A Texas School District employee has been arrested and placed on leave after disturbing video surfaced showing a man in a school district truck pull up to a local shelter and toss a litter of pups over the fence.

Marshall police say 61-year-old Paul Warren Smith is charged with cruelty to animals.

The video, posted to Facebook late Monday morning by Harrison County Humane Society Director Kay Hill, shows a man backed up to the fence surrounding the facility just after Noon on Saturday in a white truck, which clearly shows the Marshall ISD logo from another angle on the surveillance video.

What he is seen doing next in the video draws gasps from most people who watch it.

"Luckily he didn't break their legs, or concussion, break a neck," said Hill.

After sliding a large cardboard box out of the back of the truck to rest on the lowered tailgate, the man picks up 2 of the small pups by the scruff and heads for the 6 foot high chain-link fence.

One after another, the puppies are tossed over the fence onto concrete.

"The smallest puppies could have actually crawled out between the gap in the gate. and so we have a worker who came in at four and found four puppies that had been thrown over the fence," said Hill.

In the video, it appears a few of them are flung in a manner that makes it unlikely they hit the ground on their feet, but their landing is just out of the frame.

In all, 5 3-week-old pups were dropped over the fence. All survived without serious injury.

"I'm going to find you. I'm going to find out who did that. Because it's just not acceptable to do that to a baby puppy," said Hill.

Hill posted the video to social media, hoping to identify the man. In the status posted with the video, Hill simply asks, "Who is this? MISD truck."

Someone quickly commented and identified the man as a maintenance worker at MISD.It did not take long to find 61-year-old Paul Smith.

He walked into the Marshall Police Department Monday morning to talk with investigators. He is now charged with cruelty to animals.

"Through the video being on social media, we got some calls on the name of a possible person, while we were doing that investigation, the man actually came to the police department to talk to investigators to find out what was going on," explained Captain John Best, with the Marshall Police Department. "It appears the man was trying to do the right thing, of getting the animals to the proper place to take care of them, but the manner he went about it was wrong. And actually a cruel and inhumane way of tossing them over the fence, as if they were property."

Hill says she hopes people will learn from this incident.

"Everybody should learn from this video that this is not acceptable in Marshall, or Shreveport or Longview, Dallas, or Houston, wherever you are," said Hill.

Marshall Independent School District released this statement: "MISD officials are aware of the incident. MISD will provide full cooperation with the Marshall Police Department. The employee has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation."

Marshall Police Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa said in a statement announcing the arrest Monday afternoon. “This is another example of how citizen's and police can work together to make Marshall a better place to live. The Marshall Police Department, along with the Marshall Animal Shelter, feels strongly that any animal should be treated humanely. I would like to thank the citizen's who contacted the Police Department with this information, helping to close this case quickly.”

Cathy Marshall, who identifies herself as an MISD Board member, assured horrified viewers that the board is aware of the incident in the comments under Hill's video post.

"As an MISD Board member we are aware of this sad incident. Our administration is currently dealing with this in an appropriate manner. I also serve on the Board at the Humane Society and I too am appalled and saddened as any caring person would be. My other MISD board members are too. I can assure that it will be handled."