Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No Kill Revolution Is Upon Us

Animal Lovers Allege Animal Neglect Continues
The No Kill Advocacy Center has sent a letter to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors demanding immediate improvements in the treatment and care of animals in its Department of Animal Care & Control. Failure to do so will lead to the filing of a motion in court to hold the agency and the County in contempt for violating a court order resulting from the 2007 lawsuit against it by animal rescuers, taxpayers, and the No Kill Advocacy Center.
To read the letter, click here.
See the Channel 2 news investigation by clicking here.

Reforming Animal Control Packet
You can get a CD with all of the documents in the Reforming Animal Control section of our website, including other "How To" manuals, sample flyers, information guides, and more (a total of over 100 documents in all), and a signed copy of Redemption, the award-winning book about animal sheltering that is being called a "must read for anyone who cares about animals or about building a compassionate society," in our Reforming Animal Control/Building a No Kill Community Packet.
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Building a No Kill Michigan
Greenville, MIJune 6, 2009
Sponsored by Friends of Animals.
Come to the seminar which has been called "a prerequisite for rescue groups and organizations that are serious about changing their communities to No Kill.”
For more information or to register, click here.

California to Shelters: Embrace No Kill
The California Assembly is considering Assembly Concurrent Resolution 74 which,
would urge local animal services agencies, local animal shelters, agencies under contract to provide animal services, societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals, and humane socities to embrace the philosophy of the No Kill movement and implement its programs and services aimed at ending the mass killing of sheltered animals.
For a copy ACR 74, click here.

Transforming Your Community
Two years ago, in January 2007, we did a series of Town Hall-type meetings and surveys to determine how the Washoe County (Reno), NV community felt about its shelter, the Nevada Humane Society. Those efforts revealed deep dissatisfaction in the community, especially among animal welfare stakeholders (rescue groups, feral cat caretakers, No Kill shelters, and others) with the job being done. The vast majority did not believe the humane society was doing enough to save lives.
Today, a community survey in January 2009 revealed that:• 93% support the direction NHS is moving in;• 95% gave the humane society positive ratings on adoption efforts and results; and,• 93% say NHS has a good or great public image.
Learn how the NHS turned its shelter - and community - upside down! Click here.

Go to the "What's New" section of our website at or click here to learn more, including Second Edition copies of Redemption, No Kill Conference 2009 info, Arizona's No Kill legislation, and more...

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jan said...

No kill is gaining momentum as the public learns the truth about the way shelters are run and the way animal rights groups operate to kill pets.