Friday, April 1, 2011

A Success Story

Nicki ( the dog on the left or top) had spent her entire life in a horrible puppy mill. She had never felt grass under her paws or felt the love of humans as she was a breeding machine for a puppy mill that had years of terrible violations to these breeding animals. This Puppy Mill owner had been in business for years and operated a pet store out of St. Peters, Missouri. Sadly despite the facts that 90% of dogs sold in Pet stores are coming from PUPPY MILLS and 40% of dogs sold anywhere in the United States are coming from MISSOURI PUPPY MILLS people are still buying puppies from pet stores. What they are not understanding is for every puppy you see in these pet stores there is a mother and father dog in total miserable conditions suffering everyday of their life. Nicki finally got the love and freedom she deserved but not without a price. She had to have 25 teeth pulled and was in horrible shape. We fostered her and she was so broken she was petrified of humans. It took us weeks to teach her to walk on non carpeted floors. She was only use to walking on wired bottomed cages so her feet were super wide and she was scared to death to walk on floors not carpeted. We would have to lie on the floor gently calling her with treats in our hands to get her to walk on marble, tile or wood floors. When her current parents offered to adopt her our hearts were overjoyed as we knew they had the experience and profound love to give her. She is part of a loving pack and is living out her life in pure bliss. We love you Nicki and A HUGE shout out of gratitude to Ted & Jan !!!!

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