Saturday, November 21, 2009

ChipIn: SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance, Inc

ChipIn: SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance, Inc:
SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance Inc
I am raising money for my rural rescue.I have expenses that range from $700 to $1,000 that are for several dogs I am helping.

Madison that has a broke leg and pelvis. I have had her surgery and she is healing well now.

Baby Girl I am fostering for a lady who is in a abuse shelter and can't take her beloved pet. I had her spayed, vetted and hw tested. She is doing very well now.

I sent a tiny puppy to a neonatal rescue but had him at the vet on IV's and it cost me out of pocket.

Hudson knows the wonderful women who is the driving force behind this organization that does so much good for animals in Southern Missouri. She is a amazing women who works tirelessly for animals and really stretches every dollar she gets. Please join Hudson in a small donation to help them out. If you click on the address on the top it will take you right to their site.

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