Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Do Your Part To Help Breeding Dogs In Puppy Mills Who Suffer So Much ....

I encourage everyone who has ever bought a dog from a Pet Store where 90% of the dogs are coming from puppy millers to attend just one of these auctions to see how broken the parent dogs are. These breeding dogs have given up the will to live and are so deathly afraid of humans it makes you sick. The auction I attended they would bring 4 at a time out and the minute they put their feet on the table they would sink their entire body as far down as they could go and the handlers would lift them up but as soon as they let go of the dogs they would sink back down in total fear. Dogs that have been breed in cages that only have to be 6 inches taller, wider and longer than the dog where the dog lives their ENTIRE life are sold very commonly for anywhere from a dollar to twelve dollars. The people in the crowd that I witnessed could of come right off the set of Hee Haw. This is an industry so full of unintelligent, greedy people who couldn't care less for the welfare of these animals other than they are their paycheck. This industry is far from cleaned up and our agricultural department turns a blind eye to them as 35% of the Department of Ags budget comes from tax payers and 65% comes from the breeders annual fees. So therefore the question becomes how do you expect the Ag department to close down a breeder when the majority of their budget is coming from the breeders ? Our governor has the ability to clean up this industry but apparently too much money gets thrown his way and his pockets are stuffed too deeply. It is time we DEMAND BETTER & finally get rid of Missouri's title as the #1 Worst Puppy Mill State in the country !!! Let's demand better for our state and the poor animals who suffer their entire lifes.
Dog & Animal Auctions
and Seminars
March - April 2012
01 NE Oklahoma Pet Producers Chapter Meeting Locust Grove OK
02&3 Horse Sale Macon MO Lolli Brothers
9-10 Mo Pet Breeders Association Educational Conference Springfield MO
10 Consignment Wheaton MO SW Auction
16-17 Iowa Pet Breeders Association Spring Seminar Ottumwa IA
17 Consignment Cabool MO Heartland Sales
24 MPBA Quality Dog Breeders Chapter/ACA Dog Show Harrisonville MO
27 New York Pet Breeders Association Annual Meeting Pennyan NY
29-31 Kansas Pet Professionals Educational Seminar Salina KS
APR13-14 Minnesota Pet Breeders Association Spring Seminar Morton MN
21 Consignment Cabool MO Heartland Sales
21 Dispersal Vail IA SW Auction
27-29 Oklahoma Pet Professionals/NE OKPP Dog Show Miami OK
www.crssalebarn.com Exotics, Highlandville MO (south of Springfield)
No flea market or roadside sales included

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