Monday, December 13, 2010

Season's Greeetings From SPringfield, Missouri Animal Advocacy Foundation

Dear Animal Advocate,

Today was a big day at SAAFhouse, when our 1,000th client came through the door! The lucky dog was Scooby (pictured at right). When Scooby's owner came to pick him up, she received a basket full of dog and people goodies. One thousand surgeries is quite a milestone and yet our work is just beginning...
Things are going well at the clinic, but we need your help during this holiday season. When we opened in August, we immediately started a Spay it Forward fund. Though we have set our spay/neuter rates as low as possible, there are still some clients who are unable to pay even these modest fees.

We hope you'll consider sending a donation to the Spay it Forward fund to help people and pets like Melissa and her cat, Princey. Melissa called recently to cancel Princey's appointment because she was undergoing chemotherapy and had only $25 in her bank account. With the Spay it Forward fund, we were able to help. It was a wonderful feeling to help these two, and it kept Princey's surgery from being delayed and prevented the possibility of him fathering a litter of kittens.

Please consider donating $45 to sponsor a cat surgery or $60 to sponsor a dog surgery. Of course, any amount is welcome. You can donate via PayPal using this link or send donations to SAAF at 1600 North Washington, Springfield, 65803.

Thanks for your continuing support and have a wonderful holiday season.

Janet & the SAAFhouse staff

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