Saturday, September 6, 2014

What A Beautiful Story Of A RESCUE !!!

Happy Gotcha Day to our Dori! 
Dori has had such an impact on our house and I realized she is the unsung hero of our home. Her turn to shine today 

Dori was at the Humane Society for months due to illness caused by the stress of being in a shelter. In her previous life, Dori was an outdoor guard dog (tied up) and had 8 puppies that were 3 months old. She was in survival mode. We had just found out our Zoe at 7 years old had cancer and we were so devastated but looking for a companion for Daphne. She had gone through a depression period after Franklin passed away and we were expecting the same this time. I searched everywhere looking for the perfect dog and not sure what breed or kind to get, how would I know the right dog??? I saw her video on the humane society's page and knew I had to go meet her. She was terrified and so upset but was so sweet and innocent. I let H Chase  make the final decision and we were off! We shoved her in the house and tried out best to make her fit our lifestyle. We had Roxi (as a foster) at the time who was going through so many health issues and Zoe with cancer. We also had a foster beagle named Millie and of course Daphne. We gave Dori all the attention we could be she just was terrified to be in the house and kennel but felt more comfortable inside. It was a battle of the wills every night to get her inside the house but we did it. Over the next year she started to loosen up and more dogs kept coming in and out of the house and she was on edge wondering if she was going to have to leave too like everyone else. We had some issues with her bullying other dogs in the house but with some training (for us) we learned how to control those situations.
Over the last year she has become a confident, loving member of our family. We call her "big momma" because she has helped us foster and rehabilitate over 30 dogs and she bears a lot of that burden. I realized we couldn't make her fit into the lifestyle we wanted, we wanted another Zoe and she isn't that and we couldn't make her be. Today, I honestly don't know where I would be without her. Every time I come home, I see her face looking out the window and she runs around clicking her teeth in excitement like she hasn't seen me in years! Some days that's the only thing that keeps me going. Remember when adopting a rescue dog, GIVE THEM TIME!!!! It took Dori at least a year to open up! Trust me, it's worth it! I am so proud of how far she has come and she is a testament to rescue. She rescued me, she is my rock. I love you Winnie!

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Great blog! Thank you for sharing her story!
Jacqui :)