Monday, August 1, 2011

Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama

Kaiah needs your financial help to pay for saving her only eye. She came to rescue on November 28, 2008 at the age of seven (7). She was found wondering the streets in a small town in Mississippi. She had been attacked by another dog. Her left eye was hanging out of the socket, part of her tongue had been chewed off and part of her left ear is missing. A wonderful lady saw her and took her to her vet and paid to have Kaiah’s left eye removed as there was no way to save the eye. She called Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama and asked if we could take her in to our rescue. We said yes and Kaiah has been with us ever since.

Sadie was her original name. Since she was in such bad shape and loosing her eye had not helped her natural Boston good looks, BTRA changed her name to Kaiah. The native American Indian meaning of Kaiah is “rare beauty”. Now every time anyone says her name she will know that she is truly beautiful--inside and out.

Kaiah is somewhat of a loner. She is a very humble and unassuming girl. She is thriving in the love and attention that she is now receiving. She never “pushes” herself on any one. She loves her foster mom and her foster fur brothers and fur sisters. As a shy girl, her foster mom usually has to initiate any “lovin” time with her as she has never know what it is like to truly have someone want to love her. She was simply used as “breeding stock” and when she reached an age when she could no longer produce enough puppies for her owner, she was turned out to roam the streets and fend for herself.

Kaiah injured her remaining eye in a recent accident. BTRA simply could not let Kaiah go blind even though she is a senior citizen now at ten (10) years of age. Life is hard with one eye, but to be blind for her remaining years just was not an option. BTRA took Kaiah to an ophthalmologist and had her eye operated on immediately so that she would be able to have the ability to see out of her remaining eye. We felt that she deserved this opportunity. Sight is a true gift in life.

Now the surgeon’s bill must be paid. Kaiah needs $2,383.00 from BTRA’s friends and benefactors to pay this bill. You have always been very generous in helping Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama get the medical assistance that our babies require, and we are sincerely grateful and hopeful that you will continue to help us help these precious ones.

She has come home now to recoup but is on five different eye medications as well as pain relief meds and will have to remain on these medications for two months. Any donation that you can give for Kaiah will go directly to her veterinary surgical bill. BTRA has no paid staff and no overhead costs, rather only dedicated volunteers who donate their time, money and love to save as many as we possibly can with your caring financial help.

We know we made the right decision in saving Kaiah remaining eye in order for her to have sight for her senior years. If you will evaluate this decision and look at your financial ability to help, Kaiah and Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama will be extremely grateful and you will know that you helped a very deserving senior citizen.
Jo-Ellyn G. Vincent, President
Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama

P.S. Again, Kaiah says thank you for all you do for her and all the others in the care of Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama.

Jo-Ellyn G. Vincent, President
Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama
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In advance, thank you all for your support.

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