Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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Know the Law
Current Pet Store Law in Illinois
What you need to know about Pet Store Disclosure in Illinois

Pet stores like to tell their customers that they get their puppies from small family breeders, or local breeders that they have been dealing with for many years. Sometimes they say they go and hand pick the puppies and drive them to the store themselves. They also say their breeders are private breeders, home breeders, reputable breeders or even USDA approved breeders. These sorts of statements should be enough to make you question where the dogs are coming from.

Most people do not willingly buy puppies from puppy mills or mass dog breeding operations where profit is more important than the health of the dogs but according to the Humane Society United States, that is where 99% of puppies sold in pet stores come from, regardless of what the store says.

Illinois laws have changed for consumer protection because so many have not been told the truth about the new puppy they have purchased, and so many have spent thousands of dollars on vet bills enduring heartache with sick and dying puppies.

On Sunday, August 22, 2010 Governor, Pat Quinn signed a law provides consumers more information before they purchase a dog or cat. As of January 1, 2011, pet stores in Illinois are required to post the breeder information on the cages of the puppies they are selling. The information should be posted out in the open for all to see. If you have to ask the store for it, they are breaking the law. This disclosure is very important and allows the consumer to do their research before they purchase a pet.

What Pet Stores must disclose on or near the cages:

If you have to ask for this information, they are in violation of the law and you should report them to the Illinois Department of Agriculture.,

Name and address of breeder
License number and USDA license number if applicable
Age, sex and weight of the animal
Breed of the animal
Record of vaccinations, veterinary care and treatment
Record of surgical or lack of sterilization

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