Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Geographic Launches Unprecedented Attack On Breeders and Pet Stores

National Geographic Launches Unprecedented Attack on Breeders and Pet Stores
Folks this is serious.
On May 8, 2009, National Geographic TV will launch their United States campaign against the sale of puppies by professional pet retailers. Dog Whisperer’s Cesar Milan narrates the documentary entitled ”Inside Puppy Mills.”
To see TV show times click here.
This is part of a very public campaign of the animal rights movement to amend regulations in the Animal Welfare Act, economically preventing the professional breeding and retailing of puppies in the United States . However, all humane societies and rescues would be exempt from regulation and would potentially be the only remaining option for the public to acquire puppies. Rescues and humane societies charge a “minimum mandatory donation fee” for each puppy that they sell to avoid any state or federal laws concerning the sales of puppies. Rescues and humane societies already have total immunity under all states “puppy lemon laws” for reimbursements of veterinary bills, civil penalty fines, and criminal penalties.
Please forward this email of fellow breeders and pet industry leaders.
Bob Yarnall, Jr.
American Canine Association, Inc.

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