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101 Puppy Mills: A Sampling of Problemed Puppy Mills in the United States by the HSUS

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The goal of the report is to inform consumers about widespread problems with puppy mills before they make an uninformed purchase that could potentially support animal cruelty. The report includes puppy mills from 22 states, but because most of the dealers sell online or to pet stores, their puppies could be available to unwary consumers in all 50 states and beyond.
The breeders and sellers on this list represent common issues with puppy mills and puppy mill brokers. This report is not a complete list of all puppy mills, nor a list of all problematic facilities. For more information on the methodology used in preparing this report, please see the Methodology section on page 29.


Breeder Index (See Full-Text Document for Additional Information)
  • Edward and Wanda Barker, Drycreek Kennel, Maynard, AR
  • Desiree and Lee Bogan, Bogan Ranch & Kennels, New Hope, AR
  • Carolyn and Philip Hadley, G R R Acres, Springdale, AR
  • Barbara and Sonny Hearne, Back Forty Kennels, Sulphur Springs, AR
  • Bill Nored, Dryfork Kennel, Prim, AR
  • Leon Walthall and Peggy Van Huss, Wagging Tails Kennel, Siloam Springs, AR
  • Janet Barreto, Current Address Unknown
  • Ginger Turk (alias Ginger Hunter), La Chic Puppy, aka Teacup Puppy Couture, El Dorado Hills, CA
  • Barbara Bowman, Delta, CO
  • Momma’s Minis, Holly, CO
  • Navata Brink, Brinks Puppy Pagoda, Buena Vista, GA
  • Low Country Kennel, Statesboro, GA
  • Melton Christiansen, Christiansen Kennels, Poplar Grove, IL
  • Kim Lettier, Lettier Kennel, Caledonia, IL
  • Amos Beiler, Williamsburg, IN
  • Jonas Fisher, Playful Paws Kennel and Country Boy Pets LLC, Williamsburg, IN
  • Carolyn and Julie Arends, Julie’s Jewels, Jewell, IA
  • Karen Baker, Kute Kozy K, Redding, IA
  • Fedler Ag Inc., Pee Vine Kennels, West Point, IA
  • Rodnie Kelley, Kelley’s Kennel, Kellerton, IA
  • Platinum Puppies, West Point, IA
  • Connie and Edwin Townsend, Faithful Friends Kennel, Bedford, IA
  • Dorothy Brecheisen, Dot’s Little Doggies, Inc. Lyndon, KS
  • Mary Carpenter, Blue Moon Kennels, Melvern, KS
  • Roxanne Castens, Ludell, KS
  • Pat Crabtree, Crabtree Kennel, St. Francis, KS
  • Shauna Engelken, Grandview Kennel, Seneca, KS
  • Irene Finley, Herington, KS
  • Shelli Kershner, Walnut Creek Kennel, Rush Center, KS
  • Michelle Miller, Plum Crazy Kennel, Elk City, KS
  • Peggy Pierce, Pierce’s Kennels, Narka, KS
  • Wayne and Yvonne Sellin, Sellin Kennel, Chapman, KS
  • Marilyn Soukup, Wilson, KS
  • Shayne Turner, aka David or Michael, Rock Creek Kennel, DBA Clover Acres Farm, Kansas City, KS
  • Darryl and Larry Wilson, D & L Kennels, El Dorado, KS
  • Stephanie Stoltzfus, Stephanie’s Designer Puppies, aka, Conowingo, MD
  • Mary Kathryn Gabriel, Chien d'Or Kennel aka Gabriels Ark Kennel, Farmington Hills, MI
  • Gloria Brouwer, Jasper, MN
  • Paul and Sheila Haag, Valley View Kennel aka A Maze N Farmyard LLC, Eden Valley, MN
  • Sharon Lanz, Pine River, MN
  • Deloris and Dick Richards, Marshall, MN
  • Michelle Sonnenberg, Detroit Lakes, MN
  • Kathie and William Blomberg, Locust Creek Farm, Versailles, MO
  • Kay Butler, High Point Kennel, Montgomery City, MO
  • Hazel Coleman, Dog-N-Ass Farm, Lebanon, MO
  • Johnny Dake, J & M Kennels, Stover, MO
  • Stacy Farley, Lancaster, MO
  • Gary and Ruth Ann Goostree, Rafter “G” Kennel, Rocky Comfort, MO
  • Jeffrey and Judy Gray, Rothville, MO
  • Richard Hoffman, Hoffman’s Kennel, Freeburg, MO
  • Ron Hughes, Circle H Rotts & Labs, Williamstown, MO
  • Angelia Kochs, Rocky Creek, Inc., Niangua, MO
  • Barbara Neubert, Barb’s Pups, Formerly Neubert Kennel and Farms, Vienna, MO
  • Brenda Ponting, Hale, MO
  • Anna Mary Reiff, Rocky Branch Kennel, Latham, MO
  • Tom and Debra Ritter, Cornerstone Farms, Curryville, MO
  • Patricia A Rowe, Rowe’s Family Kennel, Sheridan, MO
  • Josh L. Souza, Chevorlet Ranch [SIC], Phillipsburg, MO
  • Johanna Steele, Lone Sycamore Kennels, Gorin, MO
  • Trina Thomas, Havanese Haven, Elkland, MO
  • David and Esther Troyer, Clark, MO
  • Glenda Watson, Watson’s Puppies 4 U, West Plains, MO
  • Janelle Yates, Cloverleaf Kennel, Willow Springs, MO
  • Anna and Moses Zimmerman, Ana-Mos Kennel, Barnett, MO
  • Jamie Bailey, Beaver City, NE
  • Brenda Carroll, Platsmouth, NE
  • Norma Jean Harders, Boelus, NE
  • Michelle and Michael Hellbusch, Belgrade, NE
  • Julia Hudson, Malcolm, NE
  • Daniel and Lizann Miller, McCook, NE
  • Darcy and Jane Perkins, Avoca, NE
  • Mitch and Alisa Pesek, Swanton, NE
  • Larry and Pat Peters, Taylor, NE
  • Marlon Thomsen, St. Paul, NE
  • Duane and Sheryl Tietz, Heavens Blessings, Bancroft, NE
  • Kevin and Anne Marie Williams, Ashton, NE
  • Monique Lemay Halvorsen, Briarbrook Kennel, Pittsfield, NH
  • William/Bill Roberts, aka John Roberts, Gloucester County, NJ
  • Marjorie’s Kennel, Harpursville, NY
  • Sunset Kennels, Port Crane, NY
  • Frances and Isaac Zimmerman, Dundee, NY
  • Martha Drozdik and Anthony Drozdik, Ohio Puppy (, Youngstown, OH and West Virginia Puppy, Martinsburg, WV
  • Roy Miller, Rose Run Kennels, Sugarcreek, OH
  • Andy Troyer, Woodland Kennel, Fredericktown, OH
  • Jonas Yoder, Sugar Valley Puppies, Sugarcreek, OH
  • Phyllis Burleson, Country Line Kennel, Grove, OK
  • Henry Keele, Blue Creek Kennels, Porter, OK
  • Ray Range, D & B Kennel, Arnett, OK
  • Jan Seals, Welch, OK
  • Deep Run Kennel, Lebanon, PA
  • JR’s Kennel, Quarryville, PA
  • Ronks Kennel, Ronks, PA
  • Run Way Kennel, Gordonville, PA
  • Lisa Hanten, White Lake, SD
  • Vickie Hines, Lar-Kie Kennel, Woonsocket, SD
  • Cindy Hubers, Da-Pa Kli Kennels, Harrison, SD
  • Jason Riggs, Ethan, SD
  • Ashley Anderson, Celebrity Puppy Boutique, aka Boutique Teacup Puppies, San Antonio/ Spring Ranch, TX
  • Susan Franz, Belton, TX
  • Alvin Martin, Pine Hollow Farm, LLC, Withee, WI
  • John Zeiset, Lone Pine Kennels, Thorpe, WI

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