Sunday, December 28, 2014

Methodology Applied by HSUS in coming up with the HSUS Problemed Puppy Mill in the United States Report

It is not possible to list all of the problematic puppy mills in the country in a single report. Due to the patchwork of laws across the U.S. and spotty enforcement, many puppy mills are not licensed or regulated and very little information on them exists. The facilities listed in this report were selected to demonstrate common problems and conditions at puppy mills and puppy mill brokers across the United States. The sellers listed in this year’s report were selected based upon a number of factors, which included, but were not limited to:
  • The availability of state and/or federal kennel inspection reports showing violations, or related documents received via public records requests;
  • The quantity of violations found on those reports and/or the severity of violations, especially those affecting animal safety and health;
  • The fact that the facility had not already been included in the previous year’s “Horrible Hundred” report;
  • The availability of consumer complaints or photographs;
  • Any known judicial decisions, such as consumer lawsuits;
  • USDA official warnings or fines; and
  • Indications that the facility appeared to be in business at the time of publication.
  • Some puppy mills were not listed because they are under active investigation.
  • If a breeding facility is not listed in this report, it may be due to a lack of available records and/or a lack of
    space, not a lack of significant problems.
  • Some brokers or re-sellers were included because many brokers are also breeders; also many individuals
    who re-sell puppies online sight-unseen are required to comply with the federal Animal Welfare Act, unlike
    retail pet stores;
  • Retail pet stores were only listed if they also claim to be breeding dogs.
    Persons who have purchased a sick puppy whom they believe many have come from a puppy mill may report it to the USDA using their online form at and to The

HSUS at They may also consider filing a complaint with the breeder’s state department of agriculture. 

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