Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting A Pet For Someone Else

People are advertising pets as "the perfect gift". Please remember that more than half of those gifted pets will end up abandoned in shelters or on the streets a few
months after they are given. Don't believe me? Visit your local shelter in January and February, or just take the time to ask someone who works there about it. It's disheartening to start the New Year with a flood of new arrivals when you know most of them won’t leave that building again alive. Spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, and various relatives: PLEASE be sure that the person you're giving a pet to is sure they want it and are ready for the responsibility, time, and money it takes to care for an animal, especially a puppy or kitten. If anything, consider giving an older, trained animal another chance with a new family. PARENTS!!! When you buy your child who is under 18 and still completely dependent on you a pet, you are buying yourself a pet! Legally you are responsible for that animal, so
be ready to pick up the slack if your kids "get bored" with their new pet or
find out that cleaning up poop is gross. Ask yourself if YOU want a pet and if
YOU are able to spare the time a pet will need. Remember: The difference between
a toy animal and a real one is the ability to experience pleasure and suffering.
That cute little puppy or kitten with the bow on his head is a life, and
10-15 year commitment, if you, or your recipient is not prepared, do NOT get
one, as a pup they have some chance of finding a home. If you bring them home, or gift them, and the new "parent" is not ready, you will sign the dog/cat’s death warrant, they will keep them till they are out of the cute stage, then, off to the
A pet is a great joy and giving
an animal a home is a deed that can benefit all parties, but only if everyone’s
ready for it. PLEASE don't add to the 6 million plus animals euthanized in
shelters annually by not thinking things through.

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