Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dent County Animal Welfare Society (DCAWS) in Salem, MO got 2 sets of moms and pups into the shelter yesterday. The puppies are very young, probably about 2 weeks as they have just started opening their eyes. We REALLY need to get them out of the shelter ASAP as a shelter is no place for young puppies!! There is a black lab mama with 10 pups and a small (30 lbs.) shepherd mix mama with 9 pups. They all came from the same home where there was an unneutered German Shepherd, so we are thinking that dad of both litters could be a GSD. Both mamas as very good moms and are also sweet girls. We are looking for a foster home that could take mom and pups until the pups are old enough to go to new foster homes OR a no-kill rescue that we could transfer mom and pups to. Please contact Ali at if you can help! Thank you!

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