Sunday, November 1, 2015

Arizona Mandates all Dogs Sold In Pet Stores to Come from Shelters......

Great news for animal rescuers, shelter volunteers, and animal advocates worldwide. Arizona has passed a new rule that will help stop the puppy mill problem.  This is an announcement that we hope will quickly spread in one form or another to all major cities across the nation.
In July of 2015, a federal judge in Pheonix, Arizona upheld a law for the city that requires all dogs who are being sold in a pet store to come from a non-profit rescue or a shelter.  The judges ruling will help cut the profits from puppy mills who massively breed and inbreed dogs.
The puppy mills are considered to be extremely cruel for a variety of reasons.  Animals in puppy mills are bred only for profit because of this the female dogs spend most of their live being pregnant and have little to no time to recover between litters.  Many of the dogs live in little cages with very little attention or exercise as well.
On top of the mass production of dogs in this factory-like setting there is already a huge issue with dogs ending up homeless or being euthanized later.
Phoenix is one of around 60 cities in the US that have laws addressing this issue with the intent to end homeless animal issues, euthanasia and puppy mills.  They are trying to push dog loves toward getting their next family member from a shelter or a reputable breeder to save as many lives as possible.
It is estimated that some 23,000 dogs are sold every year in the Phoenix area each year.  This law should make a big difference in the Shelters kill and overcrowding rates.

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