Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shut Down Puppy Mills .....

SHUT DOWN PUPPY MILLS! NEVER purchase a puppy from a Pet Store, a Newspaper Ad, or the Internet! The parents of those puppies are languishing in breeder facilities, enduring Cruelty and Abuse. Please do not support that industry. Visit your local shelter, and rescue a dog. Save a life! We fight puppy mill cruelty. We volunteer, donate to rescues, shelters, transport, auctions and fight for the freedom from cruelty done to all dogs. We are the Dog Warriors!
I am outraged by what was done to the majority vote on Prop. B. The suffering in the puppy mills will continue, it will be business as usual for the 1 billion dollar industry procured from misery and suffering. I am ashamed of all who participated in the brokering of the so called "compromise". There is no such thing as compromising on cruelty.

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