-A-3465 43616 43-A-5360 5992 43-A-2517 26231 43-A-4626 17296 43-A-5352 7118 43-A-2780 28166 43-A-4234 4346 43-A-1017 25510 43-A-4836 6952 43-A-2754 43795 43-A-5372 41047 43-A-5148 5628 43-A-2323 38604 43-A-4992 35591 43-A-4832 25615 43-A-4821 5360 43-A-2127 5700 43-A-2372 29211 43-A-4358 14586 43-A-3377 5915 43-A-2476 10577 43-A-3086 6953 43-A-2755 17490 43-A-3721 4341 43-A-0606 29210 43-A-4313 35255 43-A-4850 17317 43-A-5156 33409 43-A-4681 12108 43-A-3303 18218 43-A-4702 12871 43-A-4205 11058 43-A-3166 6949 43-A-2752 15873 43-A-3468 39652 43-A-5101 32609 43-A-5400 14266 43-A-3784 22565 43-A-3928 21525 43-A-3933 8862 43-A-3909 25649 43-A-4090 31488 43-A-4816 4498 43-A-1243 12478 43-A-3312 39215 43-A-5053 4874 43-A-4668 31146 43-A-4512 37168 43-A-5015 17319 43-A-4310 5463 43-A-2204 6847 43-A-2743 5668 43-A-5336 11041 43-A-3338 34364 43-A-5083 11319 43-A-3483
Wayne Marlin, Jerri Marlin Weaver, Jason
Weaver, Shellie & Shelly Webb, Sarah

Weber, Edward & Evelyn Weiler, Shannon
Westbrook, Debbie
Westfall, Edith
Westhoelter, Shadd & Melinda Wheeler, Kenny

White, Aaron
White, Brenda
White, Charlotte Ann
White, Daniel
White, Debra
Whiteaker, Betty & Steven Whiteley, Lonnie Paul Whitman, Darlene E
Whittle, Justin
Whorton, Anna
Whorton, Carmen & Mike Widner, Michael W & Robin L Wienhaus, Leona M
Wiewel, Mary & Fred
Wiggins, Rhonda
Wiig, Chad And Chrissy
Wilcox, Linda
Wilkinson, Cathy
Williams, Bobby
Williams, Charles
Williams, Cindy
Williams, Georgia
Williams, Jeff & Kim
Williams, Jesse
Williams, Lexie
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Peggy J.
Williams, Richard & Rosa Williams, Tammy
Williams, Vernis
Williams, Zachary & Tammy Willis, Margaret
Willis, Terry
Willliams, Bonnie
Wilmesher, Gary & Beverly Wilson, Brian
Wilson, Elaine
Wilson, Glen
Wilson, Gloria
Wilson, Jeff
Wilson, Jennifer
Wilson, Jerry & Darlene
Wilson, Joyce
Wilson, Patricia
Wilson, Sarah Denise
Wilson, Terri
Wilson, Vivian
Wingo, Norman Keith
Wm Mc Connell, Becky Davis & Wolf, Jeri
Wood, Rebecca & Jason Wood, Rosemary
Woodley, Amy
Woolsey, Patty
Wooten, Vicki
Worthington, Charles & Betty Wright, Kendall
Wright, Margaret
Wright, Ruth
Wright, Sue
Wyatt, Kerri
Marlin Kennel
Rocky Top Kennel
Elk Horn Creek Kennel

Rockledge Farm
Sunshine Of The Ozarks Kennel
S M R S Westhoelters Kennel And Far Prairie Dog Kennel

Grannie's Canines
Star Dust Kennels
O' My Heart Kennel Whittle Creek Kennel Twin W Kennels Cripple Creek Kennel Widners Kennels
Winwels Riverview Kennel Wiggins Kennel
C & C Kennels

Dayton Road Kennel Williams Hilltop Kennel
Dawg Wilde Kennel J & J Kennel Double J Kennel Fidgets Zoo
E T Loving Hearts Kennel Williams Rocky Road Kennel
Ozark Kennels Cloverdale Kennel
J Bar J Kennel
Wilson's Kennel
R P Puppies
Denises Doogies Whistlin W Kennel
B Js Flatcreek Kennel

Mc Connell-Davis Kennels D Double J Kennel
Dreamland Kennel Puppy Luv Kennel Wootens Puppytown Worthington Kennel Wrights Kennel Tab's Puppies
Small Wonders Wag-N-Tails Kennel
2148 County Road 4300 10860 East Hwy 39 32455 Providence Road 151 Hoffman
P O Box 1390
Rural Route 3, Box 74
11 Barclay Road
10176 Sunshine Drive 15253 N Tucker School Rd 9380 Burton Branch Rd 21463 Co Rd 403
9602 Business 60
4417 Lawrence F R 2160 31891 Shady Dr
1187 State Road K
810 Academy St
Post Box 3
8145 Thornhill Dr
450 Hwy E E
1677 Red Oak Rd
Rural Route 2, Box 81 4950 Hwy 5
29840 Cottonwood Avenue 905 S. 5th St
57 N W Walnut Edinburg 15765 E State Hwy T
3662 Hwy K
603 Dayton Rd
49275 Pine Oak Road 11742 C R 7830
H C 65, Box 69-4
192 Lawrence F R 1177 7523 Hwy T T
4522 So 190th Rd
4465 State Route 14
9743 Farm Road 2060
492 Farm Rd 1180
Rural Route 2, Box 28 A 4799 Vineyard Cave Road 20080 Co Rd 6380
3099 Sparks Road
606 Beamon Hollow Rd.
H C R 64, Box 4775
H C 61 Box 162
34705 Cloverdale Rd P.O.Box 2102
554 Route F F
17540 Co Rd 7520
Post Office Box 262
1221 Ridgewood Rd
9640 C R 7950
6213 Co Rd 2010
Rural Route 1, Box 233 19806 Wallaby
24275 Farm Road 2120 903 Taylor St
11432 State Hwy 39
74 Fraker Rd.
P.O. Box 67
7445 State Rt E E
2019 Highway H H
23567 Clemson Lane
4603 Co Rd 5030
12625 Co Rd 8050
Post Office Box 1795 Rural Route 1, Box 111-A 30359 Morton Road
P. O. Box 58
Post Office Box 603
9980 U Highway
36661 State Hwy 3
El Dorado Springs Smithton
Gilman City
Memphis Louisburg Mountain Grove Hallsville
Ellis Prairie Kennett
Wentworth Stoutland Windyville
La Belle
Shell Knob Mountain Grove Iberia
Mansfield Mansfield Hartville
La Grange Trenton Blythedale Shelbyville
Reeds Spring Milan
Everton Grovespring Bolivar
Grant City Mansfield Newburg Norwood Anderson
West Plains
West Plains California Lebanon
Newburg Wheaton
Neosho Pottersville
West Plains Ellsinore
West Plains Salem
Willow Springs Rolla
Poplar Bluff
El Dorado Springs Marceline
Edgar Springs Cassville
65560 64744 65350 64642 65608 63555 65685 65711 65255 65444 63857 65708 64873 65567 65783 63447 65747 65711 65486 65704 65704 65667 65281 63448 64683 64426 63469 65737 63556 65626 65626 65646 65662 65613 65789 65734 65605 64456 65704 65550 65717 64831 65775 65775 65018 65536 65646 65550 64874 64850 65790 65775 63937 64842 65605 64424 65605 65622 65704 65775 65560 63533 65793 65481 63902 64744 64658 65720 65462 65625 63534

Cust No Cert No Name Doing Business As Address City Zip
24449 43-A-4031 4337 43-A-0100 21775 43-A-3958 37480 43-A-5324 38263 43-A-5080 14312 43-A-5179 32227 43-A-4514 26262 43-A-4306 4727 43-A-4458 32148 43-A-4644 8874 43-A-3009 37762 43-A-5084 36117 43-A-4866 24892 43-A-4057 40668 43-A-5383 41606 43-A-5206 28580 43-A-5323 4331 43-A-0270 5523 43-A-2255 29054 43-A-4461 34141 43-A-5369 32616 43-A-4632 44299 43-A-5414 18564 43-A-3671 43272 43-A-5328 24505 43-A-4030 37442 43-A-4911 26045 43-A-5438
  1. 4332  43-A-1013
  2. 4333  43-A-0707
3662 81-A-0044 4216 81-A-0046 3496 81-A-0024 3693 81-A-0027 19518 81-A-0048 42761 81-A-0051 27621 81-A-0049
42133 47-A-0553 7113 47-A-0346 14982 47-A-0417 40953 47-A-0550 5028 47-A-0207 40015 47-A-0543 14377 47-A-0414 15445 47-A-0434 28103 47-A-0492 12489 47-A-0402 5029 47-A-0098 5101 47-A-0237 22589 47-A-0503 5031 47-A-0171 22482 47-A-0491 5782 47-A-0304 7208 47-A-0349 8891 47-A-0373 25198 47-A-0530 5032 47-A-0170 6712 47-A-0333 6944 47-A-0409 5034 47-A-0569 44946 47-A-0572
  1. 5036  47-A-0426
  2. 5037  47-A-0090
  3. 5038  47-A-0169
16543 47-A-0528
Yach, Jeff
Yarbrough, Judy E & Alan Yarnall, Jerry & Debbie
Yates, Janelle
Yates, Kristi
Yearns, Pat
Yoder, Samuel
Yoder, Truman & Margaret York, Loretta
Young, Joyce
Young, June
Young, Lisa Langner
Young, Mary
Zeigenbein, Douglas Zeigenbein, Julie
Zeilstra, Tom
Zentz, Aaron
Zentz, Mary
Ziegler, Shari
Zimmerman, Albert & Erma Zimmerman, Enos & Lucinda Zimmerman, Karen Zimmerman, Mabel Zimmerman, Melvin And Esther Zimmerman, Moses & Anna Zimmerman, Peter & Miriam Zook, David
Zook, Petie S. Or Leah J. Zuspann, Ruth
Zuspann, Sherrie

Arneson, Leroy
Latzke, Nadene M. Richwine, Kathy And Corey Roe, Barbara
Shippen, Jean
Sweeney, Lindsey
Walker, Barbara Jean

& Steph Mc Cutcheon, Krystal Love, Janic
Ackles, Oline
Addison, Larry & Lynette
Alden, Stacie
Andersen, Linda
Andrew Troyer, Jim Troyer, John Troyer Anson, Robert
Asmus, Tim & Julie
B J F B Kennels L L C
Barrett-Powell, Sid
Bemis, Joanne
Benson, Denise
Bishop, Duane W. & Lois
Bohling, Willis & Ann
Bolte, James
Braun, Laure
Broeker, Elizabeth & Roger
Brown, Shirley
Butterfield, Jackie
Chloupek, Elizabeth
Christensen, Kathy
Collins, Charlie & Nancy
Corfield, Donna
Cranford, Ken
Crick, Barbara
Cumro, Sandra
Darrow, Faye
Davis, Brian
Nixabillie Cattery Sugar Tree Kennel Yarnall Kennel Cloverleaf Kennel
Pcs K-9 Krazy Kennels Yoder Pets
Yoders Puppyland Yorks Cuddly Pets

James River Kennel
Young's Kennel Ziggys Kennel
T K Z Kennel
Capri Way Canine Zentz Kennel
Hidden Valleys Kennel

R & K Pets
Double C Country Kennel Country Pride Kennel Ana-Mos Kennel
Rocky Ridge Kennel Green Valley Kennels

Zuspann Kennel