Friday, May 27, 2011


I wanted to let everyone know that I started a Yahoo Group the other day called
chances4animals~I'm always looking for more ways to help and thought maybe this
group might just do that~Rescues can post their adoptables, adoption events,
fundraisers, foster needs, any needs they might have~this group is also open to
Shelters, Shelter Staff, Volunteers, Transporters, etc. Maybe a Rescue in WI
for example has an approved adopter looking for a certain sweetie that a Rescue
in MI has available for adoption, or one rescue has excess food, another may
have extra crates, etc...
I know that you already receive tons of e-mail and probably don't want or
need more and I know that there are many groups out there already, not to
mention FaceBook & Twitter~I'm hoping that this group will be a place where all
can work together, learn & teach, share some laughs, share successes, and
continue to make a difference!
All are welcome~if you would like to join, please click on the link below or you
can search Yahoo Groups~chances4animals...

Here's the link:
Thank you for your time and as always Thank you so much for all you do!!!
Carroll County Animal Control Volunteer Rescue Coordinator

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