Monday, September 15, 2014

Davidson County, N.C. Has Horrible KILL RATE of DOGS & CATS !!!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the Davidson County, NC, pound which kills 92% of cats and 70% of dogs, many by gassing them to death. I also posted how this shelter has a history of sadistic cruelty and recently spilled a lot of dead animals on a public highway, where they were seen by people driving by:
This is a killing facility that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) gave an award to, calling it a "Shelter We Love": The post has been viewed by 1,070,081 people. It has been shared 12,395 times and generated 3,895 comments. Many of those comments asked what people can do to change this in Davidson County and in shelters across the country.

Here's my advice:
1. Stop donating to the large national organizations like HSUS and the ASPCA and tell others to stop doing so also. Together, these two organizations take in $300,000,000 per year and have not created a single No Kill community because that has never been their goal. They pay themselves enormous salaries with your hard-earned money (the ASPCA CEO made $550,000 in 2010) and they fight efforts to save lives. The more we hinge our donations on an organization’s sincerity, integrity and performance rather than its superficial label, the sooner our nation’s large, animal protection groups will be forced—by sheer necessity—to start building, rather than blocking, the road to a brighter future for America’s animals:
2. Work to ban the gas chamber. Here is model legislation from my organization, the No Kill Advocacy Center and here is a guide on how to get a law introduced and passed:
A gas chamber

3. Reform your local shelter. Here are 13 FREE step by step guides to do so:
Photos: (1) This gas chamber was used in a Georgia shelter. Thankfully, animal lovers fought back and passed "Grace's Law," which banned their use in that state. You can do it, too. (2) The bill was named after a dog who survived the gas chamber. I recently met Grace at the Atlanta screening of my film Redemption. Here she is, getting a belly rub from yours truly. (3) Ban the Gas Chamber, model legislation from the No Kill Advocacy Center.

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