Sunday, December 4, 2011

HSUS Update.....

As we approach the finish line for 2011, a year which has seen its share of highs and lows for Missouri animal welfare advocates, our December issue highlights two stories which run the gamut from deceit and greed to compassion and service. We start with a tale from the dark side...about an East Coast connection to Missouri puppy mills. Then, on a more uplifting note, you'll learn about recognition for all the hard work done by The HSUS team on behalf of animals nationwide.

NYC Area Pet Stores Dupe Puppy Buyers, Support MO Puppy Mills

Missouri puppy mills are in the news yet again, exposed recently on NBC for exporting their misery to upscale pet stores in the New York City area. An HSUS investigation found that more than 100 pet stores around NYC metro bought over 3,000 puppies from Missouri puppy mills over a four-month period. Knowing that many prospective puppy buyers these days are aware of abuses in puppy mills, these retailers told consumers that the dogs were from small "private breeders." On the list of suppliers to these stores are several breeders from HSUS' Dirty Dozen, the "worst of the worst" of Missouri breeders.

This story exposes the nationwide reach and impact of Missouri's puppy mill industry, which is now exporting its cruelty, heartache, and economic pain (due to often enormous vet bills) to pet-loving families coast to coast. An HSUS investigator, along with businessman Lorenzo Borghese from ABC's "The Bachelor," went undercover as "shoppers" and caught sales staff at 11 NYC-area pet stores making misleading claims about the origin of their puppies. Learn more about this investigation here, including the disturbing video, and please share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. This story further highlights the need to be an educated puppy buyer, and to always first consider adopting your new best friend from a known local shelter or rescue group.

HSUS Ranked #1 for Animal Protection by Philanthropedia

On a much-welcomed positive note, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) was recently recognized by Philanthropedia, which ranks nonprofits in a variety of areas, as the Top Nonprofit for National Animal Welfare, Rights, and Protection for 2011. The ASPCA came in 2nd place, while the PetSmart Charities finished 3rd, and the Best Friends Animal Society came in 4th place. Read the full Philanthropedia report here.

There is a quote attributed to Mohandas Gandhi which goes: "The greatness of a nation, and its moral progress, can be judged by the way it treats its animals". It is heartening to know that countless staff and volunteers in numerous animal welfare organizations, such as those mentioned in this report, are working hard to keep the United States a great least as defined by the Mahatma.

We wish you and your family, both two-legged and four-legged, a very Happy Holidays!
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Anonymous said...

Where did Hudson come from? If he's a purebred boston terrier some breeder had to have bred him. I assume Hudson's breeder was a good one?

Hudson said...

I certainly am not adverse to "good " breeders but as we both know our state is full of horrible breeders who treat their breeding dogs terribly and if you would like to know how I was adopted through my family feel free to go to the first 10 post on this site and you will learn my birth and the adoption process and Hudson ( myself of course) would NEVER advocate adopting a pet through a breeder unless you see where the parent dogs live and how they are treated. I always advocate buying your pets from a local shelter or rescue where you can get purebreds (actually 25% of dogs at shelters are purebreds). Plus there are purebred rescues for almost every bred you might be interested in so it isn't out of the question to have a purebred and get it from a shelter or rescue. As a matter of fact many friends of mine are purebred and were adopted through a shelter or rescue. Have a fabulous day and keep educating yourself on this issue as so many people across the nation have now opened their eyes to this issue !!!