Friday, June 3, 2011

10 Pet-Friendly BEACHES to Visit

1) Del Mar Beach ( San Diego, California) This popular Beach offers your dog plenty of room to run and play. The song "Dog Beach Boogie" was written about this hot spot for pets and their people.
2) Fort DeSoto Beach (Florida) With amenities like showers and drinking water for your four-footed friends, this is the perfect beach getaway.
3) Dog Beach (San Diego, California) Doggie Nirvana !!! Your buddies will have tons of company at this popular spot near San Diego. In fact, the dogs outnumber the people.
4) Montrose Dog Beach ( Chicago) Chicago's first legal of-leash beach, this is a peaceful oasis in the hustle and bustle of the Windy City. Your dog will have plenty of room to run on the shoreline and swim in Lake Michigan.
5) Squantum Point Park ( Boston, Mass.) Located next to marina bay. This is a well-taken care of and breathtaking spot to take your favorite dog to swim and run off excess energy. Remember to bring your own water though, as there are no facilities at this beach.
6) Cape San Blas ( Florida) Just 35 miles south of Panama City, this relaxing oasis feels as if it's worlds away. It's peaceful, not overdeveloped and you can sometimes walk a mile or two in the off-season without seeing another dog or person.
7) Carmel City Beach ( California) The Carmel Beach is a beautiful and popular escape, within walking distance from the village of Carmel. Other pet friendly sandy spots are close by too, so you can make a day of beach hopping.
8) Hunting Island (South Carolina) Heaven on earth for doggies and people alike. At low tide, the beach on Hunting can literally appear to be a mile wide. Your dog will love the open space and companionship of real dog lovers.
9) Fort Funston State park (California) Most visitors walk the paved Sunset Trail, a north to south route on the bluff, and reach Ocean Beach. You will see scores of dripping wet dogs romping across the sand with driftwood sticks in their mouths.
10) St. George Island ( Florida) No longer than a mile at its wildest point, located near renowned historic towns in the Florida Gulf, there is plenty here for human and man's best friend....With plenty of playful dogs already ready to play !!! Hudson's been here and highly recommends this beautiful island !!!

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