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Primate Shaming ....

O'Fallon , Missouri Women Claims Petland Hid Sick Dogs Surgery .....

(KTVI)– An O`Fallon, MO woman paid more than $2,000 for a new puppy and then got a big surprise.  She discovered her new pet had a surgery.  She claims the pet store tried to hide it.
Jessica Rockwell introduced her new family member saying, “This is Justice. She is about 11 weeks now.”
Justice is a German Shepherd.  Rockwell told me, “She is a huge snuggle bug and a huge lover.”  Then she added, “I bought a dog that was supposedly healthy. I have all the sheets to prove it.”
Rockwell put down the two grand after getting a clean health record from Petland in Lake St Louis.
She said she even asked, “She`s got a little bump on her belly and I said this is kind of odd, what is this? And they just kind of completely ignored it.”  Then Rockwell pointed out, “You can even see where she was shaved in like a perfect square.”
Then she took Justice to the vet who “was doing her little initial exam and flipped her over and was like `oh, I see she`s had surgery right here.  I was like no… `yeah right here it looks like it`s been fixed and repaired.”
A Petland rep told Fox 2 that a hernia operation is not unusual and that it was Petland`s oversight in leaving that off the health record.
Rockwell said Justice was also having other problems that spiraled after she left the vet.  She explained, “She was throwing up everywhere and I called (the vet) up and they`re like yeah you need to bring her back here and can we keep her overnight.”  Rockwell complained, ‘” feel like they`re hiding things. I mean they lied to me because they said she`s completely healthy.”
Petland rep Jeff Hartmann said respiratory problems, that Justice received treatment for, are not uncommon in kennel settings and he pointed out that Petland covered all the vet bills.  It`s part of Petland`s warranty.
He added that Rockwell does have the option to return Justice for half her money back.  Rockwell protested, “My dogs are a member of my family.”  Reporter Chris Hayes said, “You`re not about to give her back.”  Rockwell replied, “No.”
Now Rockwell wants to know more about her dog Justice and where she came from.  We`re looking deeper into that now as we investigate the history of pet store pets.  We`ll have more on how you can trace a pet store pet`s history as we follow up on this report soon.
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Petland in Lake St. Louis Caught In Lies To Customer.......

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Canine Happy Hour With Steve Stenger and Randy Grim July 25 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. in Brentwood, Missouri

You and your pooch are invited to a "Canine Happy Hour" with Steve Stenger and Randy Grim this Friday from 5:30-7pm at Hanley Park 610 Hanley Industrial Court, Brentwood, MO 63144. Stop by, show your support and visit with Steve, Randy and other animal lovers. Human and Dog treats will be provided. *Please note that the park requires all dogs to be on leashes* See you there!

Election Day is just two short weeks away! Please spread the word to all of your friends and family in St. Louis County to go to the polls Tuesday August 5th, pick a Democratic ballot, and vote for Steve Stenger for County Executive.
As a dog rescuer and member of the St. Louis County Council, Steve became deeply troubled while researching citizens' complaints regarding St. Louis County Animal Control. After media coverage and public outcry over the County's failure to meet minimum humane standards in its two old facilities resulted in the opening of a new state of the art new shelter 2011, some serious problems remain unaddressed.
Hundreds of animals languish in cages while outdoor runs, play and training areas are consistently empty. Very few animals are ever on the adoption floor or posted to pet adoption web sites, and the euthanasia rate has increased to 57% in the three years that new shelter has been open. When Councilman Stenger brought this issue up in a recent press conference, Charlie Dooley responded by defending the agency's current policies, saying that no "adoptable" animals were being euthanized by County Animal Control, only those that were "sick or a threat to public safety". These statements simply not credible, and they indicate that Dooley is comfortable with the County's high euthanasia rate, and that he believes no action needs to be taken to improve the situation.
Steve Stenger understands that St. Louis County can and must do better. Animals and tax-payers in St. Louis County deserve a County Executive who will work hard make things better rather than defend the status quo.
Animals can't vote, but YOU can. Vote for Steve Stenger, County Executive on August 5th!

Vote NO on Amendment ONE ......


On August 5 - Vote NO on Amendment 1
Hard-Won Protections for Defenseless Animals are at Risk 
Amendment 1 is an intentional effort to lower standards in dog breeding facilities and eliminate animal cruelty laws that protect all companion animals in our state.
Recently the Humane Society of Missouri rescued a litter of critically ill Basset Hound puppies from a licensed breeder. They have a fighting chance today because of hard-won regulations for dog breeders that require state inspections.
Don't be misled by the deceptive term "Right to Farm."
All Missourians already have that right.

The companion animals that need our protection cannot vote.
You can be their voice on August 5.
The Humane Society of Missouri urges you:
Vote NO on Amendment 1.

Thank you for your support for defenseless animals,
New Kathy Signature 06
Kathy Warnick
President, Humane Society of Missouri

P.S. Read more about the effect Amendment 1 will have on the future of companion animals > > >

Get Your Pit Bull Fixed For Only $20.00 in St. Louis .......

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Dog Misses Owner .....

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Stacy Farley A Dog Breeder From Lancaster, Missouri Makes The HSUS 101 Problemed Puppy Mill List

Stacy Farley, Lancaster, MO – Dogs smeared with feces, matted clumps as large as baseballs; mother dog had no water. In February 2014, USDA inspectors found five different types of violations at Farley’s kennel, including five dogs with only frozen water in their bowls and conditions so filthy that some of the dogs’“feet and legs have become soiled with feces and/or urine” from walking in feces-filled enclosures. The USDA had repeatedly warned Farley about the filthy conditions on previous visits, including a “strong and prominent ammonia [urine] odor” in the indoor kennel and accumulations of feces in some of the cages that made it difficult for the dogs to walk without stepping in it. In November 2013, a USDA inspector found one dog so badly matted that some of her mats were as large as baseballs, and noted “these mats were discolored brown possibly due to the fecal and urine accumulation in the enclosure.” The inspector also found a pregnant Maltese who had no water, and when given water at the inspector’s request, the dog “drank almost continuously for over a minute” as if she had not had water in a long time. On another occasion in July 2013, inspectors found a dead mouse floating in a dog’s water bowl and an “extreme insect and rodent problem” throughout the facility, among other problems. In August 2013, this dealer was given an official warning from the USDA for several of these repeated problems. USDA # 43-B-3663.

Speak Out Against Puppy Mills .......

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Celebrities Who Generously Work Tirelessly To Promote The Compassionate and Humane Treatment of All Animals

While some celebrities are sun tanning in Malibu or peddling bottled water in their spare time, there are some very special ones who choose to do something more meaningful.  They could be doing absolutely anything they want but, thankfully, they choose to help animals.  Please make a special effort to support these good-hearted celebrities in their professional ventures - it WILL help animals in the end.
Here are just a few of the celebrities who have given generously and/or worked tirelessly to promote the compassionate and humane treatment of all animals. Their support has helped to increase awareness, educate countless individuals and raise millions of dollars for non-profit animal welfare organizations worldwide.

Paul McCartney  Linda McCartney  Bob Barker
Ali MacGrawBrigitte BardotBetty White
Bea Arthur - R.I.P.Katherine HeiglPamela Anderson
Doris DayJulie ChristieAngelina Jolie
David DuchovnyStella McCartneyLinda Blair
Sarah McLachlanJames CromwellBrad Pitt  
Mickey RourkePinkEarl Holliman
Tito OrtizDixie Carter - R.I.P.Cloris Leachman
JoAnne WorleyIsabella RosselliniDaryl Hannah
Heather MillsCesar MillanBernadette Peters
Ellen DeGeneresNoah WylieKim Basinger
Pierce BrosnanMary Tyler MooreCasey Kasem
Charlize TheronEdie FalcoRobert Culp - R.I.P.
Casey AffleckChrissie HyndeMoby
Hilary SwankDan AckroydShirley Jones
David CrosbyPersia WhiteRene Russo
Laura DernBebe NeuwirthJennie Garth
Tippi HedrenWolfgang PetersenTeri Austin
Loretta SwitLinda HuntLamon Brewster
Tom ScholzAlec BaldwinEd Asner
Ed Begley, Jr.Daryl HannahElayne Boosler
Mike FarrellHulk HoganSara Gilbert
Anne HecheShari BelafonteAnjelica Huston
Rue McClanahan -R.I.P.Whoopi GoldbergDave Matthews
Bill MaherCathy GuisewiteKevin Nealon
Victoria PrincipalKevin JamesMontel Williams
Alicia SilverstoneDiane KeatonMaura Tierney
Ally SheedyAlexandra PaulJerry Stiller
Kara DioGuardiRobin WilliamsEva Mendes
Hayden PanettiereTim GunnMartha Stewart
Alicia KeysSimon Cowell"Sugar" Shane Mosely
Tony GonzalezHolly MadisonMartin Sheen
Woody HarrelsonVictoria BeckhamChristina Applegate
Christy TurlingtonRon ArtestSteve-O
Kathy NajimyJason TaylorCarre Otis
Sheryl LeeDennis RodmanDavid Cross
Roselyn SanchezTraci BinghamSadie Frost
Karina SmirnoffDennis RodmanJoanna Krupa
Khloe KardashianCharlotte RossMaggie Q
Kate WinsletSophie MonkOlivia Munn
Khloe KardashianDave NavarroKe$ha
Brian May

Bomb Sniffing Dogs Bought By Cardinals in St. Louis .....


Dogs Surrendered By Dog Breeder To Humane Society ....

Missouri, Kansas Dog Breeders Criticized By Animal Welfare People ......

The Olathe News Reports:
Missouri topped a list released this week by the animal welfare group the Humane Society of the United States as home to “problem puppy mills.”
Kansas came in second.
The group said Missouri is home to 22 such breeding operations and Kansas has 13.
In 2010, about Missouri voters passed the “Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act” by a 52-48 percent margin that included a limit of 50 breeding dogs per business and put in new safeguard on how those operations were to be regulated.
In spring 2011, the General Assembly negated parts of that referendum with another law brokered by Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon between agriculture and animal welfare groups in the state.
That law, trumpeted by Nixon as a compromise to improve the care of dogs while allowing breeders to stay in business, was criticized by many of the national groups that helped pass the anti-puppy mill referendum.
That voter-backed law set indoor floor space requirements at at least 25 square feet for small dogs, 30 square feet for medium-size dogs and 35 square-feet for large dogs. It was nullified by the Legislature.
Instead, lawmakers doubled Missouri’s previous minimum space requirement in 2012 and called for them to triple the previous standard by January 2016 for existing breeders. Wire flooring will also be banned in 2016. Those rules applied to existing breeders.
New dog-housing facilities now must comply with the tripled space requirements.
While the voter-approved law required at least one yearly exam with prompt treatment for any illness or injury, the superseding law changed that to two annual visual inspections that don’t need to be a hands-on exam. Ultimately, there must be one yearly exam and prompt treatment of a “serious illness or injury.”
Missouri law now also requires dogs to have continuous access to water and access to food at least twice daily. The ballot measure called for food only once daily, but it had tighter restrictions on keeping the water supplied to the animals clean.
The Humane Society cited examples of what it believed was animal abuse at 101 dog breeders across the country.
But it suggested some improvements in animal care.
“The news isn’t all bad,” the report said. “Part of the reason Missouri is high on the list of problem dealers is because state inspectors appear to be documenting problems at substandard kennels more carefully.”
The problems cited at the various dog breeders ranged from using guns to euthanize animals to puppies losing hair or having bad teeth.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Critical Ill Bassett Hound Puppies Rescued From Dog Breeder ....

The Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force rescued ten critically ill Basset Hound puppies from a licensed breeding facility in Douglas County Friday, July 18.  All of the ten-week-old puppies were very thin to emaciated, had varying degrees of pneumonia and were suffering from internal and external parasites and serious ear and eye infections.
Three were so emaciated and sick with pneumonia they were immediately taken to a critical care facility for intensive treatment.  One of those puppies has returned to the Humane Society of Missouri. Two remain in intensive care, still fighting for their lives.
The rescue took place at the request of the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture whose inspectors and veterinarians found the puppies were in a life-threatening situation and advised that they be immediately removed from the location.  Three of the original 13 littermates died prior to the involvement of the Humane Society of Missouri.
“This situation clearly shows why Missouri’s animal cruelty and dog breeding regulations are so important. An inspection of a licensed dog breeding facility found diseased and emaciated puppies,” said Kathy Warnick, president, Humane Society of Missouri. “Thankfully, the Humane Society of Missouri is able to provide the professional rescue and veterinary services to give these poor puppies the best possible chance for the great lives they deserve.”
As part of the on-going investigation, the Humane Society of Missouri will share medical reports on each animal with MDA.  Based on the medical reports alone, the HSMO will recommend to the appropriate authorities prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Hocking County Dog Gas Chambers Ruled Inhumane ....

The 4th District Court of Appeals ruled the Hocking County homemade gas chamber used to kill dogs is not humane.
Hocking County is one of four or five counties still using a gas chamber to kill animals according to the Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Ohio law says no one can kill a dog by any method that doesn't immediately put an animal unconscious leading to a painless death.
The non-profit organization Ohio SPCA has battled and protested Hocking County's use of the gas chamber in and out of the courts for years.
The organization's attorney says this case is precedent setting, which means it could be the death-knell for other counties still using gas chambers.
Not only is Hocking County's chamber homemade, according to court decision and judgment entry, it leaked carbon monoxide. The Ohio SPCA and their attorney said causing the dogs a slow, terrible death.
"Which was a really horrible thing to look at," said John Bell, OSPCA attorney.

The court said the method should cause animals immediate unconsciousness and a painless death, which the court ruled were not happening with this chamber.
One of those testifying, a former assistant dog warden Chris Vickers says dogs put in the gas chamber would "scream like they had been hit by a car," after their deaths he saw fight marks and bodily fluid inside the chamber. That means it took time for the dogs become unconscious and die.
A county appointed attorney argued Euthanization By Injection (EBI) was too stressful on both dogs and shelter personnel, but tests show EBI made dogs unconscious within three to five seconds.
"Right now what is considered humane is EBI," says Bell.
The Ohio SPCA struggled for years trying to convince Hocking County officials how inhumane the homemade gas chamber was.
"It was surprising how defiant, unmoved and unwilling to budge the county and existing dog warden were," Bell says.
The Hocking County Commissioners have not responded to NBC4's messages about their future plans. According to Bell, the county has 30 days to appeal this ruling to the Ohio Supreme Court. Bell says this ruling is clear. The county dog warden must stop gassing dogs and start using EBI which he is already certified to do. 

4 Million Puppies Are Killed Every Year In Puppy Mills .......

How To Raise A Good Puppy By Cesar Milan

Will You Help Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic .......???

The Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic has the opportunity to earn a $20,000 grant from Monsanto's Grow St Louis campaign.

On Monday, please go to their website:  and click on contest, and vote for our
Quick Fix Express program. 

Funds from this event will be used to purchase and staff an eighteen-foot long step-up van capable of picking up 50 pets at pre-designated locations.  Driving them to the clinic for surgery and returning them the following day.  Our program will provide transportation for those pets in hard to reach areas of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, and for many pet owners that have difficulty with transportation.   Many of our clients rely on public transportation. 
Reducing the pet over population saves us tax dollars and helps to eliminate euthanasia as a means of shelter control.    

Vote EVERY day from Monday July 21 thru August 3. If we get the most votes

we will receive $20,000, which would be a huge start for the transport program.
PLEASE find time during the day to cast your vote (only one vote a day allowed per person)
PLEASE pass it along to your network.......
Thanking you in advance  XOOOO

Yea I Got Your Responsible Dog Breeder Garbage..........