Friday, July 31, 2009

Puppy Mills Tied Back To Midwest (there's a shocker) NOT!!!

CA:Elite Animals Resorts to Sorcery to Repel Animal Rights ActivistsPosted by: " florence blecher" fmblecherSun Jul 26, 2009 11:58 pm (PDT) Animals Resorts to Sorcery to Repel Animal Rights ActivistsBy Carole Raphaelle Davis, Hollywood JinkyElite Animals, a pet store in West Hollywood , California , has endurednine consecutive weeks of protests by animal welfare activists.Neither side is budging but Elite Animals is showing signs of battleweariness.Activists protesting outside Elite Animals in WEHOThe Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) conducted aninvestigation of Elite Animals' breeders which revealed footage andstill photos of breeding dogs suffering in inhumane conditions. Thedogs in the mill that supply Elite Animals are exposed to theelements, living in rusted wire cages and many of them are sick andinjured. CAPS also has evidence of USDA inspection reports of repeatedviolations by several of Elite's suppliers in the Midwest .In addition to selling dogs from puppy mills, Elite Animals also sellspuppies under the age of six months from Russia . Importing puppiesunder the age of six months old for resale from overseas is aviolation of the federal Farm Bill passed in 2008

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