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Happy Birthday Red Dog....We Miss You So Much !!!

 You taught our mom through your own example to have such a love, appreciation & passion for animals and all creatures of this earth !!!
 You always gave so generously to everyone you met in your life with such a kind, loving heart. You were always there for everyone you loved in their darkest hours.
 You were the BEST father a child could ever ask for or hope for. You were a hard working man who treasured his children and the time you spent with them.
You always had such a fun, outgoing, chrismatic personality and you helped everyone around you learn to let go and just enjoy life to the fullest. You taught others to never be afraid to dance with joy your whole life and DANCE you did. There wasn't a women around who didn't love dancing with you.
You are dearly missed by all of us. Happy Birthday Red Dog !!!
My mom's eulogy for Red Dog's funeral:
If I had to describe my dad in one word it would have to be PASSIONATE. My dad was passionate about everything he did. He was passionate about his faith, his family, helping others, fishing and nature. He put his heart and soul into everything he did. My dad wasn’t afraid to work and when my mother got sick young my father took over the grocery shopping, laundry & cleaning as well as running a successful business. My dad was a larger than life influence on me. I have to admit from as far back as I can remember I worshipped the ground he walked on. He was my father but he was also my HERO. I adored my mom but I was an insufferable DADDY”S GIRL. I have to share a few of my favorite memories with you about my dad. Growing up my father would much to my mom’s disdain gather us kids up and head up to the barn at our farm. We would climb to the roof around midnight and do Indian Dances under the stars and moon. Howling & chanting at the top of our lungs then talking the night away. Another great memory is when we would arrive on the 3 mile gravel road leading to our farm. He would let us roll our windows down, sit on the door and hold on to the roof of the car all the way to the farm house.We thought this was so much fun. He instilled deeply into all of his children a deep love of nature as we spent every weekend we could at our farm.He taught us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life like a crisp morning on a foggy lake that brings about a special feeling in you that no one can take away or buy for you. Another favorite memory was when my dad taught me to dance. He told me there is no wrong way to dance just feel the music and let it out. I, like my mom, had so much fun dancing with my dad. Before the hippies even discovered mediation my father fell in love with it. My mother would roll her eyes when we daily mediated to Roy Masters record album. The last memory I adore is that my dad was too creative to read a book to us so he made up 3 of his own stories that took on life each time he told them. My favorite was his bulldog story. Now I understand his story telling talents live on in my youngest brother Matt with CRAZY BABY SERIES. My dad viewed life as an adventure and had lots of passions but he was probably most passionate about helping others in need. I’ve never met anyone as generous as the man we have come to celebrate today. He gave more to people than people gave to him and he did it freely, lovingly and with a heart full of compassion. My father not only helped strangers, gave beyond generously to numerous churches and charities but when it came to family he was the softest. He took care of my mother throughout her life with such compassion. We always seemed to have family members living with us and my father loved to be able to help. After my sister and I would give birth he would come to our house and spoil us by cleaning our houses end to end and then clean our cars and when I say CLEAN I mean clean. That was my dad. My dad was one of the greatest dads a girl could ask for. I named my first born son after him and he will always be a reminder to me of how a life well lived.... lives on through everyone they touch. I love you Poop.......

Dogs Add So Much Depth To Our Lives......

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Former bait dog, courageous survivor 'Oogy' has passed away

A beloved dog, with an unmistakable face and an awe-inspiring story has passed away. The dog, named "Oogy," somehow survived being used bait in the blood-lust sport of dog fighting, and he went on to become a symbol of courage and resilience after being adopted by the Levin family. 
Oogy's face was disfigured from the trauma of his violent past - but his family loved him unconditionally - until his dying breath. Many people from around the world fell in love with the gentle dog after owner Larry Levin wrote a best-selling book titled, "Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love." Less than 24-hours ago, Levin announced the news of Oogy's passing to his Facebook followers.
The post, in part, read:
We covered Oogy with kisses. He kissed us back. This morning I fed Oogy a bison filet. I put moistureizer on his big fat nose and drops in his eyes so they wouldn’t itch, just like I do every day, and I put his warm orange coat on him, the one that Linda gave him, and we went for a ride. He was 100 years old and kept our spirits up through the whole ordeal but he’s gone from us. He didn’t suffer.
He also noted the incredible impact that Oogy had on his life:
We went through so much together and I can’t tell you how much he meant to me. He gave me the life I have. He brought me joy every single day for the last 12 years. Every single day. Think about that. I know this profound sadness is inevitable, and I don’t know how the hole will be filled, or even if it can be, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

St. Clair County follows new protocol for animal abuse cases

St. Clair County follows new protocol for animal abuse cases 

  MAR 2, 2015
Law enforcement and animal welfare agencies in St. Clair County, Ill., are using a new playbook for animal abuse cases that they say will make it easier to prosecute those cases in the county.
St. Clair County state's attorney Brendan Kelly and officials with Gateway Pet Guardians and the Belleville Area Humane Society unveiled the protocol on Monday. It puts K-9 officers from the St. Clair County sheriff or surrounding police departments in charge of animal cruelty investigations, which were previously handled by the county's animal services department. In addition, the protocol provides investigators and animal welfare organizations with the kind of evidence to look for and document to help prove abuse cases.
"Very often, someone might see evidence of abuse or neglect, and not be able to respond to it or not document it properly," Kelly said. "By the time some agency comes back to investigate, it's too late, the animal's life has been lost, or the damage has been done, or we can't determine who harmed the animal because it wasn't [reported] in the timely way we're advocating for here."
Natalie Creamer, the community outreach coordinator for Gateway Pet Guardians, holds a puppy that will be available for adoption through the agency.
Natalie Creamer, the community outreach coordinator for Gateway Pet Guardians, holds Manicotti, who will be available for adoption through the agency.
Evidence is the key to holding abusers accountable, Kelly said. Thinking about these cases from the prosecution's point of view from the beginning will be "fruitful."
Jamie Case, the executive director of Gateway Pet Guardians, said the new protocol means her volunteers who work in East St. Louis and surrounding cities know exactly who to call if they see animals who are not being properly cared for. Animal control, she said, was limited in what it could do.
"Now that we have police backing, we can go in with a firmer arm than we could before," she said. "Really, what we want to do as Gateway Pet Guardians is be the community programming piece of this. We don't want to be the people who are saying, 'Your dog clearly hasn't been fed in over a week, there are wounds that aren't being treated, those kinds of things.'"
Kelly, the prosecutor, said getting tougher on animal abuse will make the community safer, as violence against animals is often a precursor to other kinds of violence.

Report A SIck Puppy You Bought From A Pet Store Immediately .....It Will Make A Difference !!!

Did you purchase a sick puppy from a pet store, website or suspicious breeder within the past 3 years? Please report it here:…/puppy_buyer_complaint_form.h…
Report a complaint about a puppy seller to the Stop Puppy Mills campaign of The HSUS.

We Have These Puppy Mills All Over Missouri....Shame On All Of Us For Letting Them Get Away With This ....

When Will They Blame The Humans ......???

This Is How The Parent Dogs Of YouR Pet Store Puppy Live .....So Sad !!!

The bracing freeze that has enveloped so much of the country reminds us of the power of nature and our vulnerability to the extremes of climate. During a time like this, those of us in cold-weather climates bundle up head to toe to go outside, steel ourselves, and rush to get back inside a protected space – a home, a car, or an office building. But also at a time like this, we think about the animals who have only one coat and very limited access, or no access at all, to shelter and heat.

Yesterday, with the cold front gripping the South, including Arkansas, a band of rescuers entered a suspected puppy mill in Warm Springs to remove 46 dogs – most of them Great Pyrenees – and 11 other animals from appalling conditions. Even veteran HSUS staff and volunteers, law enforcement officials, and local rescue groups  who participated in the rescue, including the Randolph County Humane Society, Humane Society of Saline County, and CARE for Animals, were startled by what they saw: dogs tied up outside, with no protection from the bitter temperature and piercing winds. Some animals had icicles hanging off their bodies. Those who were indoors were living on piles of feces and urine.
Some of the animals were suffering so severely that they needed urgent medical care. In this video, you can see the hope in the face of this dog – so emaciated that he could not move – as Ashley Mauceri, our cruelty response manager, stroked his head and then carried him out to safety.
Like Randolph County Sheriff Gary Tribble, said: “It’s frustrating to see these animals living without basic care – especially during these freezing temperatures.”
These dogs, as sad as their story so far has been, started their new lives yesterday.  But so many thousands of others won’t see our teams rush toward them. Arkansas, which ranked among the five worst puppy mill states in our 2014 puppy mills report, has no law protecting dogs in commercial breeding facilities. Law enforcement cannot call us in to help the animals until the situation has already deteriorated to the level of animal cruelty. It should not be this way. The HSUS is working with lawmakers in Arkansas right now to get a bill on track to remedy this gap in the law, requiring any breeder with 10 or more dogs to be licensed and inspected by their county.
We have made strides in the fight against puppy mills, especially with the passage of a federal rule cracking down on puppy mills that sell pets online (like the Arkansas facility). But there is a challenging path forward, with thousands of puppy mills still operating in the United States today and an industry highly resistant to change.
Until the pet industry commits to supporting more humane standards of care, the only way we can succeed in helping every animal and eradicating puppy mills is when masses of people stop buying dogs from pet stores or over the Internet, and instead deal only with animal shelters, breed rescues or small, responsible breeders. Your support for our work enables these life-saving interventions.

BEST IN SPAY N Neuter ......

Consider two recent events focused on dogs: one, yesterday’s 21st annual World Spay Day, a joint program of The HSUS, HSI, and Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association (HSVMA), and two, last week’s 139th Westminster Kennel Club dog show at Madison Square Garden.
The first is not so much a celebration of dogs, but a practical-minded effort to curb overpopulation in order to eliminate the euthanasia of healthy and treatable dogs in shelters throughout the nation. The HSUS has been working hard for the last 50 years to normalize the idea that pet owners should spay and neuter their pets to reduce the burden on shelters and to prevent the needless killing of dogs.
The second, the Westminster show, is a celebration of the extraordinary beauty and discipline of dogs, but one that sends a bad message about breeding.
A prancing Miss P, a beagle, won Best in Show – the second time for a beagle within the last decade. I have a beagle mix, so I look upon that breed with special affection. I do worry, however, about the broad-gauged effects of the show, which typically prompts a surge in interest in breeding of the winning breed. My Lily was rescued from a rural Virginia shelter, and in the process of finding her, I learned that Virginia and West Virginia are full of abandoned hounds and beagles – just as southern California shelters are full of abandoned Chihuahuas. Thousands of beagles and other hounds – purebreds and mixes – get euthanized because customers choose mills and backyard breeders in favor of shelters, rescues, or responsible breeders. I wish that Westminster would not only be a celebration of dogs, but also a platform to deliver messages about responsible breeding, sterilization, and adoption. The last thing we need is more poorly bred beagles from irresponsible breeders at a time when so many dogs – fine specimens of their breed – are in life-and-death situations.
On World Spay Day, thousands of veterinary and animal welfare professionals, business owners, and concerned individuals worldwide joined forces to host hundreds of events. This year, for example, the Sacramento SPCA celebrated completing a milestone 150,000 spay/neuters in seven years. And World Spay Day 2015 was celebrated in parts of the world, such as Iran, Malawi and Pakistan, where street dogs – whose numbers are increased by intact, free-roaming pets – are at a high risk of an inhumane death.
Nationwide, 87 percent of cats and dogs kept as pets are spayed or neutered.  However, in underserved U.S. communities where resources are severely limited or nonexistent, as many as 90 percent of cats and dogs are unaltered. Of the 30 to 40 million community cats in the United States, only about two percent are spayed or neutered. Outside the United States, there are approximately 300 million dogs living on the streets – many born as the result of unaltered, free-roaming pets. World Spay Day draws attention to these areas of greatest need and encourages people to get involved to help solve the problem.
With help from a grant from the Doris Day Animal Foundation, The HSUS’s Pets for Lifeteams in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles will have spayed or neutered 1,000 cats and dogs by the end of this month – 200 on World Spay Day alone. Through its unique approach, Pets for Life is raising the spay/neuter rate of pets in underserved communities to match the national average of 87 percent.
This year, officials in Alabama, Connecticut, and Georgia also passed World Spay Day resolutions. The Governor of Alabama made a strong statement, making clear his position on the importance of nonprofit spay-neuter services in light of unfounded attacks on those clinics by a faction of misguided veterinarians. This fight is playing out in several state legislatures this year and The HSUS is strongly urging policy makers and all stakeholders to work toward solutions that increase access to spay/neuter services. We believe the nonprofit animal welfare field and the veterinary community should be working together to provide communities with the services they need.
The HSVMA sponsored World Spay Day events involved veterinary students from Oklahoma State University, University of Wisconsin, UC Davis, and University of Illinois. These events provided sterilization surgeries for nearly 300 animals as well as hands-on training to dozens of veterinary students in a variety of tasks, ranging from surgical prep and anesthesia monitoring to assisting with surgery. And HSI continually provides spay/neuter services and rabies vaccinations for owned and street dogs in Bhutan, India, the Philippines, several islands in the Pacific, Bolivia, Chile, and Puerto Rico.
At a time of crisis, these are the special events for dogs that we should celebrate the most.

A Little Humor To Start Your Day !!!


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Who Uses A Condolence Page To Trash People Who Work So Hard To Be For The Voice For Animals In Need ....

02/24/2015 -

Karen D

Andrew Hunte has passed to Glory. I knew Mr. Hunte and despite what radical Animal Rights people say about him, he was a pioneer in educational programs for breeders and air purification in kennels and transport, in a very fine way. I learned many great practices at his seminars and although I never sold to him under his brokership, he always welcomed us small breeders to learn at his seminars for free. He fed us for free, he gave us tours of his elaborate facilities and transport trucks for free. He had a worship chapel in his facilities for staff and was a dynamic verbal witness as the American dream (he came fro Barbados) and was a devote believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and always started a convention with his testimony. He cared about the breeding industry done RIGHT.
I believe Animal Rights people killed him. He got stomach cancer from their grief. They kill dogs, people, and will kill the opportunity for people to own pure bred dogs in the future.
They are winning the war with their money and radical insanity because people believe their LIES that they prorogate for MONEY.
God bless you Andrew, that you are FREE from these evil people and may you now rest in peace among the lions and the lambs and all the pups that filled the hearts of people who loved them for years because of YOU

OMG can't believe this women used a condolence page to go off on ANIMAL WELFARE PEOPLE with so many outrageous, far fetched lies full of paranoia.  I see One sentence which I highlighted in Red that is truthful about anything to do with Andrew Hunte or ANIMAL WELFARE people.  You can talk all day about someone's relationship with God but if you don't live out your faith through your actions then your words are meaningless. Mr. Hunte sadly will have to face God now and ALL THE CRUELTY HE DID TO ANIMALS he will have to explain. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes for all his blood money.

P.S. No ANIMAL WELFARE people make money off their work but rather work tirelessly to try to help animals in need and suffering.They are defenseless victims in this greedy, heartless industry that would rather make up outrageous lies than try to clean up their own industry. If you want to prevent your industry from going completely under than you better wake up fast. Our society will not tolerate inhumane treatment of your breeding dogs who suffer every single day of their life so you can make $$$ off of them and their innocent offspring.

The Reason ....

The Reason (to you from all your rescue dogs)
I would've died that day if not for you.
I would've given up on life if not for your kind eyes.
I would've used my teeth in fear if not for your gentle hands.
I would have left this life believing that all humans don't care
Believing there is no such thing as fur that isn't matted
skin that isn't flea bitten
good food and enough of it
beds to sleep on
someone to love me
to show me I deserve love just because I exist.
Your kind eyes, your loving smile, your gentle hands
Your big heart saved me...

You saved me from the terror of the pound,
Soothing away the memories of my old life.
You have taught me what it means to be loved.
I have seen you do the same for other dogs like me.
I have heard you ask yourself in times of despair
Why you do it
When there is no more money, no more room, no more homes
You open your heart a little bigger, stretch the money a little tighter
Make just a little more save one more like me.
I tell you with the gratitude and love that shines in my eyes
In the best way I know how
Reminding you why you go on trying.
I am the reason
The dogs before me are the reason
As are the ones who come after.
Our lives would've been wasted, our love never given
We would die if not for you 
heart emoticon

Can You Help Rescue Any Of These Precious Dogs .....

Dear Rescue Partners and Friends of Rescue,

are animals needing rescue or adoption.  

Local transportation can usually be provided.
We receive a Potential Euth List twice a week from Jefferson County Animal Control.  If the animal is on it, this means the animal's stray hold time is up and IF it becomes necessary to euthanize for any reason, it is eligible.
You must have a Missouri Dept. of Ag Rescue License to pull from JCAC. 
NO PULL FEES at JCAC!!!! To tag an animal for rescue, please call JCAC directly - 636-797-5577
All reservations for rescue must be communicated DIRECTLY to JCAC by 4 p.m. the day before a scheduled euth date!!!
FACEBOOK: Get questions answered quicker on our Facebook Page!!! 
Animals included in this email are NOT professionally temperament tested by us. Any comments about behavior are just our observations.
Animals that have firm rescue commitments or bite cases usually are not included in this email.  This means there are usually more dogs/cats in the facility than pictured below. 
Link to JCAC's own adoptable and stray web site.  It updates in real time as the animals are put into the system.
PLEASE press on the Google Plus link (if included) for each animal to see more pictures!!!!
In general all dogs get bordatella and depending on age, JCAC has been worming and giving DHPP.  If the vet has been there during the dog's stay, then they will also get a rabies vaccination.  They may not get these vaccs if their age, health or temperament does not allow it. 
Animals available on or before euth day are at risk even if not on euth list, IF the facility fills up.
"Roxie" Female 3 y/o black/white Pit bull Dog 343041 Ridge Rd. House Springs AVAIL 3/3
Roxie takes treats gently and is a sweet girl. -Tammy
"Tonya "SPAYED!! Female 5 y/o Black Labrador Retriever/Mix Dog 342952 AVAIL 3/3 Rice Rd, Barnhart

Tonya is a good girl. Loved being outside and seemed to be friends with china who she came in with. -Agota
She is not just pretty but a good girl. Her tail never stops wagging and walks up to every dog in the cages to say hi. She is very friendly. -Agota
"Milo" Male 4 y/o black/white Pittbull Dog 343131 AVAIL 3/4 Brindlewood Festus

Milo is sweet. Just walked him around. He sits perfectly for treats and whines by the front gate to go home. He wags his tail the whole time. Likes other dogs and doesn't care about cats.   He really is such a good dog. very friendly with the dogs and is so handsome!! He was on the streets for a few days before being picked up so he appreciates being inside but really wants a real home. While all the dogs are barking he just sits at the gate of his kennel and patiently waits  -Agota
"Comet" NEUTERED! Male 1year 10mos old Black/Tan Shep Mix Dog 325498 AVAIL 3/5

Comet is a young boy. Neutered. Microchipped. Hoping his owners come for him but if not he would make an awesome friend. He loves treats and hugs.  
"Dusty" NEUTERED!! Male 10 y/o Sable German Shepherd Dog 343391 Falcon View, Arnold AVAIL 3/5

He is sweet. Seems to like other dogs and was looking at a hissing cat and he didn't care. Very sweet senior !! --Agota

Beagles Forced To Inhale Toxic Substances .....

Madonna Gave Away Her Three Chihuahua's And Wouldn't Even Help With Vet Bill .....

Back in the 90’s Madonna’s three Chihuahuas – Evita, Rosita and Chiquita – meant the world to her. The cute little dogs were happy, loved and feeling comfortable in their home. However, when the star got married, she decided it was time for the dogs to go.
So Madonna gave up her dogs to a home that was unsuitable for looking after them. Furthermore, she did not even bother to make a follow-up visit, to ensure that her former pets were looked after.
Rosita eventually arrived at the Burbank Chihuahua rescue, where she got in a fight with other dogs and was later put down. Evita and Chiquita were neglected and malnourished and needed serious dental works when they arrived at the same shelter in California.
But there is more. When shelter officials contacted Madonna’s representatives to seek financial help with the vet bills, they received a stunning answer: ‘Madonna gave the dogs away and we are not responsible for them anymore’. 

Evita and Chiquita eventually recovered and are now in a loving, caring foster home, but Madonna’s attitude to her former pets is just disgruntling. The way a person chooses to treat pets speaks volumes about one’s character. 
Madonna has a huge worldwide influence, many people look up to her, and, by all means, she should be a role model, should set the tone even when it comes to take care of your pets.
We, the undersigned, are extremely disappointed with Madonna. Please sign the petition and let us send her a message that this is not the correct way to treat your pets! We hereby pledge to boycott Madonna’s future concerts and albums from now on!
Are you an animal lover? Then you must join our NEW Facebook Groups dedicated to saving their lives:

Group 1: We are here to help the animals!
Group 2: Worldwide support for the animals!
Group 3: In support of the voiceless

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this petition are those of the author (Shannon Thomason) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the YouSign Organization or any of its affiliates.

Animal Petitions by Sign the Petition here: 

I May Seem Quiet & Reserved ......

Can You Understand Their Language ?

Kitten Dies of Toxic Poisoning After Russian Writer Dyes Her Shocking Pink ...

A Russian writer's kitten died from toxic poisoning months after the defenseless little ball of fluff was dyed shocking pink to accommodate a "pink themed" party held by her owner, reports the DailyMail. 
Lenina stated the kitten was healthy when she gave her away. The vet treating the sick kitten stated she died of toxic poisoning after she was dyed bright pink.
Instagram/ EuroPics (Cen) screenshot

The kitten was the main attraction for writer Lena Lenina 's ‘pretty in pink party’ where all the guests had to wear pink. Eyewitnesses at the party, stated the cat was going crazy that evening trying to lick off the dye which had allegedly been irritating her skin. When Lenina tried to cuddle with the kitten at the affair, the cat struggled to run away.
Guests were critical of her decision to dye the cat, but Lenina defended her obsession stating:
"The pink color was especially chosen for its healing properties and also strengthens the cat’s hair. My vet told me it was a beneficial addition to him."
On her Instagram account, Lenina said a hairdresser friend of hers dyed the cat. The cat's color matched her long, fake pink nails.
When media attention died out, Lenina gave the kitten away, and within months it became very ill. The veterinarian caring for the kitten stated the kitten had licked the toxic dye to the extent it poisoned her body. The kitten died.
Russian artist artist Yuri Kuklachev described the stunt as cruel. A petition has garnered several thousand signatures asking authorities to charge Lenina with animal cruelty.