Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Women Found Guilty On 43 Counts of Felony Animal Neglect While Running Breeding Facility

Rainier breeder found guilty of animal neglect, fined $172,000

PORTLAND, Ore.  – A woman found guilty of animal neglect while running breeding facility will have to pay a $172,000 fine.
In addition to the fine, Catherine Setere can’t own domestic animals and horses for five years. the judge also ruled she cannot own animals of any kind (including livestock) for the next three years.
Law enforcement seized 118 dogs, 21 horses and a cat from a Rainier breeding facility owned by Catherine Setere back in November, 2013. 
The Columbia County Sheriff's Office was following up on a complaint that her animals were living in unhealthy conditions.
Nearly all of the animals went to the Oregon Humane Society for adoption.
Humane society officials said all of the animals were either adopted or taken to other shelters devoted to finding them homes.
Setere was found guilty on 43 counts of felony animal neglect on Monday, and the final 11 dogs being held during the case were released to the humane society.

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