Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dear Mayor Gary Brown of Salem, Missouri....

On June 22, 2012, a Golden Lab named Phineas was seized from his home and family in Salem MO following a report that he had bitten an eight year old neighbor who had entered his yard. A photo of the bite indicates that it was hardly a nip and did not even break the skin.

The family of Phineas retained an attorney and brought action against the City of Salem to have Phineas returned to them. From the time of his seizure and for nine months, Phineas was confined in doggie jail. Written testimony from the boarding facility caring for him and submitted to the City states that he was anything but vicious.

On March 22, 2013, Phineas was removed by Animal Control to an undisclosed location following issuance of an order by Judge Scott Bernstein of the Dent County Circuit Court. In that order, he stated:
"The Court finds that Phineas, the Labrador Retriever owned by the Plaintiffs is in fact a vicious dog as defined by Defendant's City Code under Section 5-15 in that Phineas without provocation on June 22nd, 2012 bit (minor child - name withheld.) The dog shall be humanely euthanized."
When the Judgment was brought to the attention of Missouri animal welfare representatives on April 15, 2013, investigative work began and it became evident to them that Phineas had been wrongly condemned and convicted. Legal assistance was retained to overturn that judgment.

The Save Phineas Facebook page:
Mayor Gary Brown, City of Salem 
This letter is in reference to a case involving a dog named Phineas, owned by Patrick and Amber Sanders, who was deemed vicious and ordered to be "humanely euthanized."

Information has been gathered from many sources surrounding this case and based on that information, numerous questions have been raised about the manner in which the case was handled. Following through with the current Judgment without intervention will not only result in the unjustified death of a loving family pet but will cause great emotional trauma to the children of both families involved. Even the family of the person who was bitten has asked for a "reprieve" for Phineas. Killing Phineas would be a travesty of justice.

Due to the numerous inconsistencies in the handling of this case and because it would be in the best interests of all parties involved, we respectfully request that the City of Salem take action to vacate the order to euthanize Phineas.



cj54 said...

i,m asking that all officials in salem be recalled

cj54 said...

i,m asking that all salem missouri officials be recalled for inproprioties and corruption

natalie jensen said...

Cant we humanely euthanize mayor gary brown for animal abuse? I actually met the dogs lawyer who says the dog is not viscous at all let the dog go back to its family you will never be elected again for anything dont worry your days in office will be over if u put that dog down i know id never give mayor gary brown my vote

Anonymous said...

There is a very poor decision maker in Salem, Mo. Hopefully Mayor Brown will feel the discomfort he has caused this family and their loved pet!

Anonymous said...

mayor brown should be charge with misconduct in public office

Anonymous said...

Mayor Brown is infamous around the world for his relentless pursuit of this labrador. The case is nonsensical and hard to fathom. The bite is suspiciously undoglike. Salem is renowned negatively around the world for its witch hunts and witch trials so should any of us around the world be surprised that their elected official seems incapable of acting rationally and focussed on the killing of this dog. What a sad legacy for the town and an even sadder indictment on its people.

Anonymous said...

Why is this still going on? Where are the picketers in front of his house? Where are the morning shows? Why aren't his family members and friends not speaking up? Is this just an internet uprising? Doesn't he understand that the people who put him in office are asking for him to have some common sense?

Anonymous said...

This is putting your town on the map!! Free Phineas and fire your mayor!!

Anonymous said...

Love all the posts so far..need to have this on facebook and make sure Mayor Brown and his cronies not just get it but reads it..