Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bark! The Boston Terriers Sing

Hudson's revision of

"Hark! The Heralds Angels Sing"

Bark! The Boston Terriers Sing

"Look at us, the coolest thing.

Stubby nose and tempers mild,

The first American breed was styled."

"Don't forget us!" call the puggles.

Terriers yip, "We're best for snuggles."

"Wait a sec!" the mutts proclaim.

"Neath our fur, we're all the same.

Bark! Tho' wondrous breeds abound,

Don't forsake the local pound."

This Christmas season brighten your home

and a dog at the pound or a rescue facility by

purchasing your next pet from them.


jan said...

Now you just need to make a recording.

Anonymous said...

Hudson, Have you thought about making a Christmas C.D. I for one would buy one. JT

brooke said...

Huddy you're definately the cutest santa i have ever seen