Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Elijah how could this be done to you?

This is Elijah, so named after the angel in charge of the weak and the sick. Elijah was shot at point blank range in the face, the chest and the abdomen. Someone found him on Puckett Creek Road in Flat Rock, TN. Whoever did this did it very much on purpose and with intent to kill. Given the trajectory of the wounds and the number of them, the vet believes someone held this dog on a leash while they shot him. Elijah's front left leg was shattered by the bullet and his right front leg was injured but will recover. Elijah lost his front leg and part of the right side of his face. We removed a bullet from the chest cavity and most of one bullet in his tongue. The right side of his face will never look normal as his upper canine and incisor were shattered on the right side of his face. He was shot with both a rifle and a shotgun and he has buckshot from head to toe and some slugs we did not remove. He has a long way to go and more surgery ahead of him. Despite all this, he wags his tail and kisses us and comes hobbling over when we call. He is underweight and malnourished on top of everything else, but so trusting of people. I pride myself on balance and temperance in my dealings with people but I confess I am burning with anger over this case as it transcends mere cruelty and is a much darker example of the worst we can do to an animal.

It is Christmas time which should be a time of good will toward all men and animals. I am sick at the thought that there are other dogs out there just like Elijah but without someone to speak for them and care for them, dying alone and unloved in some misbegotten place. I am unspeakably sad to know that there are people capable of such monstrosity and I am amazed at the grace shown by this poor dog toward people whom he has no reason to trust. These pictures were taken after he was bathed to remove all the blood he was covered in. I can’t bring myself to post what he looked like when we got him Thursday. This is what happens to dogs in rural areas in the South when they are left to fend for themselves and we should all work toward ensuring this never happens to another dog. I am sickened by the thought of what this dog suffered and I am deeply ashamed of my fellow man. Say a prayer for all those lost souls not in a home or a rescue and alone and scared on this cold December night.

If you would like to donate to Elijah's fund, a link is provided below. Feel free to crosspost as you see fit.
http://bigfluffydogs.com or you can send it straight to the vets office who is taking care this beautiful dog Premier VetCare 10579 Cedar Grove Road #190 Smyrna, TN 37167 or contact them through their website at www.premiervetcare.com

Jean Harrison
Big Fluffy Dog Rescue


I included this letter in my blog today because I must admit I am blown away by how cruel and inhumane that people can be to not only each other but to us helpless dogs. This story just deeply saddens my heart.

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brooke said...

poor little guy. he looks pretty good for going through that.