Sunday, June 5, 2011

To All The Wonderful FAmilies Who Foster......

You knew that when you took me home,
we’d one day say goodbye.
Unselfishly you made that choice,
and most might wonder why.

What benefits can foster bring,
this temporary state?
How happy can we two become,
whilst for a home I wait?

To start a life then give away,
for someone else to try.
We’ve spoken ‘bout this at the pound,
my sheltermates and I.

We watched as others got that chance
to leave this lonely place.
Thought to ourselves how sad for them,
they’re doomed for more heartbreak.

And then one day my turn it came,
so nervously I went.
What I know now and didn’t then,
is you were heaven sent!

You taught my heart to trust again,
returned my self-esteem.
Without condition gave me love,
prepared me for my dream.

It takes a special someone that,
would welcome this great task.
To love, care for, and nurture me,
and in turn nothing ask.

So thank you foster family,
for all you chose to do.
Though we’re apart, my heart is full,
and all because of YOU!

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