Friday, May 22, 2009

How To Find A Healthy Pet When Looking To Add A New Family Member

Spend More Time Playing Fetch Than Running To The Vet
Pups sold at pet stores are often born in PUPPY MILLS...where dogs are kept in small cages and bred over and over to produce as many puppies as possible for the largest profit. These puppies are often ill.
There are many reputable facilities throughout the country and we have fabulous shelters in the St. Louis area. Hudson's favorite is The St. Charles Humane Society on 1099 Pralle Lane St. Charles, Missouri 63303 (636) 9918 or (636)949-2475. Pets are both examined thoroughly by a vet and given all their vaccinations to make sure they are up to date and healthy. Before adopting any animal review the medical files to be sure the animal isn't sick.
Locate rescue groups in your area at or google the breed you want and the word rescue group behind it. Hudson has a ton of them listed on the side of this blog. The groups care for abandoned purebreds and put them up for adoption. You can always write to Hudson telling him what type of dog you are looking for and he will help you look and write a post about it.
Visit the person's home. Do Not buy a dog without seeing where the parents of that dog are kept. If the breeder has excuses why you can't see the parents DO NOT BUY THE PUPPY. Be sure dogs are kept inside and not in cages, and meet the pup's parents to see if they look healthy and cared for. A good breeder in Hudson's mind shouldn't have more than 10 breeding dogs. Hudson and his family stumbled across a breeder who was proud of their dogs and how they treated them. They had 10 dogs in each 10 foot by 3 foot chained in cage on cement and no over hang to protect them from severe weather. They were not able to tell a bicshon from a cocker spaniel because they fur was so dirty and matted. They are 100% positive they were never cleaned, groomed or petted by the looks of them. They had 8 rows of 10 dogs in each fenced in area and a total of 4 sections of this.Do the math that is 320 dogs which is on the small side for MISSOURI PUPPY MILLS. These dogs never got treated like a pet being brushed, petted or even having their feet touch the grass. You aren't SAVING THE PUPPY by buying it. You are putting money into the hands of greedy, insensitive people who don't care about the breeding dogs.
source: Kathleen Summers, director of the STOP PUPPY MILLS campaign of the Humane Society of the United States.
REMEMBER Missouri is the Puppy Mill Capital of the Country!!!!
Do not buy a dog at a flea market or a pet store!!!

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jan said...

Great advice. Keeping people from buying puppy mill pups is the only way to shut them down.