Monday, July 9, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Came Last Night.....

 I play rough and I have a hard time giving up a rope toy or stick or frisbee once I start playing so this past weekend when one of the family friends were playing with me they kept holding me up by my toy rope that I wouldn't let go of. The following day sure enough mom noticed that one of my front lower teeth looked like it was super loose.
 Sadly my tooth fell out ( look closely and my third from the left side is gone). Now I'm officially a Missouri Hillbilly just like my puppy mill parents who sold me at a flea market. If you listen very very carefully you can hear the sound of banjo's in the background of your mind.
 My girl Mag gave me extra love and made sure the tooth fairy was notified of my circumstances. I Slept in Mag's room as I always do when she is home from college and we share her baby blanket. Sure enough when I woke up the tooth fairy had come and brought me some doggie treats. YEA!!!
Maybe loosing a tooth isn't so bad after all...
 I'm a little self conscious so I try to hold my tongue over the spot where my tooth is missing so no one you think anyone notices this tongue repositioning???

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