Saturday, May 2, 2009

My exact sentiments...but could I add Puppy Mills on the shirt as well.

The flight of Dogs for years in society have been overlooked and ignored. The average citizen has been too busy to worry or care about dog issues but today thanks to so many people working so hard behind the scenes dog issues are in the forefront of the news and media. People can no longer pretend they aren't aware that when they impulsively buy that dog at a pet store for entirely too much money they aren't directly putting money into the hands of greedy, slimy puppy mill owners who treat their breeding dogs so inhumane it is beyond description. Our family witnessed a puppy mill first hand and we will never forget what we saw.We are so proud of all the people who courageously take on Puppy Mills to get our way too lacked laws enforced on these cruel breeders, go after puppy mills owners and try to shut them down and aren't afraid no matter how many threats they receive to expose the truth. Dogs, like innocent little children, can't speak for themselves so we must be their voices and try to reach out to one another to help the TRUE UNDERDOGS among us. I pray for all the dogs who sit in cages all day and night long never to feel grass under their feet or run or walk around in their life. Never to own a dog toy or be petted or groomed or bathed. They eventually lose their mind after years of breeding and lack of love or basic needs. Missouri alone has over 1500 REGISTERED Puppy mills and it is estimated over 1500 NON REGISTERED puppy mills.


jan said...

Good post!! People are being made aware of what a few people are doing to our "best friends" and doing something about it.

brooke said...

ha thats great