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Pet Sale Ban Proposed In St. Louis, Missouri. A proposed ordinance amending the city’s animal laws will be considered by the St. Louis Board of Aldermen when it reconvenes in September. Under the proposal, pet owners in the city would be required to spay, neuter and microchip their animals, and pet stores would be banned from selling dogs and cats. Click here to read PIJAC’s PetAlert on this issue.

Pet Sale Ban To Be Considered on August 2nd in Suffolk County, New York. Action on a proposed ordinance to ban the retail sale of puppies in the county is expected at the August 2nd meeting of the County Legislature. PIJAC has raised legal issues with the proposal, as well as policy objections. Joining the American Canine Association, PIJAC met with a number of pet retailers running stores in and around Suffolk County to discuss the proposal and appropriate responsive action. Click here to read PIJAC’s recent PetAlert on this issue. Download flyer to provide customers and pet owners urging them to OPPOSE this ordinance.


California. **ON 2ND READING IN SENATE** Assembly Bill 1121 provides for pet dealers and breeders to provide monthly reports to localities on all dogs they transfer during the reporting period. As introduced, the bill would mandate that the information be provided. PIJAC has secured an amendment to make the reporting permissive (each locality would decide whether to participate). AB 1121 would also create a “puppy license” for dogs up to one year old, supplementing the existing licensing requirement. The bill provides specific licensing terms for both the new puppy licenses and the existing dog licenses. The bill was withdrawn from the Senate Committee on Appropriations on July 14th and is currently on 2nd reading in the Senate. Click here to read PIJAC’s latest PetAlert on this legislation.

Michigan (Ypsilanti Township). **PROPOSED ORDINANCE SET FOR FINAL VOTE** A proposed ordinance, regulating backyard dog breeders in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan is set for a final vote on July 19th. The proposal, which had its first reading before the Ypsilanti Board of Trustees on June 21st, provides for breeder licensing requirements, limits number of litters per year and restricts certain dog sales. The ordinance also completely bans the breeding of “pit bulls”. Click here to read PIJAC’s PetAlert on this proposal.


California. **ON GOVERNOR’S DESK** California Senate Bill 917 would make it a crime to sell, display, offer for sale, or offer to give away live animals on any street, highway, public right-of-way, parking lot, carnival, or boardwalk. However, the display and offer of an animal for sale on a street, highway, public right-of-way, parking lot, carnival, or boardwalk is not prohibited if the actual transaction does not occur in such public location. SB 917 was passed by the Assembly on July 11th and was sent to the Governor for signature.

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia). **ORDINANCE ADOPTED** A Philadelphia city ordinance, banning animal retailers from selling any dog or cat that has not been sterilized, was signed into law on May 25, 2011 and became effective immediately. Anyone who sells an unsterilized dog or cat will receive a fine and could be forced to cease operations for up to one year. The ordinance also increases dog licensing fees, adds record keeping requirements for animal retailers and provides standards of care requirements for animal owners and kennels. Click here to read PIJAC’s PetAlert on this issue.


Michigan (Bay County). **ORDINANCE ADOPTED** The Bay County, Michigan Board of Commissioners has passed an ordinance repealing language declaring “pit bulls” as vicious animals. The Commission adopted new language listing criteria in which ANY dog may be considered vicious. The new laws go into effect within seven days after being published in a local newspaper, which is soon forthcoming. Click here to read PIJAC’s PetAlert on this adopted ordinance.

Rhode Island. **HELD OVER TO 2012** House Bill 5690 provides guidelines and penalties for any person keeping a dog outside tethered, penned, caged, fenced or otherwise confined without adequate shelter from the elements. The bill also grants the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals authority to examine and enter property where dogs are tethered outdoors. HB 5690 was passed by the House on June 30th and was sent to the Senate. The bill will carry over to the 2012 legislative session as the Rhode Island General Assembly adjourned for the year on July 1st. Read PIJAC’s original PetAlert on this bill’s companion (Senate Bill 140) for more details.


Oregon. **DIED ON ADJOURNMENT** House Bill 2120, which sought to establish new fees for pet food manufacturers and fee increases on the sale of animal remedies, biologics and pharmaceuticals, died in the Joint Ways & Means Committee when the Oregon Legislative Assembly adjourned on June 30th. Click here to read PIJAC’s original PetAlert on this issue.


To date this session, PIJAC has screened more than 8,000 pet industry-related bills, ordinances, and regulatory proposals, and is actively tracking more than 1,100. Delaware, Iowa, Maine, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Rhode Island have adjourned since July 1st. This leaves 10 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Congress still in session. Click here to view a 2011 State Legislature Session Calendar to see when your state adjourns.

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