Thursday, January 5, 2012

If you are interested in adopting, fostering, or rescuing one of the many dogs at Dent County, please contact Ali at Please forward to your contacts who may be interested also.

A rural no-kill rescue is in desperate need of immediate assistance. Dent County Animal Welfare Society (DCAWS) is located in Salem, Missouri and brings dogs to St. Louis for adoption events almost every weekend.

Since 1993, DCAWS has been the sole animal shelter in rural Dent County, Missouri -- there is no humane society or APA or any other publically-funded shelter. There is an animal control, but there is no pound -- all animal control dogs come to DCAWS. In a rural county where dog dumping is rampant and puppy mills are all over the place, DCAWS has managed to make Dent County a no-kill county. Now, DCAWS desperately needs help to keep going. The physical shelter is getting old and at the point where it risks not passing inspection. We have land for a new shelter but need to raise at least $200,000 to build the new shelter. The more immediate need is to move about 20 dogs as soon as possible as the shelter is too crowded. We are begging for fosters in or around sSt. Louis for about 20 dog. As a last resort, at this point we are also looking at transferring some dogs to other rescues (all dogs are vetted). We know that most other rescues are full and needing donations as well and we have made it by for the last 19 years, but unfortunately, we are now at a breaking point and are begging for some serious help in order to keep going. Without DCAWS and its very few dedicated volunteers and weekly trips to St. Louis, the dogs (and cats) of Dent County face a dire future. Please help us find a place for 20 or so dogs in the next few days!! This is urgent!! We are seeking adopters, fosters in/around St. Louis, rescues willing to take transfers (all dogs are vetted), and donations!! We could also use some volunteers to make the trip to Salem (probably some weekend very soon) to work on sprucing up the shelter until we can raise the funds to build the new shelter.

The available dogs and cats can be found at:

If you can help in any way, please contact Ali at immediately. Thank you.

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