Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More letters to the editors of newspapers across Missouri

Subverting judgment

I am disgusted with Gov. Jay Nixon for rolling over and signing Senate Bill 113. When I called to ask his office what we should tell our children when they ask why they should bother to vote, the woman who answered the telephone couldn't give me an answer.

Overturning Proposition B makes a mockery of the ballot initiative process. Our government should uphold the will of the people rather than allow special interests to subvert the judgment of voters.

Some people who voted against the measure were wrongly told that existing regulations on dog breeding are adequate. They are not. Under pre-Proposition B rules, a dog could be in a wire cage just six inches longer than her body, she could be confined in that cage for years and never let out, she need not ever see a veterinarian and she could be exposed to extreme temperatures. All of that was legal, and that's why voters approved Proposition B.

A majority of Missouri citizens favored Proposition B. The voters acted because the Legislature had failed to stop widespread puppy mill abuses.

Missouri's citizens spoke, demanding better protections for man's best friend. Our elected officials should have respected those results.

Kerry Colombo • Ballwin

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