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Hudson Loves Smiling Dog Farms

We have 2 GREAT Adoption Partners now.
But if we could get 20Adoption Partners,
we could increase our adoptions BY TENFOLD!
If you or your group can commit to place even ONE dog per month,
please contact Jay at or 979-559-1062.
Adoption Partners help dogs like us find families of our own.
We need your help!"

Help Us Place 150 Dogs
in the first 150 Days of 2012...
A Dog A Day!
Our goal is to find families for 150 adoptable dogs
by June 1, 2012!

If someone you know is interested in adopting a dog,
please click on
and check out our Adoptable Dogs on the website!

Dogs Placed to Date - 22

A Smiling Dog Story...

Theresa says, "This is what I looked like when I came in to BARC!
My head looks like it is three sizes too big for my skinny body!
I was horribly undernourished!

Worse than that, I was really ill. No one was sure if I was going to survive!

None of the rescues wanted to take me because I was sick.
So BARC contacted Smiling Dog Farms to see if they would help.
And Ricky and Jay said, "yes".

Ricky and Jay call my illness BARC Disease
because many of the BARC dogs seem to have it.
It mimmicks distemper in a lot of ways, but it is not.

I am the first girl with BARC Disease that Dr. Stern was able to save!
I got shots of Batril, a high potency antibiotic,
and I took oregano oil, an herbal supplement that fights viruses.

If all that wasn't enough,
Dr. Stern discovered I had dead babies inside me.
So Dr. Stern gave me a shot to induce labor, and get them out.
Those dead babies were really dragging me down, too.
I was in really rough shape, and Dr. Stern wasn't sure I would make it.

But I did!
Against all odds, I made a full recovery!

Since I got better, Ricky has used the Batril/oregano oil regimen
on a number of other dogs and they have all gotten well, too!
Here I am after getting over my illness, when I was starting to put on weight.
Jay named me Theresa after Mother Theresa...
He says I have her same sweet, caring personality.
Jay says I am a very special dog
who has an important purpose for my life...
because I was healed when so many other dogs would have died!

That was all about a year ago...
Here are some current pictures of me.
You can see that I have filled in nicely and look really good!

I now weigh about 50 lb. -- I have doubled my weight from when I came here!
I am about five years old now.
And I am still waiting to find a family to love me.
And to figure out what my special purpose is.

Some people look at me a just see another little black dog.

But Ricky and Jay say that when they look at me,
they see a very special girl who beat the odds and is still alive...
a really good natured, gentle soul with a heart of gold.
They say I am destined to be a companion dog to someone with a special need...
they say they don't who it will be,
or what that special need may be.
But they are certain that I am destined to do good works,
just like my name-sake, Mother Theresa!

Do you know someone who needs my special kind of love?

If you are one of our monthly sponsors,
Thank You!

We would literally not still be here, helping dogs, if not for YOU!

You Know Our Mission ...
Providing a home for dogs who have nowhere else to go!
We are often a dog's only hope.
We are the rescue that other rescues turn to, when a dog is in danger.
We try to always say "yes".

Please... ask your friends, family, business contacts -- any NONrescue "civilians" -- to consider helping us, now, so we can keep helping the dogs who need us most!
We need more monthly sponsors!

You can sign up as a monthly sponsor by clicking
Donate monthly for a year in someone's name as a gift, and we'll send a card & list them on the website.
Let us know via email you're donating the next year as a gift, with name/address of that person!

Ricky, Jay and all the many animals at Smiling Dog Farms thank you for your help!

jay hellerich, executive director
smiling dog farms
a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation
p.o. box 743
wharton, texas 77488

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