Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dogs Teach Us So Much

So many of the humans over complicate life ending up depressed, taking pills daily to try to be happy and all kinds of silliness to try to find happiness or contentment. Don't they know that giving love unconditionally to the people in their lives is the true path to happiness. Us dogs have that figured out from day one of our lives. All we need is a family to love and we are thrilled to do anything to make them happy. There is no I in our family. It is such a simple thing to understand. Just being by their side is sheer joy to us dogs. All you need to do in life to be at peace with yourself is to give love and help others. If your ever feeling down and out of balance with your life try reaching out to another person or animal. It is amazing healing process when you devote all your energy to another human or animal. It is better to give than receive any day. Brooke put a new meaning to this one Christmas when "mom" told her that all she was doing is asking for things and the true meaning of Christmas was about giving. Brooke then informed the family then give to her.

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