Saturday, February 5, 2011

Smiling Dog Farms Rescue....

This weekend is our LAST CHANCE to raise the money we need
to continue helping dogs without hope,
who have nowhere else to go!

Our Year End Fundraiser is one of 3 big events each year
that raise the money we need to keep doing what we do.
We are VERY dependent on their success to maintain programs.

Through December 16, our donations this year were down by
To date, you have generously donated $17,124...
That includes a $2500 Matching Grant
from a Friend of Smiling Dog Farms,
and another Matching Grant from American Dog Rescue

We still need $4238
so we can keep saying "yes" to dogs with no where else to go!
We have Sat - Sun - Mon to do it!

Can you pass this along
to someone you know who might help us?

Happy says, "We still need new monthly sponsors,
AND donations! We have until February 7-- Monday-- to meet our goal!
Read about Yvette coming to see me in Smiling Dog News at "

You donated $160 today...
So we just need $ 4238 to make our goal!

You can make a one-time donation or become a monthly sponsor at

We had no new sponsors sign up today.
We still need $ 670 in new monthly sponsors.
Regular Monthly Donors are the backbone of our existence.

Your $10/mo joins someone else's $10/mo
and soon it is enough money to fund our programs!

If you're getting my emails,
you probably are already a sponsor or have already donated!
We're not asking you to donate again...

You Know Our Mission ...
Providing a home for dogs who have nowhere else to go!
We are often a dog's only hope.
We are the rescue that other rescues turn to, when a dog is in danger.
We try to always say "yes".

Please... ask your friends, family, business contacts -- any NONrescue "civilians" -- to consider helping us, now, so we can keep helping the dogs who need us most!

Tax Deductible Donations*
can be made through Paypal with VISA, MC, Discover Card or check:
Just click on the link

or you can mail a check to:
Smiling Dog Farms
P.O. Box 743
Wharton, TX 77488

Smiling Dog Farms is a 501c3 Charitable Organization, recognized by the IRS

If you have already donated...
Or already donate as a regular, monthly Partner...
Or have gotten a friend to donate
or sign up as a monthly Partner...
Thank You!

We would literally not still be here, helping dogs, if not for YOU!

jay hellerich, executive director
smiling dog farms
a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation
p.o. box 743
wharton, texas 77488


Please become a Smiling Dog Partner to Support Our Work
Your Monthly Tax-Deductible Gift Gives Hope to the Forgotten,Neglected & Rejected
Just click on

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