Tuesday, November 25, 2008

St. Louis Strays Need Help

The SLU dogs
A couple of months ago - I noticed 3 dogs that crossed Lindell Ave between Grand and Compton. One of the dogs had looked like she was pregnant or just had puppies. Well - I searched and searched and did not see the dogs again until today. I was driving to go get Ollie from the vet, and these 3 dogs crossed way in front of me - once I saw them - I remembered exactly who they were and turned around to go see them. (they were now on the other side of the interstate on the medical school campus... they had to walk over the compton overpass to get there...) They're all 3 skinny - but surviving. I think they are all german shepherd mixes. Two of them are starting to get Mange. I couldn't tell on the third. They all appear to be friendly - I had a shop n save plastic bag with around 4 cups of dog food - I got out of the car around 50 feet from them - asked them if they were hungry and they all came eagerly towards me. I tore the bag open and poured it on the ground on the grass. The two that are getting mange ate right away and hungrily - the 3rd just sat close to me and watched them - maybe he knows not to eat until they're done? Not sure. Regardless - it broke my heart. I got back in the car and just left - I had to get Ollie and I didn't know what to do. I called my coworker - so she was going to go get more food and we were going to try them again next week if we can find them. I felt so bad - it's so cold out tonight - I am just glad they have each other. I'm hoping the food will give them enough warmth to make it through the night okay. I have no idea where they're staying or keeping warm - I'm sure huddled together though. They really look out for one another. I'm attaching pictures - my camera didn't do to good - but you can at least see generally what they look like. I emailed Stray Rescue on them earlier in the year during the summer- but never got a reply back. I don't know what to do... but I want to help them. I might try to go out tomorrow and see if I glance them again - and bring food - but it's a little iffy neighborhood as well. People are constantly robbed over there. then wouldn't you know it as I pulled away - in the field one block over was a rottweiller walking around with no owner... He did look in good shape though. Appeared healthy - I just couldn't do anything for any of them... I wanted to take them all with me, but where would I go with them?Jen-- Adopt a shelter pet and save a life!

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