Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dixie's Abuse Case. A Phone Call Away

This email was just sent to me:
Last year at this time Dixie was abused by her owners in Lake County. And at the same time her friend Taiya was abused in Lake County by her owners. At the very same time, the first week of July we lost two of our dogs in a horrific fire and were devastated thinking no one could replace them. But we saw that Taiya and Dixie were so in need of a loving home to recuperate and could not turn away.We rescued Dixie and Taiya always remembering Rose and Lucas. Dixie is now a three legged dog that runs like the wind and has such magnificent spirit....that is what has sustained her during a very trying year medically. She is not yet out of the woods; she has an enlarged bladder that has sustained every insidious infection that exists in the animal kingdom. These infections have threatened her life because they are antibiotic resistant. Dr. Pete at Loomis Basin Vet Hospital has been with us along this long road and we have not given up. It has been trial and error and through pure vigilance and love of pizza we have kept her weight up during this time. She has endured so much pain but her joy in life over-rides all. She loves everyone; dogs; cats; people; swimming; playing roof ball; and disc golf.

Dixie's previous owners have their preliminary hearing on July 10th 2009 at 9 am in Superior Court in Lake County. It has been postponed before so I wanted to wait until we were assured of the date and time. For all abuse victims please take a few minutes and fax a letter to the Superior Court demanding justice and a sentence to send a message for all the animals in need.

Her owners will never suffer like Dixie---nothing like being hit by a semi truck and thrown in your backyard to scream in pain for two days until someone finally reported her previous owners. She still ducks and runs when she hears a truck or sees a semi on the highway...and we say dogs live in the moment. Dixie unfortunately remembers that moment.
The arrest warrants are attached to this email. You can read about Dixie in one of many articles written about her after the incident. The DA is Jon E. Hopkins. The fax number to use is below 707-263-2328.

On behalf of Dixie and all others that cannot speak for themselves; thank you. Brenda and Mike for Dixie
Arrest warrant attached.
Dixie in the news http://lakeconews.com/content/view/5065/764/
Case numbers: CR917791-B & CR917791-A
DA numbers: Paul Westergren 082518 and for Carrie Malsack 082519
DA Jon E. Hopkins

Superior Court of California
County of Lake
255 N. Forbes Street,
4th FloorLakeport,
CA 95453
Fax # 707-263-2328

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