Monday, December 20, 2010

Gateway Pet Guardians.
Over 150 homeless animals rescued!

Gateway Pet Guardians is different from most rescue organizations. We rescue homeless, feral and abandoned animals from the streets of East St. Louis, IL and place them in foster homes. Daily, PJ Hightower feeds these animals and gets to know them as her own. We do not have a shelter and rely solely on our wonderful foster parents to bring these animals in and show them what a human touch feels like.

In 2010, Gateway Pet Guardians has made amazing progress in the East St. Louis Community. We have rescued over 150 animals from an area that is only about two square miles. The city of East St. Louis has no animal control or veterinary clinic. The homeless population is created from a lack of resources and education in the community. Residents of the city own animals that are not spayed or neutered and are not contained.

Also this year, we met with the East St. Louis City Council and discussed a shelter/spay and neuter clinic/education facility for the area. Our goal is to change the community's perception of animals and give them the resources to properly care for their pets. With your help in 2010, we have raised over $45,000 for this facility!

This facility will all not only serve as a temporary shelter for the animals until we can place them in a foster home, but will also allow us to offer FREE spay and neuter services to the community members. In addition to a shelter and surgical center, we will also conduct seminars and after-school programs for children.

In 2011, we will break ground on this state-of-the-art facility! This facility will take more than $45,000 to construct. Our goal is $100,000 before construction begins. With your donation, our facility will not only save the lives of hundreds more homeless animals, but will give the East St. Louis Community the resources needed to curb and eliminate the problem.

Thank you, again for an AMAZING 2010 and we are eagerly looking forward to what 2011 will bring us!

-Jamie Case, Executive Director

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