Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Council To Crack Down on Puppy Mills


HSUS Forms New Council of Responsible Breeders to Put a Stop to Puppy Mills
February 11, 2012 in Featured, Home by Jillian at Tails

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has recently formed a new council called the Breeders Advisory and Resource Council (BARC) to help consumers make informed decisions when choosing a breeder. The council draws a distinction between reputable breeders and puppy mills.

The members of the council will track and report on canine health and welfare issues as well as speaking to the public about proper breeding practices and concentrating on supporting the health of the parents as well as their puppies.

BARC is composed of responsible breeders from around the country who have a particular interest in improving the lives of dogs bred in the inhumane, commercial breeding facilities known as puppy mills. BARC members work with the HSUS to help the public to identify responsible breeders and to avoid supporting puppy mills. Additionally, members provide input and advice on public policy decisions.

The Council is also putting together helpful resources, such as the How to Identify a Responsible Breeder Checklist, to help consumers discern what they should look for when searching for a responsible breeder.

President and CEO of the HSUS, Wayne Pacelle says, "For too long, large-scale commercial puppy mills have given all dog breeders a bad name. We commend the responsible breeders who are showing leadership in their community and speaking out against the abusive operations that treat dogs not like loving family members, but like a cash crop. Everyone who cares about the health and welfare of dogs must be part of the solution, and we are excited about this new partnership."

We want to protect our right to be responsible breeders and to enjoy and bond with our dogs in show and performance events, but if we think for one minute that ignoring the problem of cruelty to animals makes us responsible breeders and protects our rights, I believe we're wrong. We can no longer sweep puppy mills under the rug," said Kathryn McGriff, responsible breeder and AKC Breeder of Merit.

The HSUS is hopeful this Council will help consumers understand choosing adoption or researching responsible breeders will make a significant stride in ending the cruelty inflicted on animals by operators of puppy mills. This is the first step of many in making a lasting change.
The news on Puppy Mills is even hitting the much known magazine such as Bloomberg and Forbes. Many of those persons are also unaware of what goes on behind the $3,000 sales of pups especially over the Internet. Please click on the puppy mill issue notice below and read what they have to say. I made a comment!.

Much more on the puppy mill issue is showing up in the hoity toity media, like Bloomberg and Forbes.

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Jen said...

I saw that there was a Forbes article on Puppy Mills! I'm very glad that the movement against them is gaining momentum. Public education will be a strong solution as well!